Verified CBD Review

Review Summary

Premium CBD Products For Every Specific Need

The Good

  • USA grown organic hemp plants used
  • CO2 extraction method for obtained CBD oil
  • CBD isolate, broad and full-spectrum offerings
  • Finished product batches are quality verified by independent testing facilities

The Bad

  • Expensive on an individual basis; bulk purchases bring this down
  • Little is known about the people behind the brand

Bottom Line

Great quality CBD products from a reputable brand. Verified CBD is a great option if you are new to the CBD scene. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Verified CBD has been in operation since their establishment in 2014, and are well-known owing to the fact that they have some of the highest purity products in the market; 80% compared with the 17-40% many competitors products contain.

Based in Florida, the company believes in using innovative technology to create industry-leading products to keep them ahead of the pack.

CBD Quality

Verified CBD is huge on their CBD quality. It takes a lot of work to make your products about two times as pure as the majority of other products on the market, which in part they attribute to:

  • Pharmaceutical grade third-party lab testing – using advanced HPLC (high-performance liquid chromatography), Verified CBD is able to precisely test potency of CBD as well as specific profiles of terpenes and substances you do not want – pesticides, toxins or microbes. Any company that is serious about its business and sustainability in the long term employs an impartial company to make sure that what it manufactures is truly top notch.
  • USA grown organic hemp used – company name states that all its hemp is grown in Kentucky, USA, and is absolutely non-GMO. Using organic hemp allows R&D chemists to focus less on monitoring potentially unpredictable effects that may pop up, and more on maximizing product purity and potency.
  • CO2 extraction – CO2 extraction is the industry-leading standard for obtaining high-purity CBD oil, owing to the fact that it does not utilize solvents that may leave behind toxic residue or byproducts. CO2 extraction is the most costly procedure, but Verified CBD uses it regardless to ensure that you receive top quality products.


Verified CBD has a moderately sized product catalog, which will definitely be sufficient for the majority of customers that visit their website. Current offerings include:

CBD Oils

Verified CBD’s oils are available in several strengths, ranging from 300 mg to the gargantuan 3500 mg per 1 ounce bottle. While most varieties of the oil are broad-spectrum (THC free), they also offer a full-spectrum variety in select strengths as well.

Prices start at the moderate $39.95 and go up to $149.95, depending on which particular strength you choose.

Recommended for: general use such as managing mild to moderate pain, occasional sleeplessness, anxiety and promoting a positive mood.

CBD Capsules

Owing to the fact that all of Verified CBD’s oil is natural flavor, it is understandable that some people might have a hard time with the taste. This is exactly why they also have available CBD capsules to help you easily get your dose in.

A bottle of these CBD capsules contains 30, and is of the CBD isolate variety. Available in 10 and 25 mg capsule strengths, they retail for $47.95 or $77.95 respectively.

CBD Gummies

Who doesn’t love Gummies? CBD Gummies are huge with foodies, and rightly so. When it comes to Verified CBD Gummies, they are ahead of the pack, as each broad-spectrum gummy delivers a massive 20 mg CBD.

Available in travel sized 10 and larger 30 count containers, they retail for $22.95 or $39.95 respectively.

Recommended for: feeding your sweet fetish while getting your CBD in, or consuming CBD in a judgment free way since no one suspects an innocent treat of being super powered.

Oral CBD Sprays

Oral CBD sprays are actually genius if you stop to think about it – they are generally very similar to oils, can be absorbed sublingually, and convenient enough to use on the go. It is shocking that more manufacturers do not take advantage of CBD-based oral sprays.

Verified CBD has four different oral types spray products, namely sleep, weight loss, anxiety and pain relief varieties. Each retails for $43.95 and is THC free (so broad-spectrum extract).

Depending on which you choose, the formulation differs, however. For instance, the sleep spray includes melatonin, Valerian root and more to promote sleep and relaxation, the weight loss spray uses Garcinia Cambodia, the antianxiety/stress formula includes L-theanine, and the pain relief formula contains a patented form of turmeric.

Overall, great product innovation.

CBD Topicals

Hemp Intensive Healing Pain Rub

Excellent for relieving muscle pain or joint soreness, this topical possesses potent anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, and is said to be able to help to kick start the process of muscle regeneration following your work out.

A jar of the healing pain rub retails for $47.95.

CBD Daily Skin Re-Energizer

Recommended for daily use, it helps imbue the skin with added moisture and prevents excessive moisture loss. Its fast absorbing properties is excellent for revitalizing skin that is otherwise healthy but may lacking tender loving hydration.

Make it a part of your nightly skin care routine – feel free to apply to your face and neck before bed for a richly nourishing experience. A jar of this topical retails for $43.95.

CBD Antiaging Cream With Apple Stem Cells

CBD by itself is said to possess antiaging properties, but when combined with apple stem cells with its ability to stimulate the production of new skin cells and collagen, what you have is the secret to youth. Suitable for use during the daytime, to help protect you from the ravages of UV Sun exposure, or combine it with your nighttime skin re-energizer for synergistic benefits.

A jar of the antiaging cream with apple stem cells retails for $47.95.

CBD Vape Oils

Verified CBD also has available CBD vape oil refills for your Vaping pen, available in menthol, apple and razzleberry flavors. CBD vape oils consists of CBD isolate, absolutely no THC and are ideal for people that prefer to get their CBD by vaping without additional bells and whistles.

Verified CBD uses only USP grade propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin in their oils, and should not be consumed orally as suggested on their product page.

A bottle of the CBD vape oil refill retails for $84.95.

Recommended for: the purest CBD experience – extremely useful for managing anxiety, sleeplessness or mood disorders.

CBD Dog Treats

Verified CBD has of course the well-being of your trusted companion at heart, making available THC free dog treats, suitable for dogs of all sizes.

Each dog treat supplies 5 mg CBD, with each pack containing 30 treats. One bag retails for $37.95

Recommended for: canine insomnia, boosting immunity, reducing separation anxiety, managing pain and discomfort and promoting healthy appetite.

My Recommendation

Verified CBD is a great company in terms of the products offered and their overall purity/potency. The products do lack a little consistency in the fact that you might not find a type of extract (isolate, broad or full spectrum) to suit your needs, but this isn’t usually a deal breaker for most people.

They should, however, focus on improving transparency since very little is known about the people behind the brand. Consumers like a personal experience and sharing their stories will only foster greater trust.

That aside, and the less important issue that the website looks slightly amateurish (early 2000’s feel), I still think they are a solid bet if you just wish to purchase high quality products and don’t particularly care about other things referenced.

I would also recommend that you purchase in bulk once you have found something you like as it can help bring down the individual price significantly.

Overall- thumbs up. The quality is most important to a company’s reputation and Verified CBD has excelled in that aspect.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.