Veggimins CBD Review

Review Summary

CBD Chocolate You Will Love

The Good

  • All types of CBD extracts (full and broad spectrum, isolates)
  • Products are third party lab tested
  • USA Grown and harvested, non-GMO hemp
  • Vegan friendly products
  • CBD oil is extracted via CO2 method

The Bad

  • Membership subscription fee to be eligible for discounts
  • No gummies
  • Some products are expensive

Bottom Line

I can personally attest to the deliciousness of Veggimins CBD chocolate bars. They are quite delectable. Combined with high quality CBD, this is a great brand if you are looking for edibles. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Established in 2016, Veggimins is a unique company in the CBD supplement space, catering to vegan customers with its range of suitable products. The Illinois based company is part of the Windy City organics group, the parent supplement company manufacturing a wide range of other health supplements.

Veggimins strongly believes that using quality products is the number one determinant of our overall health, which is why they take it so seriously.

CBD Quality

Since Veggimins emphasizes the importance of quality and overall purity, it makes sense that they would place great focus on factors that actually dictate CBD quality. They ensure that you receive high-quality products thanks to the following:

  • Using United States sourced hemp – Veggimins uses hemp that has been proudly grown and harvested in the state of Colorado, which they say has been selectively bred to help improve its overall CBD profile.
  • Non-GMO hemp – the use of genetically modified hemp may be cheaper, but there are many things that we still do not know about genetically modified plants. For instance, modifying the gene that may help yield higher CBD concentration may also inadvertently cause adverse effects that were not initially anticipated.
  • CO2 extraction – the use of CO2 when extracting CBD oil offers a superior degree of safety and purity of products, since many solvent methods used in the past are known to produce undesirable byproducts and chemicals. CO2 extraction is still considered the gold standard by many in the industry.
  • Broad-spectrum CBD oil – broad-spectrum CBD oils contain all naturally occurring terpenes, flavonoid and cannabinoids in the hemp plant, with the exception of the psychoactive constituent known as THC. This way, users are able to experience maximum benefit but without the possibility of experiencing any sort of high, or adverse reactions owing to its stimulating properties. Broad-spectrum extracts also make it possible for the consumer to experience the entourage effect, a highly desirable synergistic increase in the oil’s underlying properties.
  • Third-party quality testing – independent third-party potency and purity testing of CBD products is quickly becoming an important prerequisite for a top-quality brand, one that meets all its claims by verification from an outside laboratory. Of course, a company's internal marketing often overhypes and exaggerates how effective the product is, but with solid evidence of lab results publicly posted on Veggimins website, you know they are the real deal.


Apart from the standard product offerings you might have come to expect from the CBD supplement company, Veggimins has many surprises up their sleeves. Not sure what we mean? You will see after checking out some of these products mentioned below:

Hemp Oil Tinctures

Starting off the list is the most popular form of CBD on the market; a CBD oil, in this case fortified with hemp extract.

Available in strengths starting whilst 60 mg per 30 ml bottle, and going all the way up to 1200 mg, this is a classic experience enhanced with additional natural cannabinoids.

Prices for the oils start as low as $10.79 and go up to $95.99 depending on the concentration you choose.

Veggimins Organic Hemp Oil

Hemp Free CBD Oil

Yes, you read that correctly. Hemp free CBD products are an emerging market, since as it turns out that hemp is not the only source of CBD on the planet. Given, it is the most common, but cannabinoids can also be found in a variety of other plants.

In this case, CBD is extracted from citrus and evergreen trees, making for a finished product that is free of all plant compounds except CBD.

In effect, this is a CBD isolate oil, with no risk of psychoactive effects from THC contamination.

Available in 300 and 600 mg strength, they are a bit pricier than hemp-based products, costing either $64.98 or $104.98.

Veggimins Hemp-Free CBD

Recommended for: all of the benefits CBD is known for, but especially useful in people with even a tiny bit of THC sensitivity.

Enhanced Hemp Oil

While CBD and hemp oils on their own are great, you can potentiate their benefits by enhancing them with other essential oils.

In this case, Veggimins ads lavender, blood orange and peppermint, to create three unique enhanced oils that include natural terpenes and other phytonutrients present in the plant.

The strength of each product differs, with the peppermint containing a total of 500 mg CBD, the lavender oil containing 1000 mg CBD, and the blood orange coming in an impressive 2000 mg.

The prices respectively are $53.99, $101.99 and $197.99.

Veggimins USDA Organic Hemp Oil with Hemp Extract

CBD Chocolate

If you're looking for a new way to get your CBD in you will absolutely love Veggimins dark chocolate bars.

Containing 70% raw cacao my weight, these bars come in multiple strengths; 15 mg, 50 mg and 100 mg.

Combined with the potent anti-inflammatory actions of epicatechin found in dark chocolate, CBD can bring about significant reduction in inflammation and pain conditions.

Depending on which bar you choose you can expect to pay $5.99 or $16.79 for a 1.1 ounce chocolate bar.

They also have CBD enhanced chocolate hazelnut butter, which is a completely new spin on getting your required CBD everyday as it can easily be spread over crackers or even bread. Think of this as Nutella on steroids.

Veggimins Unwind CBD Chocolate Bar

Apart from this, other CBD dark chocolate treats include chocolate hearts which are either THC free or full-spectrum, available in 60 and 300 mg strengths, and an enhanced chocolate bar which contains 25 mg CBD per bar.

If you love chocolate, there is absolutely something for you to enjoy from Veggimins.

CBD Skin Care Products

Veggimins has available three CBD skin serums, which can help improve the health of your skin, exerting anti-inflammatory and antiaging properties.

Available in a 150 mg strength, there are two varieties, one marketed for men to be used as a beard and conditioning oil, and another which emphasizes its antiaging properties.

Based on what I can ascertain from analysis of the two labels, they are more or less the same with the only difference being target demographic. So you shouldn’t worry too much about which of these you choose, as their pricing is also identical at $35.95.

In addition to this, they also have an enhanced version, known as skin serum 2.0. This serum contains additional essential oils and a higher concentration of CBD making its generally superior to the order two versions.

A bottle of the skin serum 2.0 retails for $83.99.

Veggimins CBD Skin Serum

CBD Oil For Pets

Veggimins has also not forgotten about our most precious companions; our loving pets.

They have available three CBD pet based oils, one formulated specifically for cats enhanced with catnip, a general everyday use standard full-spectrum CBD oil, and a terpene enhanced version.

The terpene enhanced version supplies a total of 250 mg CBD per 1 ounce bottle and retails for $39.99, while the standard and cat only hemp oils cost $17.99 each.

Veggimins Enhanced CBD Extract + Terpenes For Pets

Terpene Enhanced CBD Oils

Veggimins also has available CBD oils enhanced with terpenes ranging in strengths from 100 mg all the way up to a massive 6000 mg.

They also have a turmeric enhanced CBD oil, which is especially useful in managing inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or eczema.

Depending on which enhanced CBD oil you choose, prices start from $17.99 and go all the way up to $419.99.

Veggimins Enhanced CBD Terpenes

My Recommendation

Veggimins has been in business for enough years to have carved out a nice spot in the CBD market not often catered for. The fact that their core business revolves around making functional super foods is also extremely excited, as they view nutrition from a holistic standpoint.

I would like to see them introduce a line of vegan approved gummies in the future, but at this time they have more than enough product offerings to meet the needs of the majority of consumers.

Owing to the professionalism of their website and high quality of products offered, I have no reservations in giving this brand a deserving two thumbs up.

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.