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You are most likely reading this article because you are looking to find the top CBD oils on the market, and it helps if you know the CBD brands who are leading the way.

With international awareness of the growing body of research and patient testimonials demonstrating the health benefits of CBD on the rise, demand is far outstripping supply. These market conditions always lead to the problem of fake and poor-quality products being sold to hungry consumers by greedy and unethical fly-by-night companies.

In fact, CBD Oil scams are a thing, and some have even received national news coverage. In other cases, contaminated supplies of CBD were knowingly sent to unwitting customers.

I created this guide for two reasons:

First, I want my readers to have the tools they need to be more informed consumers and learn to spot the fakes and scams out there.

Second, to direct my readers to the best CBD oil companies out there, in my opinion, after spending countless hours doing extensive research for my CBD oil reviews.


Let’s start with that toolbox:

Here is what to look for in a trustworthy CBD oil brand:

Third Party Testing

It isn’t enough for a company to say they use third party testing to ensure the quality of their product. The best CBD brands make those tests readily available to the consumer on their website BEFORE they buy.

Although testing for pesticides, heavy metals and CBD levels is critical, the better companies also include a full cannabinoid profile test as well as a terpene analysis to demonstrate the quality of a “full spectrum” CBD oil.

I only give the highest ratings to those companies that are very good with making their labs available before purchase. In particular, those that include batch testing with an archive that goes back to the history of the product get even more points for this critical quality indicator.


Refinement Process

The cheapest way to refine CBD oil is to use inexpensive, but potentially toxic, chemicals such as propane or butane. The cleanest method, on the other hand, is CO2 extraction. Cold pressed ethanol extraction is also considered clean and is popular for those making full spectrum hemp oil.

Look for manufacturers that are transparent about their refinement process. Chances are if they don’t tell you how it’s made, it’s because they don’t want you to know!



When you refine any plant-based materials, there is a tendency to concentrate any residual pesticides and herbicides used in cultivation. Look for the organic label to be sure that you are not getting dosed with toxins alongside your CBDs.


Product Sourcing

It should be no surprise that one of the cheapest ways to source the industrial hemp used to make CBD oil comes from China where contamination from tainted soil or cheap processing methods is a potential quality concern to be aware of.  I think domestic hemp sourcing with strict quality control is an important indicator of quality.


Dosing Information

Just because something is labeled, does not mean it is accurate. However, if little to no attempt is made to provide dosing information, then you can be pretty sure you are dealing with a crappy product. Dosing should be labeled in terms of mg per drop, pill, or edible serving.


Cannabinoid Profiling and the CBD to THC Ratio

As we see more and more research and development around CBD oil, increasing attention is being paid to the ratio of CBD to THC. Although THC is technically a cannabinoid, it happens to be the one with the strongest psychoactive properties. It is also the most tightly regulated, and high levels of THC can make a product illegal in some states.

Evidence is emerging that suggests the health benefits of CBD may be enhanced when THC is present for some conditions. The same can be said for rations of the other cannabinoids such as CBG or CBT present in the final product.

Although more research is needed to know the best ratios for specific health benefits, manufacturers that show awareness of the importance of cannabinoid profiling, with lab testing to verify them post-production, are positioning themselves as the future of the industry.


Beware of On-Site Customer Reviews

One final note that I will end this section with is to give my readers a heads-up about how some unscrupulous companies are not above using fake customer reviews to achieve two main purposes.

First, to imply their product cures specific and often very serious medical conditions. Since the companies themselves could be sued by the FDA for this practice, they sometimes will stuff the customer reviews to imply that their product can cure cancer or force MS into remission. Ugh.

Second, to provide a false sense of trust that their product is high quality. In fact, if you suspect the customer reviews on a site are fake or “stuffed”, then it is more likely than not a sign of a poor quality product.

Trust your instincts. If you think reviews seem fake and over-the-top, they probably are.


It turns out; there is a lot to pay attention to when it comes to locating the best CBD oil.


Don’t have time to compare all of the companies out there to find the best? Read on to learn more about my top picks.


Where to Buy CBD Oil

I have done extensive research to keep my thumb on the pulse of this rapidly growing industry. On this site you can find detailed reviews of dozens of the best CBD companies.

You will notice if you poke around a bit on this site, I don’t just review CBD oil brands like a lot of other sites. There are plenty of reviews to be found on this site where I had to give very low ratings based on poor performance on the quality indicators mentioned in the previous sections.


It is my sincere goal to make this site a valuable resource for my readers!

Each review below is just an overview. I have also provided links to my full review for each which includes a point by point analysis of why I gave them a top rating.



Definitely making the top of my list for quality, CBDPure also happens to a great choice for those new to CBD. They offer a very consistent product, focused on just the basics: Tinctures and Capsules.

Since these are the most consistent and popular ways to consume CBD, the product line serves beginners and experienced consumers alike.

