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What I really like about Seabedee is their unique, condition focused product lines and their commitment to quality.

Independent, 3rd party lab testing shows they have fantastic product purity and their CO2 extraction methods are industry leading. They obviously have a passion for their product and it shows through in their quality and marketing. 

They are a higher priced brand but in this industry, you get what you pay for. Seabedee is definitely one of the better brands on the market right now. 

I particularly recommend their anxiety and sleep blends if you are looking for condition specific products. 

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Seabedee aims to disrupt the old way of doing things by using their proprietary terpene blends to imbue their products with enhanced properties, characteristic of the product range they represent. All their products are made using organic hemp and via carbon dioxide extraction (CO2) at high pressure and low temperatures in order to retain maximum potency.

Let’s take a deeper look at how Seabedee is set to take the world by storm.

About The Brand

Seabedee was established in December 2018 by Paul Clotar and Peter Stadniuk. Their base of operations appears to be in San Francisco California, and holding true to their promise of using USA grown hemp, theirs are sourced from Oregon and Colorado.

From the get-go they have established the novel mission of donating a percent of sale proceeds to the American Cancer Society to further cancer research, and have partnered with American Legions to offer lifetime discounts to all active duty troops and veterans. This helps demonstrate that Seabedee is committed to playing its role in society, and not just a random company in it for the money.

Seabedee ensures that all of their products are sourced from only certified organic hemp farms which are fully regulated and compliant with all necessary pesticide and mold regulations set in place by the state and national level.

Seabedee Vanilla

CBD Quality

Offering a low-quality CBD product is the worst thing a company can do for its image, which is why Seabedee invests heavily in ensuring that what you get is a top-of-the-line product that has been meticulously formulated and tested.

They Offer Both Full-Spectrum And CBD Enhanced Product Blends.

Seabedee knows what they’re doing, offering both full-spectrum high potency CBD oil and extract blends optimized for dealing with what ails you the most. But, the best part has to be the fact that they do not rely on THC for any of their end product’s potency.

For instance, the individual CBD blends consists of a CBD extract which is then fortified with their proprietary blend of terpenes to boost its specific problem-solving ability.

Industry Leading Standard Of Extraction

Seabedee uses the supercritical carbon dioxide extraction method (sometimes just referred to as CO2 extraction), which does not require a chemical solvent to successfully obtain the active constituents from the organic hemp. This extraction method also helps to remove the low amount of THC naturally contained in organic hemp, making any THC levels remaining so low that they are undetectable when tested independently by third-party labs.

Independent Third-Party Testing

Seabedee ensures that each batch of CBD oil is thoroughly tested by an independent laboratory, Juniper analytics LLC based in Oregon. They have the results of these lab tests publicly displayed on their website to give you confidence when purchasing a product.

Product Line

Arguably the thing that makes Seabedee stand out in the sea of CBD oils is the fact that they have offerings that are especially well-suited to dealing with common ailments that cause you to seek CBD’s help in the first place. The products they currently offer include:

Full-Spectrum 1500 Mg CBD Oil

The most popular product offering of the Seabedee product line, this is pure CBD oil which supplies 50mg per dose.

These come in smooth peppermint and vanilla flavors, which is a refreshing spin on typical “hemp” (grassy) flavored CBD oils.

A bottle containing 1500 mg of the oil is currently on sale, retailing for $115.

Recommended for: general daily use, works well to remedy minor pain and inflammation, nausea, occasional insomnia or anxiety.Enter your text here...

Seabedee Vanilla

400mg CBD Anxiety Blend

Supplies 13 mg of active CBD extract per dose, fortified with additional terpenes such as limonene and linalool that enhance the anti-anxiety actions of CBD.

This blend allows you to experience the entourage effect of CBD without needing THC.

A bottle which supplies 400mg (good for 30 doses) retails for $58 at Seabedee’s website.

Seabedee Anxiety Blend

Recommended for: people with a high stress burden, currently using anti-anxiety meds and looking to reduce dosage/come off of them completely. Also works excellently for helping to foster a positive mood and helping you unwind before bed.

400mg CBD Inflammation Blend

Seabedee’s 400mg CBD Inflammation Blend supplies 13 mg of CBD extract per dropper, and contains terpenes such as Beta Caryophyllene and A-Pinene which help to enhance the anti-inflammatory potential of CBD oil.

This proprietary blend allows you to experience synergistic effect (also known as the entourage effect), but without the psychoactive complement that is THC.

A bottle of 400mg CBD Inflammation Blend which is good for 30 doses and retails for $58 on the official Seabedee website.

Inflammation Blend

Recommended for: people dealing with minor chronic pain, arthritis, or athletes looking to alleviate the muscle pain that occurs in the days following intense exercise.

400mg CBD Sleep Blend

The unique 400mg CBD Sleep Blend by Seabedee delivers 13 mg of CBD extract per dose, in addition to the proprietary blend of terpenes such as Myrcene and Linalool that enhances its sleep promoting properties.

