This review of the best CBD oil for pain will give you some basic information on some of the research behind cannabidiol and pain and some basic guidelines for dosing.  

Read on to find out about my top 5 picks for both CBD oil tinctures and topical pain products from companies you can trust. Whether you are looking for an extra strength CBD oil, or an all-natural CBD for pain cream, you have come to the right place!  

Science or Hype?

The rapid growth of the CBD industry over the last few years has led many to rightly wonder if this is just a health fad driven by market interests – the modern equivalent of snake oil.  

The reality is that since the discovery of the Endocannabinoid System by scientists in the late 1980’s, research has continued to demonstrate a host of health benefits from cannabidiol.  

CBD oil for pain management is, in fact, well supported by numerous studies. It has been demonstrated to be effective for: 

  • Neuropathic Pain (such as from fibromyalgia, migraines, multiple sclerosis) 
  • Nociceptive Pain (such as from injury, surgery, muscle pain) 
  • Inflammation (such as from osteoarthritis and certain types of back pain) 
  • Chronic Pain (long term pain such as from cancer or diabetes) 
  • Topical Pain Relief (such as from sore muscles, joints, or ligaments) 

 If you are interested in learning more about how cbd actually helps pain with a more comprehensive review of the science, be sure to check out my complete research backed guide 

Dosage Guide

Knowing how much CBD oil to take is a bit of a trial and error process. This is because even the highest quality CBD oil can have varying effects for different people because of a combination of factors including: 

  • Body size 
  • Experience using CBD 
  • Other medications 
  • Type and severity of pain

That is why I don’t think it is a good idea to give a generic dosing amount. Instead, the general rule of thumb is to start low and increase slowly until you find the right amount for your needs.  

Reputable manufacturers will provide a dosage range for their specific CBD products that is already adjusted for the concentration of their product, which can vary from one company to the next. That is a good place to start.  

In addition, if you are taking other medications, it is important to check with your doctor since cannabidiol can and does react with different drugs.  

How to Find High Quality CBD Oil 

The concern about the quality of CBD oil products in this extremely fast growing industry has been a matter of national news. In fact, I started this website because I wanted to give consumers the information they need to find the best CBD oil for pain relief and other benefits.  

Key quality indicators include clear information on sourcing, refinement processes, excellent customer service, third party testing for both quality and concentration and several other factors.  

If you are doing your research before you buy then you are on the right track. Good for you! I hope you will find this review helpful.   

CBD Oil for Pain Reviews

Although there are several ways to consume CBD oil, the two most popular methods for pain relief include sublingual tinctures and topical creams. I wanted to make sure everyone found the right products for their needs so this review includes my top 5 picks in both categories.  

If you are new to CBD oil then you can decide to use the tinctures directly under the tongue for a faster acting relief or add the drops to food for a slightly slower but potentially longer lasting effect.  

CBD infused creams work by direct application to the skin at the site of sore muscles or aching joints.  

Best CBD Tinctures & Capsules for Pain Relief


CBD Pure is a popular and well established brand of CBD oil. They offer a full spectrum oil which offers the benefits of the range of cannabinoids found in hemp, giving you a potential boost from “The Entourage Effect.” Although full spectrum products can contain a trace amount of THC, don’t worry, it won’t get you high.  

While they have a smaller product line than some others out there, they offer reasonable prices and a solid product made from cold pressed and minimally refined CBD oil for pain. Plus, a strong 90 day full satisfaction guarantee makes this a good choice for first timers who can give CBD oil a try risk free.  


  • Full spectrum and minimally processed CBD oil 
  • Organic, Colorado sourced hemp 
  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee 
  • Third party lab testing results on the website 
  • Reasonable pricing


  • Limited product lines: tinctures and capsules only 
  • Hemp flavor only (can be strong to some) 


Featured Product: If you are considering CBD oil for the first time, then I would recommend going for the 300mg bottle of CBDPure Hemp oil. It offers a month’s supply at 10mg per day, a very reasonable starting dosage. This is your basic “starter package” to see for yourself if CBD oil is right for you.  


Hemp Bombs 

Offering one of the widest selections of CBD products on the market, Hemp Bombs is one of the leaders in innovative ways to enjoy cannabidiol. They source their organic hemp from Europe and do all of their manufacturing in house for tight quality control.  