Their strong reputation in the industry is well earned!


Highlights of CBD Pure:

  • Domestically sourced organic hemp from Colorado
  • Third party testing for cannabinoid profile, pesticides, heavy metals and microbial screening
  • 90 Day money back guarantee – one of the best return policies in the industry
  • CO2 extraction methods
  • Full spectrum based CBD oil
  • A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau
  • Leader in the CBD oil industry


Potential Drawbacks:

  • Just a few products to choose from
  • A bit on the pricey side when calculated per mg of CBD
  • They don’t ship to Arkansas, Kansas, or Louisiana


Product Lines:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules


Read my full review of CBDPure here.


Cannabidiol Life

If you are looking to see the full range of CBD products available on the market today, Cannabidiol Life is a trustworthy supplier of a full range of products to try.

Since different ways of consuming CBD has different effects for everyone, it can be a bit of trial and error to find what works for you, and Cannabidiol Life is a great place to start.

Just about the only thing they DON’T have is vape products, although they do offer wax and isolate if dabbing is your thing.

Not sure where to begin with CBD? The customer support at Cannabidiol Life is very strong. Call their live support number to talk with someone about the supplement that is right for you.


Highlights of Cannabidiol Life:

  • Large product line with lots of different CBD products and flavors to choose from
  • Robust full spectrum extraction using a slow ethanol extraction process
  • Reasonable pricing, particularly given the quality
  • Excellent educational resources are provided to customers on their web portal
  • Organic hemp and domestic manufacturing in a regularly inspected facility
  • Third party testing available on the website
  • Excellent customer support
  • Has the support of the National Hemp Association


Potential Drawbacks:

  • The wide range of products could be a little confusing to those very new to CBD


Product Lines:

  • Tinctures
  • Gummies, chocolates and candies
  • Pain, moisturizing and facial topicals
  • CBD for pets (dogs AND cats!)
  • Wax
  • Crystal isolates


Read my full review of Cannabidiol Life here.


Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs offers a huge array of products, each available in a full range of flavors. It is a really fun and playful brand that is at the cutting edge of “how many ways can we market quality CBD products.”

Still, the quality indicators are there, and this very popular brand is one of those you will see sold in many retail outlets as well as their online shop.

If you like to vape your CBD, this is where I recommend you start looking before buying somewhere else. They not only have their own line of gear, but they also offer one of the biggest flavor collections I have seen, along with vape additives to add CBD to your own juice if you already have a trusty favorite.


Highlights of Hemp Bombs:

  • Well-developed product lines
  • THC free products
  • Organic hemp and in-house processing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Several high potency products
  • Transparent third-party testing
  • Very popular brand with a focus on fun products


Potential Drawbacks:

  • A little pricey for some of the specialty products, but the basic tincture is moderately priced
  • Their products are mostly made from a CBD isolate which means they are not full spectrum
  • European (not USA) hemp sourcing


Product Lines:

  • Vape gear and e-juice
  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Water-soluble syrups
  • Specialty shots
  • Gummies
  • Pet products
  • Topicals including pain freeze ointment
  • CBD beard oil (Yeah, that’s right. That gets the bold font!)


Read my full review of Hemp Bombs here.


Receptra Naturals


Calling all sports enthusiasts!

If you live an active lifestyle and are looking for a way to incorporate CBD into your life in a way that supports and naturally enhances your performance, Receptra Naturals may be the right brand for you.

Endorsed by several athletes and developed in partnership with the MMA, Receptra Naturals offers an active lifestyle blend that contains additional ingredients thought to support healthy muscle development and boost energy levels.

With all the indicators of a high quality and consistent product, this is the best bargain in terms of per CBD pricing among my choices for the best cbd oil.


Highlights of Receptra Naturals:

  • They use only the flower portion of the hemp, considered the premium part of the plant
  • Excellent bargain pricing
  • Rich, full spectrum hemp oil
  • MCT oil and sunflower oil for high-quality carrier oils
  • Organic hemp source and organic ingredients
  • Third party testing readily available on their website
  • Slowly rocked ethanol extraction methods
  • Family owned and Colorado-based
  • Excellent customer support


Potential Drawbacks:

  • Optimized for athletes, some of the formulas have ingredients such as high doses of turmeric extract that might not be ideal for all CBD users.
  • THC levels are a little higher than some, although still not enough to cause a “high” effect


Product Lines:

  • Tinctures, including both regular and performance optimized formulas
  • Topicals including a pain cream and a moisturizing lotion
  • Pet tinctures


Read my full review of Receptra Naturals here.


Highland Pharms

One of the oldest CBD manufacturers based in the USA, Highland Pharms, has been around since 2015. They are a Colorado-based company that not only produces extremely high-quality CBD products but also works hand in hand with their organic hemp farmers to continue to develop the best strains of pharmaceutical grade hemp that they use in their products.

