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Lola Hemp are one of the highest quality pet CBD brands on the market right now. Unlike may CBD companies, they have focused purely on pets and as a result have come up with a great blend. 

They have 3rd party testing results, a full spectrum product and even have a vet on the team to make sure everything is done right. I highly recommend Lola if you are looking for a quality CBD oil for your dog or cat. 

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One of the fastest growing segments of the CBD industry has been the expansion into the pet health niche. Products including oils, creams, and treats for various animals (cats, dogs, horses…) have been hitting the shelves of high end pet boutiques left and right.  

The trend has not been without veterinarian support. In fact, advocates in California recently passed a law that would give veterinarians legal protection to discuss the potential health benefits of cannabis based medicines such as CBD for their furry patients. Kind of sad we need laws to guarantee veterinarians the right to use their expertise to treat our animals as they see fit, but here we are.  

In fact, more and more holistic vets have been getting on board with recommending CBD for dogs and other pets for the simple fact that this natural supplement is working for their clients without the side effects of many pharmaceutical veterinary drugs.  

About Lola Hemp

The founders of this family owned company were inspired to action by their rescue dog, Lola. This 6 year old chihuahua rescue had a terrible fear of thunderstorms along with some general anxiety that was significantly affecting her quality of life. They found that a full spectrum CBD oil greatly helped her and decided to make sure all dogs had access to a quality CBD hemp oil made just for canines.  

In addition to having a veterinarian on their staff, LolaHemp has a strong focus on animal welfare through their partnership with various rescue groups. They donate one bottle for every four sold to a rescue dog with health needs that might benefit from their oil.  

There are also strong indicators for quality to note with this company. Read on to learn more about their product line, followed by an in-depth analysis of this company.  

LolaHemp Product Reviews

CBD Hemp Oil Tinctures

The product line at this company is limited to CBD hemp oil tinctures. They come in three bottle sizes: 15ml (150mg), 30ml (300mg), and 60ml (600mg). Which bottle is right for you will depend on the size of your dog.  

If you are unsure about which size to buy, their veterinarian has provided accurate dosing information for their product right on the web page – handy indeed. In fact, you might notice that most pet CBD products don’t contain this vital information to help owners know how to properly dose this supplement. 

Unlike most CBD products developed for pets, LolaHemp is based on a full spectrum extraction so that your dog can enjoy the Entourage Effect. 

Lolahemp Hemp Oil Tinctures

That is, the additional health benefits scientists have identified when cannabinoids are found in their natural combination. Yes, this means there are trace amounts of THC in the product, but at no where near levels that get your dog “high” or pose any health concerns.  

Overall Rating: 5 Stars 

Pros and Cons


Up to Date Third Party Batch Testing 

It is great to see that many companies are providing lab tests on their sites after concerns about inconsistent quality of some fly-by-night companies became national news. However, LolaHemp goes above and beyond with full lab reports for potency, microbial, solvents and pesticides on their raw oil AND full batch testing to show you the cannabinoid profile of each and every batch before you buy.  

Full Spectrum Oil 

Many pet products, if you read the label, are actually based on CBD isolates. I am a believer in the Entourage Effect, and it is exciting to see a company develop a full spectrum oil developed just for pets.  

Organic and GMO Free Sourcing 

LolaHemp sources from certified organic farms and uses GMO free hemp as the basis of their full spectrum oil.  

 Transparency of the Team 

I like to see companies go out of their way to put a face to their product. It shows a commitment to stand by their product. The “About Us” section of their website is well developed – including a bio for Lola, the chihuahua that inspired the owners to develop a quality full spectrum oil just for dogs.  

Veterinarian on Board 

Authority is important when it comes to any health products. It is great to see that this company has a veterinarian on the team: Dr. Robert Silver, founder of Boulder’s Natural Animal Clinic. His work has included the development of several lines of natural wellness formulas for dogs. It is a stand out feature of this brand that I think people should know about.  

Strong Philanthropic Focus 

This company has a strong focus on animal welfare. They have partnered with several rescue organizations to donate one bottle of CBD oil to a rescue dog in need for every 4 bottles sold. They are also an official partner with Social Tees Animal Rescue (S.T.A.R.), a New York City based animal rescue organization devoted to saving animals from kill shelters and getting them the vet care they need before rehoming.


Reasonable Pricing 

The prices at LolaHemp are not bargain basement. However, they are quite reasonable considering the quality of their full spectrum oil, evidenced by their cannabinoid lab reports. I think the price is worth it for those looking for a high quality product for their beloved pet.  

Strong Contact Information 

It might seem trivial, but I think it is important for CBD companies to have an actual phone number and physical address that demonstrates they are really based in the United States. And, if you have a problem with your order, you want to call and talk to an actual person that can help you.  


Limited Product Line 

With a sole focus on oil tinctures, LolaHemp has a limited product line, at least as of this writing. For most, the raw oil is the best option because of its flexible dosing. However, others do appreciate the ease of treats and the targeted power of topicals which you won’t find here.  

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I hope you have found this review helpful in terms of learning more about this CBD company. Although their product line is currently small, the quality is there. A strong philanthropic focus, reasonable prices, and a well rounded staff all add up to great signs for this up-and-coming line of CBD for dogs.  

If you click through the link below, you will be directed to a 10% coupon on your first order so you can save a little to give this product a try for your pet. 

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It's one of the best pet brands on the market

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