Most of the products at Hemp Bombs are made from a CBD isolate. This means with the exception of a few labeled products, their formulas are THC free, great news for those looking for a CBD supplement that is safe to take in a prohibition state where employers may drug test for THC.  



  • Huge selection of products including edibles, vape products, topicals and more 
  • Wide variety of flavors to choose from  
  • High potency selections for those more experienced with CBD 
  • Great customer service and a long trusted brand in the industry 
  • Third party testing available before purchase 
  • Organic, European hemp sourcing and in house manufacturing 
  • Significant discount program for Veterans  



  • A bit pricier than some other brands if you are just looking for tinctures 


Featured Product: The high potency capsules are an excellent choice if you are looking for the most convenient way to take CBD oil for pain relief. They each include 25mg of CBD isolate for precise dosing every time. This would be a great choice for those looking for relief from moderate to more severe pain who don’t want to fuss with tinctures. Just add the capsule to your daily meds and you are ready to roll.  


Cannabidiol Life 

Based in Denver, Colorado, Cannabidiol Life is an excellent choice for those looking for premium, full spectrum, CBD oil for pain. They use a proprietary low pressure and temperature extraction method to get a rich profile of the full range of cannabinoids and terpenes found in hemp.  

In addition, Cannabidiol Life offers CBG oil, based on the concentration of a high CBG (cannabigerol), another cannabinoid found in cannabis that is prized for its role in regulating sleep as well as other novel health benefits.   


  • Lots of variety in product types including oils, edibles, wax, crystals and topicals 
  • Domestic manufacturing in a Denver Health Inspected facility 
  • High end and time consuming extraction methods for premium full spectrum oil 
  • Excellent commitment to providing an educational resource for their customers 
  • Several flavors to choose from 
  • Third party lab tests on the website product pages 
  • Reasonable pricing on most products 



  • A little pricier than some other retailers, but it is a top shelf product 


Featured Product: The extreme relief formula is a bit of an investment, but for those ready to purchase the best CBD oil for pain, this is a product that will deliver. It features a full 3,000mg of premium, robust, full spectrum oil in every bottle. If that sounds a little to intense for those new to CBD oil, your right. Go for one of their standard tinctures if you are just starting out.  


NuLeaf Naturals 

This company has been around since the very start of the CBD industry when hemp was legalized in 2014. Working hand in hand with growers, these folks have been at the forefront of developing specialized high CBD strains of cannabis for a superior finished, full spectrum product.  

By staying focused on just making CBD oil instead of developing a more varied product line, they have managed to put out a great product at a very reasonable price point.  


  • Farm to bottle control with a strong commitment to developing high grade strains of hemp 
  • CO2 extraction methods which are clean and reliable 
  • Robust, full spectrum oil for the “Entourage Effect” 
  • Organic and domestically sourced hemp 
  • Very reasonable pricing, particularly for larger quantities 
  • One of the older companies in the CBD industry 



  • Narrow range of products and flavors to choose from 


Featured Product: For an excellent value on high quality cannabidiol, I recommend their small tincture. It contains 240mg of CBD and comes in at a price that anyone can afford. Although it is great for first time buyers, they have a very loyal customer base, so you may decide to stick with this company after you give them a shot.   

Ananda Hemp 

Although Ananda Hemp is owned by global leader in hemp based manufacturing, Australian based Ecofibre Ltd., their CBD products are sourced and manufactured in Kentucky. Using their huge seed bank and collaboration with local farmers, their CBD oil is made from only the premium parts of the plant for an extremely high quality full spectrum CBD oil for pain.  

They don’t have fancy edibles or vape products, but their line of oil tinctures, capsules and salves are very high quality.  Although they offer third party batch testing on their products, you have to use the batch code provided with your order to view them.    


  • Grown and manufactured in Kentucky 
  • Seed to bottle control and commitment to developing new strains of hemp 
  • Cold press extraction for a rich full spectrum product 
  • 30 day guarantee on purchases 
  • Leader in legalization and education efforts in the cannabis industry 



  • Third party batch testing is only available with purchase 
  • More expensive per mg of CBD than other brands featured in this review 


Featured Product: Ananda Hemp offers a zero THC formula tincture that is fairly unique. Most THC free formulas are made from a CBD isolate which means other cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes are absent from the finished product. In this case, only the psychoactive compound THC has been removed leaving the rest of the natural plant chemistry intact.  

