​Trucure Review & Coupon Code 2019

​Quality sourcing & extraction​ but no 3rd party lab testing

The Good

  • ​CBD oils are CO2 extracted
  • ​USA grown and harvested hemp
  • ​Organic and Non-GMO plants only
  • ​THC free
  • ​High potency CBD oils

The Bad

  • ​Gel caps are expensive
  • ​Broad-spectrum (not full-spectrum as stated)
  • Third-party CBD analysis not yet available

Bottom Line

​Trucure is a new brand on the scene and pass most of our quality indicators. However, we would like to see some third party testing to prove quality & purity.

Overall Rating:    3.5/5

About The Brand

TruCure CBD is a young company in the CBD industry, having been established in December 2018 and based in Laguna Beach, California. And yet, even though TruCure CBD is a relative newcomer to the industry, they have already put in place several things that stand to make them well known within the next few months to years.

The company states that it produces only full-spectrum oils, made from hemp grown on certified organic and non-GMO Farms in Colorado.

CBD Quality

The core focus of any successful CBD supplement manufacturer should be on ensuring that consumers get the highest quality products. TruCure CBD has started on the correct foot with the following steps:

  • CO2 extraction – this is regarded as the gold standard of extracting CBD oils across the industry, owing to the fact that there is virtually no residual footprint and the fact that its safety is unquestionable.
  • Certified organic hemp – ensuring that the plants are non-GMO protects the end consumer from the unpredictable nature of using genetically modified hemp. Genetically modified plants may be cheaper, but carry with them a higher risk of unexpected side effects
  • THC free oils – THC is a psychoactive cannabinoid that is known to produce the characteristic high from cannabis. Consumers looking to purchase CBD oils are often not desirous of obtaining a product that contains this constituent.
  • Soon to be implemented third-party lab results – there is a page on TruCure CBD’s website that is currently under development which will display the results of independent laboratory results from CBD oil analysis.


One of the things that immediately stood out to me when I discovered TruCure CBD was their product line. Given, it is not overwhelming, but they do offer a fairly sizable catalog considering the fact that the company is still pretty young. You can find the following on offer:


TruCure CBD has on offer CBD oil tinctures, which is by far the most commonly consumed form of CBD on the planet. Their CBD oils should more correctly be classified as broad-spectrum, and not full-spectrum as indicated on the product page, based on the fact that they do retain naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids, but they emphasize the fact that it contains 0% THC.

Full-spectrum products do contain THC, even if it means in extremely small acceptable amounts.

Trucurecbd ​​Tinctures

Interestingly, the thing that stood out the most to me when perusing their CBD oil line is the fact that strengths go all the way up to 6000mg, which is the single highest potency I have ever seen offered by a company.

Other strengths they have available include 250, 500, 750, 1000, 1500, and3000mg. They are available in peppermint and natural flavors, with retail prices ranging from an affordable $39 for the lowest strength to $540 for the maximum potency.

Recommended for: management of pain, inflammatory disease, insomnia, anxiety, adjunctive aid to chemotherapy.

Gel Caps

Consisting of a combination of CBD oil and curcumin, Nano emulsified and contained within a gelatin soft shell, this product has taken the classic properties of CBD oil and amplified its anti-inflammatory potential with the addition of curcumin.

A bottle containing 30 gel caps retails for $95 on their website, with each soft gel supplying a total of 25mg CBD oil.

Trucurecbd Gel Capsules

Recommended for: management of arthritic pain, muscle aches, post-workout recovery. Can also be used for management of many of the same conditions as pure CBD oil but the addition of curcumin will not potentiate those effects.


Lip Balms

CBD lip balms are becoming exceedingly popular owing to the simple fact that they outperform classic paraffin based products significantly for the management of dry, chapped lips. CBD oil is extremely moisturizing and can help form a moisture barrier that prevents excessive drying out.

TruCure CBD’s CBD lip balm is available in coconut lemongrass and peppermint flavors, with each lip balm tube containing a total of 25mg CBD oil.

They retail for an extremely affordable $6 each.

Trucurecbd Lip Balm


CBD salves have become common offerings by many of the major CBD supplement brands around the United States, being an oil-based rub preferred by people looking for the classic feel of an ointment-based product.

TruCure CBD’s salve is available in 250, 500 and 1000mg jars, each enriched with essential oils for synergistic pain-relieving actions, along with naturally occurring terpenes and other cannabinoids.

Trucurecbd ​Salve

Depending on which strength you choose, they retail for $50, $79 or $129.

Recommended for: fast acting yet long-acting relief from various aches and pains including sprains, arthritis, sore muscles or even headaches.


Creams and salves (or ointments) are more or less very similar when their constituents are compared, with one major difference – creams are water-based while salves are oil based. This makes TruCure CBD cream ideal if you’re looking for a non-greasy topical rub.

The creams rub on completely and are easily absorbed leaving no residue behind, making them ideal when you need to be up and about but dislike the heat generating properties of salves.

Trucurecbd ​​Cream

Available in 250,500 and 1000mg air dispensing tubes that retail for $45, $89 or $139 respectively.


Cats and dogs stand to benefit from the use of CBD oil much in the same way that humans do, based on the fact that they also have similar endocannabinoid systems. So why not offer them the very best when it comes to managing their health problems?

TruCure CBD oil for pets comes in a 750mg strength bottle, suspended in an odorless fish oil base that supplies natural Omega 3, 6 and 9.

Trucurecbd ​​Pets Oil

One bottle of the CBD oil for pets retails for $95 on their website.

Recommended for: arthritic pain, anxiety, dysplasia, PTSD and other types of pain as recommended by a veterinarian.

My Recommendation

TruCure CBD is off to a good start when it comes to making high-quality CBD oil supplements. They have a decently sized product line, very impressive maximal strength tinctures, a unique fish oil base for their pet based CBD oils, and have laid the foundation for making their third-party lab results accessible to the public.

I’m sure given a little more time they will only get better when it comes to the price competitiveness of some products along with overall transparency and disclosures. As a result, I have no reservations in giving them my mark of approval as a solid brand.



No 3rd Party Lab testing