There is a large selection of CBD products available at Highland Pharms, and all of them show great attention to detail when it comes to the additional ingredients. Natural flavorings and fragrances are carefully added, each with the intention of adding some benefit to the finished product.

When it comes to ethical and sustainable sourcing, manufacturing, and packaging, Highland Pharms is on the ball.

If you enjoy dabbing your CBD, this is an especially good choice, and you should check them out.


Highlights of Highland Pharms:

  • Organic, non-GMO, domestically sourced Hemp
  • Work closely with growers to continue to develop the best high CBD hemp strains
  • They use pharmaceutical grade, CBD rich cannabis as the starting point of their products
  • Robust full spectrum in terms of cannabinoid and terpene content
  • Recent third-party testing on the website
  • Top-notch ingredients that are thoughtful – across the board
  • Eco-friendly packaging and a strong business culture focused on sustainability
  • They take bitcoin for payment


Potential Drawbacks:

  • It’s not the cheapest hemp oil on the market, but if you can afford it, the quality is definitely


Product Lines:

  • Tinctures
  • Topicals including lotion, salves and cream
  • VG only vape juice, including a terpene boosted line
  • Wax, including a terpene rich blend, for dabs
  • Gummies
  • Soft gel caps


Read my full review of Highland Pharms here.


NuLeaf Naturals

Offering a robust full spectrum hemp oil, at a reasonable price, NuLeaf Naturals is fast becoming one of the most popular CBD brands among knowledgeable consumers.

With a tight relationship with their farmers, NuLeaf has committed to sourcing the best organic high CBD strains of hemp from Colorado-based farmers.

Their product line is simple: CBD oil tinctures. They come in several strengths and sizes, but only one flavor and it is a little on the hempy side.

If you like a lot of flavoring in your sublingual drops, then NuLeaf probably isn’t for you. However, if you are looking for a very high-quality full spectrum CBD oil, then they are worth checking out for sure.


Highlights of NuLeaf Naturals:

  • Domestically grown, organic hemp
  • Work closely with growers to continue to develop the best strains
  • Clean CO2 based extraction methods
  • A very nice full spectrum hemp oil with CBC, CBG, CBDA, and CBDV
  • Educational outreach to keep the public informed


Potential Drawbacks:

  • Pretty simple and basic product line
  • Midrange pricing


Product Lines:

  • CBD Tinctures
  • Pet Tinctures


Read my full review of NuLeaf Naturals here.



Koi CBD offers a pretty well-developed line of CBD products made from a full spectrum hemp oil. Although their prices are a bit steep, they clearly “get it” that customers want excellent flavors in their CBD consumables.

If you happen to be a vaping fan, you should check out their e-liquid lines. They have 6 signature flavors that are unique blends of mostly fruity concoctions. They have a pretty inexpensive combo pack if you want to sample all the flavors.


Highlights of Koi CBD:

  • Well thought out product lines
  • Nice variety of vaping products
  • Domestic sourcing and manufacturing
  • Full Spectrum hemp oil – the real deal!
  • Third party testing on the website
  • Fantastic customer service
  • Veteran discount program to improve access to CBD – 25% off FOR LIFE!


Potential Drawbacks:

  • Definitely on the higher end of the spectrum in terms of cost per mg


Product Lines:

  • Vape gear and CBD juice
  • Tinctures
  • Gummies
  • CBD for pets – including a tasty chew for dogs and a full spectrum pet spray
  • Topicals


Read my full review of Koi CBD here.


Ananda Hemp

If supporting socially responsible and sustainable hemp culture is part of your decision making when it comes to buying great CBD products, then my recommendation is Ananda Hemp.

At Ananda, the farmers are not just contracted, eighth generation farmer Brian Furnish is also an executive at the company. Their parent company, Australian based Ecofibre Ltd. Owns the largest privately held cannabis seed bank in the world.

Ananda, however, is based in Kentucky, and the hemp for Ananda is grown using sustainable organic methods. They use only the flower part of the plant for their extraction, a big deal in terms of getting a quality full spectrum oil.

Although their product line is a bit limited, and their pricing is a bit high, this is a company you can feel really good about supporting.


Highlights of Ananda Hemp:

  • Strong commitment to education, outreach and legal change
  • Seed to bottle control of the product
  • Organic farming practices based in Kentucky
  • Clean and sustainable production methods
  • Strong relationships with farmers vested in the company leadership instead of contracted out
  • Flower only extraction for a rich full spectrum oil
  • Excellent genetics, using the best high CBD strains from a growing strain bank


Potential Drawbacks:

  • As is to be expected with some of the highest quality products, the price is a bit high
  • Small product lines – just the basics


Product Lines:

  • Tinctures
  • Capsules
  • Salve


Read my full review of Ananda Hemp here.


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