Best Topicals

Hemp Bombs 

(Company review provided above) 

Featured Product: Another great product from Hemp Bombs made my list as the top CBD oil for pain – topical edition. If you are looking for an effective and powerful cream, then consider Pain Freeze. This formula contains cooling menthol in addition to cannabidiol for a cooling feeling to give you that immediate cooling effect and deep relief for sore muscles and achy joints.  


Cannabidiol Life 

(Company review provided above) 

Featured Product: If you are willing to pay a little more for top shelf natural ingredients then check out Soothe Balm from Cannabidiol Life. This super concentrated formula has a full 275mg in each one ounce bottle. A tiny bit goes a long way! It includes a full compliment of organic ingredients including shea butter, peppermint, arnica, calendula and more.  


Receptra Naturals 

Working with family owned hemp farms in Colorado, Receptra Naturals is focused on developing performance lines of CBD products aimed towards athletes and those with active lifestyles. Their commitment to quality includes using the most potent part of the hemp plant, the flowers, to extract a premium full spectrum blend.  


  • Outstanding price point on both oils and topicals 
  • Flower only extraction 
  • Third party lab testing available on the website 
  • Organic and domestic hemp sourcing 
  • Berry or natural flavor 



  • Relatively limited range of products 


Featured Product: The Targeted Topical comes in 400mg and 800 mg concentrations. This is one of the most potent salves on the market and the price per mg of CBD is hard to beat. It also includes Ylang Ylang and jasmine for a subtle but lovely scent.  


Green Roads 

One of the largest CBD retailers in the world, Green Roads offers excellent CBD oil for pain along with topicals, edibles and more. They have some excellent combo packs if you are interested in trying a few new CBD products to see how they work for you.  

They are known for a strong customer service team, reasonable prices, and quality products.  


  • Industry leader and well known brand  
  • Third party lab testing on the website 
  • Excellent customer support 
  • Domestically sourced and organic hemp 
  • Pharmacist formulated oils and topicals 
  • Large range of products that includes edibles, concentrates, beverages and more 



  • Is a bit pricier than some other brands 


Featured Product: For joint and muscle pain relief, you may want to try their muscle and joint pain cream. Although it is not an all-natural product, it is paraben free. Additional ingredients that boost the penetrating soothing power of this cream include menthol, chamomile and lavender.  



Founded by Colorado natives, CBDistillery has a dual mission: Affordable pricing to make CBD products accessible without sacrificing on quality. If you are shopping on a budget and want to try some of the latest types of CBD such as vapes, waxes, or edibles, they are a good choice. Of course, they also have a solid line of tinctures, capsules and topicals to choose from.  

Vaping CBD for pain seems to be less popular than other methods (although people with anxiety seem to prefer this method). If it is something you have wanted to try, then check out CBDistillery because they have a very user friendly selection of vapes and easy to use gear to get you started.  



  • Excellent pricing for an affordable alternative 
  • Fairly wide selection of products to choose from 
  • Plenty of honest customer reviews on the site  
  • Both isolated CBD and full spectrum offerings 
  • Third party testing available on the website 
  • Veteran, law enforcement, fire fighter and EMT discount program 



  • Unclear if they are sourcing domestically 


Featured Product: When it comes to the best CBD oil for pain, some people swear by CBD suppositories. Although not quite a topical, I wanted to include this so that my readers can be aware that this product even exists.  

Some sufferers of extreme pain have found that these 50mg suppositories are extremely fast acting and potent. This method of taking CBD is thought to be highly bioavailable, meaning, the body can absorb the CBD quickly and completely. These might be worth a try if you are experiencing acute pain.  



I truly hope that this article has helped you find the best CBD oil for pain, whether you are looking for tinctures or topicals.  

If you have some experience using CBD for pain, please consider leaving a comment below to share about what is working for you. You just might help someone else find a natural solution for their pain or reduce their dependence on harmful and addictive pharmaceutical pain killers.