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cbdmd reviews

cbdMD is one of the more budget friendly outfits manufacturing CBD oils and a full line of complimentary products. They are headquartered in Ireland but claim to use U.S. grown organic hemp and domestic manufacturing for their products.  

One of the claims that they use to set their products apart is that they use a “hybrid full spectrum” extraction method that contains all of the plant’s vital cannabinoids, terpenes and amino acids, without any THC, therefore, they claim their product has no risk of causing their customers to fail a drug test.  

Although they do offer recent third-party testing on their website, the results are worth careful scrutiny, a full analysis of which I will provide below in my full review. 

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cbdMD Products

Here's a full overview of the current line of products that cbdMD has on the market including my personal thoughts on them. 

CBD Oil Tinctures

CbdMD claims to use a CO2 extraction for a full spectrum CBD oil. If true, this is definitely one of the better extraction methods out there. Tinctures are used by dropping the recommended dosage directly under the tongue or as a supplement in drinks or food.  

They come in four flavors: natural, mint, orange and berry. They use natural flavorings with an MCT coconut oil carrier, both good signs when it comes to showing concern about quality ingredients. Sizes include 300mg, 750mg, 1500mg, 3000mg and 5000mg bottles, all with easy to use eyedropper caps.   

sleep aid

cbdMD Sleep Aid: This is essentially their regular tincture with added melatonin. Its a decent product and when I tried it out it definitely helped me sleep well. I recommend it for people like me who have trouble sleeping at night (especially if your anxieties or worries are keeping you up).  


For those looking for convenient pill form CBD for their daily regimen, this company offers capsules available in the following doses: 15mg, 16.6mg, 25mg, 33.3mg, and 50mg. 

CBD Vape Products 

cbdMD offers three pretty basic flavors: vanilla, mint and orange. You can purchase in 300mg, 750mg, 1000mg, 1500mg, or 3000mg bottles. The more volume you get, the better the pricing per mg. Their mix uses both Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerin, although the PG/VG ratio is not listed on the website. They do use natural flavorings in the product.  


CBD Oil for Pets 

With several different options for CBD oil for pets including those labeled for dogs, cats and horses, it would seem that cbdMD has your animals covered.  

They offer dog tinctures that have peanut butter extract added to the oil for palatability, as well as apple flavored tinctures for horses. They have CBD infused dog treats made from all-natural ingredients as well.  


CBD Topicals 

CBD Freeze  This cooling skin product is promoted by the manufacturer for use on muscle aches, arthritis, back and joint pain. In addition to CBD oil, active ingredients include menthol, arnica, aloe vera and tea tree oil among other ingredients. It comes in a roll-on bottle for easy and convenient application.  

Inflammation Formula – This formula is targeted towards recovery and inflammation, according to the manufacturer. Besides CBD oil, the ingredient list includes aloe leaf juice, chamomile flower, peppermint oil, lemongrass oil, fennel oil among others.  

Moisturizing Lotion – This lotion is targeted for folks that want to combine the soothing properties that many claim CBD oil has when applied topically, with other skin moisturizing additions including coconut oil and grapeseed oil along with some other ingredients.  


cbdMD Bath Bombs 


These fun additions to any bath are designed to dissolve and release both a full spectrum CBD oil along with aromatic essential oils from a variety of herbs in 6 signature flavors: Rise, Resist, Romance, Rejuvenate, Restore and Relax.  

This company is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to evaluating their trustworthiness as a supplier of quality hemp oil. Although there are some positives, there are also some red flags to be aware of. For some, the lower prices may be worth giving this product a try.  





Definitely on the low end of the spectrum when it comes to per mg pricing, this is a budget friendly option. However, it may be a case of “You get what you pay for” in the end.  

Domestic Sourcing 

The website claims that the hemp used for their product is grown in the United States from 100% organic, Non-GMO, vegan certified industrial hemp. In addition, they claim to manufacture all of their products in their U.S. facility. Their product carries the “Made in the USA” label. 

MCT Carrier Oil 

One of the higher-grade carrier oils, MCT coconut oil is a sign that the manufacturer is concerned with quality since this is certainly not the cheapest carrier oil to choose.  

All-Natural Flavorings 

The attention paid to using all-natural flavorings, for example in their mint, orange or berry flavored tinctures, is a good sign. Many users of CBD oil want to use the healthiest products on the market, and attention to the ingredients is an important factor to consider.  

CO2 Extraction 

cbdMD refers to their proprietary “hybrid full spectrum” process. They claim they use a low temperature CO2 extraction to get a full range of cannabinoids and terpenes from the industrial hemp that they source. However, the lab reports suggest they might be using other extraction methods, at least for their CBD isolate products…read on to find out more.  

Customer Support Number 

cbdMD offers a free to use customer support phone number on their website, a good sign that customer service is a priority for this company.  

30-day Guarantee 

There is a 30 day guarantee available, reducing the risk of making a purchase to try this line of products out for yourself.  




Full Spectrum? 

cbdMD claims that their cbd oil is full spectrum, which means the full range of cannabinoids from the source hemp has been preserved in the extraction. In another section of the site they claim to have zero THC because they produce a pure CBD isolate. These things are contradictory, a serious red flag for consumers to be aware of.  

From the lab reports (more below) it seems they may be producing both kinds of products: an isolate crystal and a full spectrum oil. However, it is unclear which is being used in their products, and in what ratio.  

Lab Results are Spotty 

I accessed their website on 7/4/2015 where they listed a 6/28/2018 third party lab report from ProVerde Laboratory. There were two products with lab reports available, and given the recent test, I was originally very encouraged by the transparency. However, there were a few troubling indicators on the labs.  

The first report was for a CBD isolate crystal. It did test as 99.95% pure CBD, but also had Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Heptane in the sample. Lead is sometimes an indication of low quality source hemp, and heptane is often a sign of a fossil fuel residue left over from cheap extraction methods.  

The second report was on a CBD oil sample, which was indeed a fuller spectrum analysis that included a cannabinoid and terpenes profile. However, this sample lacked heavy metal testing all together.  

There was no pesticide analysis done on either sample. This is a problem considering the manufacturer claims to use 100% organic hemp.  

No Domestic Physical Address 

To compound the problem of credibility, the only physical address that I could find on their site was located in Ireland. A company that claims U.S. domestic sourcing and manufacturing should also maintain and publish a physical address in the United States.  

Little to No Information About the Company 

With so many trust issues between consumers and manufacturers in this industry, the best companies are putting their face forward to give customers a sense of the people behind the product. This company has opted not to do that, and it lowers their overall rating as far as I am concerned.  

Over the Top Medical Claims 

There are several places on the website where the company seems to go over-the-top with claims about the effectiveness of their product.  

For example, in the product description for their CBD Freeze product, accessed on 7/4/2018, cbdMD claims this product is “the preferred topical for professional and recreational athletes across the United States” which is a pretty bold claim without any evidence to back it up. They also claim it is “endorsed by nursing homes,” although they do not list any such institutions by name. 

Persistent Poor English on the Website 

It might sound like a trivial concern, but frankly, it is just a pet peeve of mine to see poor English on the website, a company’s one chance to make their impression on potential customers. It just adds to a kind of “fly-by-night” overall impression in this case.  


cbdMD Coupon Code

Get 15% OFF at cbdMD using the code "OILGEEK" 

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.