Sol CBD Review

Sol CBD Review 2020

Strong Liposomal Offering & High Quality CBD

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The Good

  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • Non-GMO hemp
  • Full spectrum CBD oils
  • Third-party quality verified
  • Competitive pricing
  • Company transparency

The Bad

  • Some hemp is not USA grown (the 3600mg oils)
  • Products are not very high strength

Bottom Line

SOL CBD meets all my major quality indicators including 3rd party lab testing. I like how they seem to be doubling down on the liposomal market - this is a great product of theirs if you are that way inclined.  

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

SOL CBD is an established company in the CBD supplement industry, having been in business since 2015. Before the seeming “gold rush” of companies flooding the market. Founded by Larry and Oksana Ostrovsky, the company was born through passion and purpose, with the goal of educating people about the healing attributes of cannabis on the body and mind.

The owners have indicated that their desire for helping others will always trump financial gain, and with that in mind promise you that products they manufacture will always be sold for the lowest cost possible.

CBD Quality

SOL CBD has a good reputation when it comes to quality products, following several good practices to ensure consumers receive premium products. These indicators of quality include:

  • Independently Tested Products- SOL CBD verifies the purity and potency of each batch of manufactured products by sending samples to reputable laboratories for independent verification. These labs include ProVerde and Botanacor which are trusted by many companies in the industry.
  • Cold Processed CO2 Extraction Technique- ensures the preservation of the wide range of phytocannabinoids, terpenes and other natural products naturally occurring in hemp, along with making the oil free of harmful solvents or other chemicals.
  • Full Spectrum CBD Oil- full spectrum oils are considered to be stronger than CBD isolates as there is a greater likelihood of experiencing the synergist entourage effect. The entourage effect leads to a greater than expected magnitude of effect.


SOL CBD’s product range is likely to meet your needs regardless of what you are looking for, with many of their offerings having a sizeable amount of pleases customer reviews. There are also neutral reviews added to the mix which adds credibility in my opinion since there are unscrupulous companies that have gleaming 5 star reviews across the board.

Their product range includes:

Sol CBD Oil Tinctures (300mg)

Starting off with the classic product offering, SOL’s CBD tincture is available in natural and cinnamint flavors to please your palate either way.

Supplying 5mg CBD per 0.5ml dropper (1/2 of a full dropper) this is a great starting product for someone now getting their feet wet with the healing properties of Cannabidiol.

The 30ml bottle (60 servings) retails for $65.

Sol CBD Oil Tinctures

3600mg Tinctures

Looking for higher potency oils? SOL CBD have you covered. Supplying 300% more CBD per serving (15mg vs 5mg for the standard oil) and in a larger bottle (4oz vs 1oz), this is to meet the needs of people that need more on a consistent basis.

The 4oz bottle retails for $327.

Recommended for: anxiety, sleep, pain, inflammation overall health.

Sol 3600mg Tinctures

Sol CBD Capsules Reviews

Perfect for people that prefer to get their CBD in one fell swoop instead of having the grassy taste linger in their mouth, each CBD capsule supplies 15mg Cannabidiol.

Even better?

They are vegan-friendly as well, so no need to worry about gelatin.

The 30 count bottle retails for $69.

Sol CBD Capsules

Pet Tinctures

CBD for pets? You bet. Turns out that your lovable 4-legged companions have endocannabinoid systems similar to our own and stand to benefit from the use of CBD in like manner. Why withhold supplementation when it could mean more years with your loyal bud?

SOL’s pet CBD tinctures come in a gentle 1.7mg per 0.5ml serving so that there is no need to worry about over administering doses.

The Pet tincture retails for $31.

Recommended for: managing pain, boosting immune function, separation anxiety, seizures, PTSD.

Sol Pet Tinctures

Skin Care

All skin care products are not created the same, as those enhanced with CBD are arguably superior. SOL has kept this in mind in formulating two unique skin care products, one geared with maintenance in mind, and the other on recovery.

Nourish Formula

Maintain your skin’s beauty with a blend of 22 ingredients to nourish your skin and enhance its natural glow and beauty.

The 30ml pump bottle moisturizer costs $69.

Sol Nourish Formula

Extra Care Formula

For skin that has been through a lot; years of excessive sun exposure or neglect, the Extra Care CBD formula is here to turn the game around.

Consisting of a combination of 23 ingredients let the extra care formula kick start recovery for a while before switching to the nourish formula for maintenance.

The 50ml bottle of the Extra Care Formula retails for $89.

Sol Extra Care Formula

CBD Infused Herbal Balm

Looking for a fast acting and penetrating topical rub? Then try SOL’s CBD infused herbal balm.

Utilizing a combination of 13 essential oils and herbs helps to maximize its analgesic and anti-inflammatory actions on your aching muscle, joints or nerve pain.

SOL’s CBD infused herbal balm retails for $47.

Sol CBD Infused Herbal Balm

Sol CBD Liposomal

We saved the best for last, as this is probably their best offering of all. Liposomal oral delivery is a novel mode of administration that bypasses the issue of liver metabolism, which causes a significant portion of consumed supplements to be inactivated before even entering systemic blood circulation.

Liposomes are absorbed into the lymphatic system, which means that virtually all of the consumed oil enters your circulation to elicit actions. The liposomal delivery also bolsters absorption significantly as the oil becomes water soluble, bypassing the reliance of food for absorption.

You would be hard-pressed to find a typical CBD oil which used an MCT base that can compare (save your time, they never will).

The liposomal oil is administered via a pump bottle, with 4 pumps delivering approximately 5.5mg CBD. Don’t worry about taste either, as it is efficiently masked within a liposome and a neutralizing orange flavor.

A bottle of this groundbreaking and revolutionary oil retails for $79.

Sol Liposomal CBD

CBD Oil Geek Pro Tip: savings, savings, and savings. SOL CBD offers massive savings at various levels. From purchasing in bulk, to subscribe and save plans (delivered once per month or every two months), you stand to save more if you commit to a product over the long term.

My Recommendation

SOL CBD is serious about making top of the line products at prices that are hard to beat. With readily available COAs on each product page and endless discounts on offer, you will love what you purchase.

Yes, on the grander scale of things their product strengths can be considered weak, but why go for brute force when liposomal delivery is the future of CBD oils?

SOL CBD gets my nod of approval for innovation, pricing and high quality products, and my overall recommendation.

sol cbd review

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.