Having non-detectable levels of THC also mean that you will not have to deal with anxiety forming issues, so that you drift to sleep easily after hitting the hay.

A bottle that contain 30 doses currently retails for $58.

Seabedee Sleep Blend

Recommended for: if you are under high degree of stress, feeling anxious or grapple with insomnia and difficulty staying asleep as thoughts rushed to your brain endlessly at night. Also suitable for people that are dealing with minor chronic pain that prevents a restful night’s sleep.

Full Spectrum CBD Capsules

If you dislike consuming liquid CBD, Seabedee also offers CBD in capsule form, with each vegetarian friendly capsule delivering 25mg of full-spectrum CBD. Each bottle contains 30 capsules (for a total of 750 mg CBD), and retails for $65.

Recommended for: people with an intolerance to the taste of the oils (with or without flavors), or if you are looking for convenient and easy measurable quantities. 

Regarded as a jack of all trades CBD product, it is moderately effective at dealing with all common ailments including nausea, mild to moderate pain, sleeplessness, anxiety and inflammation.

Seabedee Supplement Capsul

Muscle And Joint Relief Cream

Seabedee also offers effective CBD topical products, in this case the Muscle And Joint Relief Cream, which was formulated in a proprietary blend along with several other ingredients such as menthol and essential oils to enhance its pain relief potential.

It also contains shea butter, almond oil and avocado oil to moisturize and nourish your skin while the active constituents bring about desired analgesia. Each jar of the Muscle And Joint Relief Cream contains 400mg CBD oil and retails for $48 on their website.

Seabedee Pain Relief Cream


Extra Strength Bundle

The extra strength bundle features the full spectrum CBD extracts in both oil and capsule form, allowing you to mix and match your correct dosage if you don’t have a preference for one dosage form.

You also save a tidy bit by purchasing this bundle, which retails for the discounted price of $155.

Extra Strength Bundle

The Inflammation Bundle

The Inflammation Bundle could be considered the biggest bargain on the entire Seabedee website, as you get a jar of The Muscle And Joint Relief Cream with a bottle of the Full Spectrum CBD Oil (1500mg). The value is absolutely massive as you effectively receive a free jar of the cream at a retail price of $95.

If you deal with chronic pain or are trying to manage post-workout soreness, snag this deal up ASAP.

Seabedee inflammation bundle

The Multi Relief Bundle

The multi relief bundle features Seabedee’s three flagship CBD blends, namely Anxiety, Inflammation and Sleep to help you get superior relief for what bothers you.

This bundle has the advantage of being superior to the CBD only oil in the sense that you are more likely to experience synergistic action, all while using lower amounts of actual CBD (you can thank those special terpenes).

The Multi Relief Bundle Retails for $145.

Multi Relief Bundle

Pros And Cons

In order to help you develop a fair picture in your mind about what Seabedee brings to the table, it is important to take an honest and impartial stance. We will now check out their strengths and weaknesses.


  • High Quality Products- each of Seabedee’s batch of products gets third party tested for quality prior to being available to your consumption. This ensures that the purity and potency of what you are getting is top-notch.
  • USA Sourced and Made- Seabedee ensures that their products are grown and sourced from organic hemp farms in Oregon that meets all industry specific standards. Approved hemp plants inherently have a naturally low THC content, which when extracted can be easily removed.
  • Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Extraction Method- yields full spectrum CBD oil without the need for toxic solvents or leaving an adverse environmental footprint. For reference, independent lab analysis for CBD content of their full spectrum (1500mg) CBD oil product yields more than 89% CBD.
  • Unique Angle- while any old CBD may work to help you address your anxiety, sleep or inflammation, Seabedee takes it to new heights by enhancing their CBD extract with beneficial terpenes. This way you don’t rely on THC for anything, and get excellent results.
  • Fast Shipping Guarantee- getting your orders within 1 and 3 days is extremely fast, and necessary when purchasing a CBD product. You want relief, and you want it yesterday. Oh, and did we mention that they offer it free? This is a massive plus Seabedee offers to its customers.
  • A Great Social Mission- Seabedee intends to leave a significant social impact, by pledging to donate a portion of proceeds to furthering cancer research. They also honor the armed forces by offering lifetime discounts to active duty and retired veterans.


  • Prices May Seem Expensive- at first glance offerings may seem a bit pricey, but keep in mind that their blends are quite different (and possibly superior) to plain CBD. The full-spectrum CBD oil sits on par to relative competitor prices.

My Recommendation:

Seabedee is set to become a real force in the CBD supplement space very soon, thanks to their focus on unique offerings and savings by offering you bundles. Their missions are commendable and ones I would be proud to support as well. They are a very young company, but have done many things the right way already- beating out some companies that have been around for years.

I highly recommend Seabedee based on their commitment to offering good products.

Seabedee Vanilla

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