In 2009 Janea Cox gave birth to her daughter Haleigh who was later diagnosed with a rare form of epilepsy and Cerebral Palsy. She had her first seizure at 8 months old, and the severity and frequency of seizures increased rapidly as she grew.  

After a critical emergency in 2014, Janea and her husband Brian became willing to investigate their hopes in a new area of therapy that had shown some promise in other patients with epilepsy: Medical cannabis.  

Because of laws making cannabis in any form illegal in her home of Georgia, Janea traveled to the heart of the growing medical cannabis industry happening in Colorado.  

There, she connected with Jason Cranford, executive director of the Flowering Hope Foundation which works closely with patients with serious illnesses that have shown promise with treatment from medical cannabis. Working directly with patients, he began to realize that different conditions were more responsive to specific ratios of CBD:THC.  

He had already been working on a low THC, high CBD strain of cannabis for use with other medical conditions. After a period of trial and error, they found the right balance for Haleigh, based on a cannabis strain developed with a 24:1 CBD:THC balance, later to be named Haleigh’s Hope 

Within a few weeks of treatment, Haleigh’s seizures dropped from 200 a day to less than 4. Her mother has since become one of the medical cannabis industry’s loudest advocates for laws that advance the accessibility of medicine developed from cannabis.  


Haleigh’s Hope cannabis is named in honor of Haleigh. They work closely with the Flowering Hope Foundation to provide excellent customer support and patient consultations as they continue to develop special strains of medical grade CBD oils with targeted CBD:THC ratios.  


This is not a CBD oil dispensary that makes much sense for those looking for generalized calming or mild pain soothing properties that some have reported from CBD oil.  


However, if you or someone you love is looking for a specific CBD:THC ratio, or want to consult with someone with the expertise and willingness to give you the most up to date knowledge on what might work best for your specific situation, then this company offers a strong resource.  


An industry leader in developing very specific strains of cannabis and precise, pharmaceutical grade, ratios of cannabinoids, Haleigh’s Hope offers several specific formulations of CBD oil and has a strong reputation for producing extremely high quality products.  


Haleigh’s Hope Products


You won’t find fancy edibles, topicals or dog treats at Haleigh’s Hope. They focus on CBD tinctures made from special strains of cannabis in the following strength and CBD:THC ratios: 


Organic 10:1 w Safflower 

Organic 15:1 w Safflower 

Organic 15:1 w Safflower 

Organic 20:1 w Safflower 

Organic 20:1 w Safflower 

Organic 30:1 w Safflower 


Non-GMO 10:1 w MCT Coconut 

Non-GMO 15:1 w MCT Coconut 

Non-GMO 15:1 w MCT Coconut 

Non-GMO 20:1 w MCT Coconut 

Non-GMO 20:1 w MCT Coconut 

Non-GMO 30:1 w MCT Coconut 


Haleigh’s Hope Rating 


Overall rating: 4 


I will be the first to admit that Haleigh’s Hope website is a little underdeveloped in terms of the information available to the customer as well as some of the professional gloss that the more commercially oriented CBD websites out there.  


Normally, issues such as a lack of readily available third-party testing or more information on their sourcing and refinement processes would be red flags deserving of a much lower rating. However, in this case, their position as one of the global leaders in developing special strains and precisely balanced formulas precedes them.  




An Industry Leader in Developing Specific Strains and Formulas for Targeted Therapy 

The reputation of Haleigh’s Hope and The Flowering Hope Foundation is well known in the CBD and medical marijuana industry. This is why I feel comfortable giving them a strong rating despite some other problems mentioned below. 


Seed to Bottle Control 

In fact, since they are directly involved in the genetics of their hemp, along with scientifically guided strain development, Haleigh’s Hemp actually starts work on their product before the seed.  


Domestically Grown, Certified Organic, GMO Free Ingredients 

This company is not cutting corners when it comes to their ingredients. You can expect a consistent, extremely high-quality product.  




Lack of Third Party Testing Available on Website 

I really like to see recent and batch specific third-party lab tests available to potential customers. Unfortunately, I could not find any on their website.  


Lack of Information about Dosing 

You won’t find the total CBD in mg on the product labeling on Haleigh’s Hop products. However, they do have a customer support team that can help you decide on the what dosing is right for you, and the bottles are sold with food syringes for precise dosing based on their recommendations.  



The pricing at Haleigh’s Hope is extremely expensive, however, they also have a reputation for helping people that need financial help in accessing their product. Don’t be afraid to reach out to them directly to learn more about their qualification process.  



Haleigh’s Hope Coupon Code 


Interested in learning where to buy Haleigh’s Hope CBD tinctures? You can use the link below to connect to their site and learn more about the company.  


If you are unsure which line of products be best for your needs, contact the customer support who can get you in touch with knowledgeable staff dedicated to helping you find the right CBD oil.  


NOTE: This one is obviously a little different from the rest…so I made a bit of a judgement call on how to handle it and stuck with more of a story about the company with only a very brief product listing section. Note that some of their formulas may have too much thc to qualify as CBD oil…so this may have some legal consequences for you to consider….so I just wanted to be sure to give you a heads up there.