Tera Hemp Review


terahemp reviews

Tera Hemp has quite a lot of CBD products on their website. They have high-quality, pure and healthy products not only for pain but for anxiety, memory, stomach issues, sleeplessness and other issues. So many products that could help the needs of so many people. Below we will look more into Tera Hemp including their CBD quality, their product line and real results from customers.

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Who is Terahemp?

Tera Hemp, a seller of CBD oil and other CBD products, is a North Hollywood-based company. Their online platform is straightforward and simple. Terahemp knows how beneficial CBD is and they’re dedicated to making sure the product is safe as well as making it available for its customers for their health issues.

Tera Hemp’s beneficial line includes a CBD Hemp oil to aid stress, pain, and anxiety. Also available is a healing salve and even a stress support supplement for your furry friends.

CBD Quality

Tera Hemp has had thorough, 3rd party, lab testing done on their 250 and 500 mg tinctures. The comprehensive tests are done in order to fully disclose factors such as amounts of an ingredient it has, including the cannabinoid content of a product. This kind of transparency makes customers feel safe and cared about.

Tera Hemp products are full-spectrum hemp extract as opposed to isolate. In full-spectrum, the oil will contain all of the phytochemicals initially found in the cannabis plant, not just CBD. An isolate, on the other hand, isolates the CBD component for a more concentrated product.

Product Line

Tera Hemp has a comprehensive line of products on their site. Here are their product types:


The popular CBD Hemp Oil Relief for Pain, Stress and Anxiety helps you focus without depending on caffeine or other stimulants. It has been infused with sunflower lecithin and is vegetarian. It comes in four different concentrations – 250 mg, 1000 mg, 1500 mg, and 2000 mg. Priced starting at 250 mg concentration for $39.99. Recommended for those looking for stress and pain relief.

EDIBLE HEMP – A different texture than CBD Oil

CBD Oil Gummy Bears for stress and anxiety – 15 mg per gummy. This is a very low dose, a good concentration for someone trying CBD for the first time. Also great for your mood. It’s a popular product on the website and this 30 count bottle is $29.99.


Pure Hemp capsules are good to take if you are concerned about exactly how much hemp you are taking. These are extra strength pain relief capsules at 750 mg. It’s a concentrated form of hemp for those who have pains or anxiety or even a bad illness. A 30-capsule bottle is $69.99.


Pain Cream Salve is a muscle and joint pain reliever which is a full spectrum CBD extract. The analgesic effect will go to your muscles when you apply it. It also makes a good moisturizer for everyday use, as well as an antioxidant. Pain Cream Salve is also infused with essential oils so it smells great.

Tera Hemp suggests that you wash any target areas to remove any impurities or germs you may have picked up, and that you should massage it into your skin. A 250 mg concentration jar of Pain Cream Salve is $49.99.

Pet Products

This is an exciting group of hemp products for your pet. They’re your children too, and you want to help them with their pain and know that what they’re being given is safe and pure.

*Teracat is hemp oil for cats that helps them with anxiety and also pain. In an older cat or one who has been injured, the hemp oil helps with ease of movement. And best of all, it’s tuna flavored, so it’ll go down easier. A 300 mg concentrate bottle is $39.99.



*Tera Hemp wants you to know that their product is the real deal.

*Tera Hemp has its product line thoroughly tested.

*Tera Hemp products are full spectrum CBD extract.

*There are a number of CBD products to benefit many.

*The products are simple to use and there is help available through the website.

*The Products are easy to obtain through the Tera Hemp website.



*The products on the website can be pricy for some who may not have available money

*More sizes of product – it’ll help if people have more choices

*It would be good to have more specific information on the website about the product, their procedures and that kind of thing.

* An expanded list of products is hopefully imminent. Would love to see a million CBD products for people to experience.

It’s so wonderful to have these products available after only previously having commercially made products containing who knows what. It is your health after all – your body wants all natural ingredients. TeraHemp’s products are about being natural. I recommend that you go to terahemp.com – you owe it to your body to seek it out for yourself and your family.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.