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Sensei CBD

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The Good

  • USA grown hemp plants used
  • Both full-spectrum and isolate products offered
  • Organic, and non-GMO plants used

The Bad

  • No lab results posted
  • No mention of the extraction method used to obtain the oils
  • Products are on the more expensive side

Bottom Line


Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Sensei CBD is a relatively new brand in the CBD supplement space, with its date of establishment going back to only 2018, according to details found on their Facebook page. Besides this, not much else is public knowledge about the company, except that it is led by two partners, and operates out of California, based on the contact number listed on their website.

CBD Quality

Sensei CBD doesn’t shout the quality parameters their products adhere to on the website, which is a good and a bad thing. Good, in the sense that they are confident about what they bring to market, but bad because potential consumers may have a hard time finding them. We found the following after scouring their website:

  • USA grown hemp plants – Sensei CBD states that their hemp plants are grown in Kentucky, which gives consumers greater peace of mind. Plants grown in the US must adhere to local and federal laws in terms of acceptable THC content and more. Foreign sourced hemp might not have to do so.
  • Organic and non-GMO plants – Organic hemp refers to hemp that has been grown without the assistance of artificial fertilizers or pesticides, meaning that there is less to worry about when it comes to chemicals in your consumables. Genetically modified plants may be cheaper in the short term, but there are many unknowns when using such plants.
  • Full spectrum and isolate products offered – Sensei CBD has done well by offering full-spectrum and isolate products to consumers, in order to ensure that there is something for everyone. Full-spectrum products contain up to the allowable 0.3 % THC and are considered higher potency, while isolate formulations are devoid of THC (or in amounts too low to detect). Isolate products are better suited for anyone with sensitivities to the psychoactive THC.


Being a relatively young company, their product range is not all-encompassing, but nevertheless, enough to meet the needs of many consumers. Their current line includes:

CBD Oil Tinctures

The most classic CBD formulation on the planet, a company would do itself a major disservice if they did not offer this. To that end, Sensei CBD offers a few spins on classic CBD tinctures, such as:

Full Spectrum CBD Oil

Full-spectrum CBD oil refers to that which contains all naturally occurring cannabinoids, phytochemicals and everything in between that would be found in hemp. Their full-spectrum oil is perfect for anyone looking for the “whole enchilada” of CBD, and the entourage effect; a synergistic boost of CBD’s properties.

Their full-spectrum oils are available in strengths starting from the modest 100 mg per bottle, then subsequently 500 mg, 1000 mg, and the massive 5000 mg. they are also available in natural and peppermint flavors, though from the look of the product catalog this is subject to availability.

Prices are $27, $75, $99 and $240 respectively.

Isolate CBD Oils

CBD isolate is perfect for anyone with a sensitivity to THC, as the absence of this cannabinoid means that you will not be subject to a high. Of course, this means that you will be sacrificing a bit of overall potency, but many people understand that is a necessary evil.

Following suit from the full-spectrum line, the CBD isolate tinctures are also available in 100 mg, 500 mg, 1000 mg and 1500 mg concentrations per bottle. Likewise, you can also choose from natural and peppermint flavors based on availability.

The cost for a bottle of the CBD isolate starts at $19.95 and goes up to $109.

Recommended for: CBD oils are an excellent introductory product when trying out CBD for the first time, but also remain one of the most cost-effective forms for veterans alike. CBD isolate may be more suitable for sleep-promoting and anxiety-reducing effects, but full-spectrum does the same in people that are not sensitive to THC. Other benefits include pain management, healthy immune function, and overall wellbeing.

CBD Capsules

If you need the healing wonders of CBD but can’t stand to take the oil, CBD capsules might be the best thing for you. Sensei CBD has made available CBD capsules for just that reason, taking all of the good from the oils and placing it into an easy to swallow soft gel.

Available in full-spectrum and isolate forms, each capsule delivers 25 mg CBD, with one bottle containing 30 capsules. The retail cost for the isolate and full-spectrum varieties respectively is $59 and $59.

Recommended for: getting your CBD daily dose in and not having to force-feed because you hate the taste. Also ideal for easily consuming on the go when measuring oil might be too much of a hassle.

CBD Gummies

Delicious and effective, CBD gummies are a favorite amongst CBD connoisseurs simply because their versatility is unmatched. Looking for a sweet indulgence? Pop a gummy. Need to be discrete on the streets when it’s time to have your dose? Pop another gummy. There aren’t many excuses not to have a gummy.

Sensei’s CBD gummies deliver 20 mg CBD isolate per treat and are available in 25 and 50 count bottles. The retail cost per bottle respectively is $59 and $99.

CBD Vape E-Liquids

Containing CBD isolate, Sensei’s CBD vape juices are available in berry and citrus flavors to refill your favorite vape cartridges. Each bottle of the vape juice contains a total of 500 mg CBD isolate which is perfect for a rapid, and unadulterated effect from vaping.

Vaping CBD is ideal after a hard day’s work when you want to leave your worries behind and just relax. This makes it suitable for use before bed to promote sleep.

A bottle of the vape juice costs $45.

CBD Cream

An isolate CBD cream enhanced with emu oil, it is ideal for enhancing your skin quality as well as managing painful conditions. CBD is well known for its ability to help deal with pain, inflammation and skin issues, which makes emu oil the perfect accompaniment as it too excels in those very areas.

It also contains menthol, arnica and aloe vera for even greater therapeutic benefit for your skin and body. A jar of the CBD cream retails for $75.

Recommended for: daily use to benefit skin or manage painful symptoms of arthritis, fibromyalgia or even post-workout muscle soreness.

CBD Oil For Pets

Contains CBD isolate oil to help alleviate many of the same conditions our pets endure owing to advancing age; pain, sleeplessness, hair/coat issues, and even epilepsy. Available in a natural flavor and in 250 mg strength, you can easily add it to your pet’s food or water.

A bottle of the pet CBD oil retails for $39.

My Recommendation

Sensei CBD is a young company, and like many start-up businesses, it takes time to get their ducks in a row. Currently, they have made positive strides by sourcing hemp from within the US and ensuring that plants are organic, but there are other considerations they need to make public on their website.

Two such of these are the extraction method used, which is significant to some consumers, and of course, publishing the results of lab tests that verify quality of products. Their prices may need some adjustment as well, as they are currently pricey for a new company, even if coupled with the subscription discount.

Another, more important one is the actual product pages. There is a bit of confusing verbiage on some of them, including full-spectrum which states in their descriptions “CBD Isolate”, the use of gummies on the “CBD pills” and more.

Overall, supporting a new company is the best way to get their name out there, so I would encourage you to do so, but if they don’t fix up those deficiencies, the word may not be good.

Sensei CBD

Sensei CBD Coupon Code 

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