Receptra Naturals Review

While the use of CBD as a natural performance enhancing drug remains a matter of controversy, the tide is clearly changing. Several professional sports organizations have begun to change their stance relative to the use of CBD products.  

In fact, many high-level athletes have spoken out as proponents of CBD, with the strongest case being made for CBD as an alternative to addictive drugs such as opioids to help professional athletes deal with the inevitable pain of their vocation without the use of addictive substances.  

It should be no surprise to see some CBD oil manufacturers are marketing directly to athletes. While some of these companies may be more gimmick than anything, Receptra Naturals is one performance focused CBD brand that has the indicators of quality that I look for in a reliable CBD oil manufacturer.  

About Receptra Naturals

Receptra Naturals is a Colorado based company that works with family owned organic hemp farms to produce a full spectrum cannabinoid oil available in several strengths. Although they have focused their branding efforts on attracting athletes through their MMA partnerships, they offer a well-made product that is quite reasonably priced.  

Read on to read about their product line, followed by a complete point-by-point analysis of what makes this a trustworthy brand. 


Health and Wellness Tincture

This is the main line of tinctures offered by Receptra. They come in two strengths: 500mg or 1000mg for a 60ml bottle. That brings the dosing to 22mg or 44mg per dropper full in case you were wondering.  

This is a full spectrum hemp oil derived from only the flower portion of the plant, and the third-party testing backs up that this is a robust full spectrum extraction.  

Their formula does not have any chemical additives and includes MCT oil and sunflower oil for carriers. Organic natural flavors are used to give their tincture a bright berry flavor.  

Active Lifestyle Tincture

Thanks to an active partnership with MMA, including many celebrity endorsements, Receptra has developed a line of CBD tinctures supplemented with other ingredients thought to enhance performance including turmeric extract, Avocado oil and hempseed oil (very high in omega fatty acids).  

This formula is available in 500mg, 2000mg and 4000mg bottles, all coming in at a very reasonable price per mg of CBD.  

Active Lifestyle Tincture

Receptra Targeted Topical

This topical offers a highly concentrated way to apply a full spectrum of cannabinoids directly to sore areas. It comes in 400mg and 800mg jars and the pricing is reasonable compared to other creams of this type.

The manufacturer suggests that their cream provides instant relief from joint and muscle irritation while protecting and strengthening skin.

The scent is lightly perfumed with natural jasmine and Ylang Ylang. 

Receptra Targeted Topical

Receptra Body Butter

The body butter is slightly less concentrated and designed to cover larger areas of the body for overall moisturizing.

Each 3.25 ounce jar contains 400mg of cannabinoids along with natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, coconut oil, shorea butter, mango butter and vitamin E.  

The manufacturer claims that the product can also calm minor skin irritations and help reduce small blemishes and bruises.  

Receptra Body Butter

Receptra Pet

Containing just two simple ingredients: full spectrum CBD oil and MCT oil.

This is a pet friendly tincture that is fine for use with cats or dogs. 

The manufacturer claims that MCT oil can help balance the thyroid, helping your pet with fat loss, improved energy, and weight control.

In addition, they claim that the product can help calm your pet if they suffer from anxiety.  

Receptra™ Pet

Overall Rating: 4.5 

Pros and Cons


Solid Full Spectrum

I looked over the lab results carefully and found that the full spectrum oil over at Receptra Naturals does have a nice overall balance of cannabinoids. Significant amounts of CBC, CBG and CBN showed up in their labs.

Flower Extraction

Most CBD oil manufacturers use the entire hemp plant for their extraction process. Recepta Naturals uses only the flower which has a fuller concentration of the other cannabinoids found in hemp, leading to a more balanced full spectrum finished product.

Ethanol Extraction

Considered clean and environmentally sound, Receptra uses ethanol based extraction methods for their hemp oil.

Family Owned, Colorado Based, Organic Farm Sourcing

Receptra works hand in hand with their local suppliers to ensure top-notch hemp is the starting point for their finished product.

Third Party Testing

It is a little bit of a mixed bag when it comes to the third-party testing reports at Receptra Naturals. First, they do a great job keeping the website up to date with recent lab reports. Second, they have a feature on their site that actually lets you enter the information from your exact purchase to see the testing for that specific batch.

However, the reports on their site are actually prepared by Receptra, although they claim to be based on third party testing. They do offer to send the actual third-party tests upon request. In addition, the reports are somewhat limited. They do contain a full cannabinoid spectrum analysis, which is great, but not all of the reports show the pesticide levels.

Customer Support and 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Spectra Naturals has a staffed customer support phone number, and a full no-hassle 30-day money back guarantee on their products.


More Company Information Would be Helpful

I would like to see a little more effort on the part of this company to share more about their founders, leadership, staff and/or farmer partnerships.

THC Levels Relatively High

All full spectrum hemp oil is likely to contain some THC, however, the lab results I looked at, provided on the company website, were a little higher than what I am used to seeing on these reports. This may present a concern for those worried about passing a drug test.

Receptra Naturals Coupon Code

If you want to give Recepta Naturals a try, use the discount code below to save 10% on your first order. If you have used their products, please consider leaving a comment below to help the readers of this site decide if it is the right line of CBD products for them.  

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.