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Premium CBD Products For Every Specific Need

SabaiDee Products Review

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The Good

  • Products have been third-party lab tested
  • USA grown organic hemp used
  • Industry-leading CO2 extraction method employed
  • Full-spectrum CBD extract used

The Bad

  • Limited product range
  • Individual products are expensive

Bottom Line

What I like about SabaiDee is how they have classified their products by need rather than by type. This makes it really easy to choose a product that will specifically help you. 

Stack that on top of premium quality CBD and you have one of the best CBD brands on the market right now. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

SabaiDee has been in business starting in late 2017, but have already exceeded what many other companies that have been in business longer have done, especially when it comes to leaving an indelible social footprint.

Led by Alon Shabo, the company has a great social mission of donating proceeds from each purchase to the planting of trees. One purchase equals one tree planted. The company actually has two headquarters, one in California, and the other in the United Kingdom.

CBD Quality

SabaiDee is committed to manufacturing top-of-the-line products to leave customers happy, and uses the following indicators of high CBD quality:

  • Third-party lab testing results on website – any CBD company that is serious about its longevity in business will take the time to invest in third party testing of products. This helps to ensure that what the company claims is true, and helps to cement the brand as being trustworthy.
  • CO2 extraction – by employing the CO2 extraction method, the oil extract obtained from hemp devoid of toxic chemicals, along with parts of the plant that are less than desirable, such as the chlorophyll. The full spectrum of beneficial cannabinoids and terpenes are still retained, making for a premium quality product.
  • USA grown organic hemp – SabaiDee website states that all of their hemp is grown in Colorado, using organic farming practices. They also state that the hemp is a special strain developed to contain naturally low levels of THC and higher amounts of CBD.
  • Full spectrum CBD extract - these extracts are considered the most potent of all CBD based extracts as you stand the best chance of experiencing the synergist entourage effect of cannabinoids.


Although the product range of SabaiDee is not exhaustive, looking at their catalog it does give a very premium feel. Their current line includes:

CBD Oil Tinctures

The most popular product offering of SabaiDee, all we can say about these tinctures is “Good Vibes”. Why? Because this is the basic nomenclature of all their tincture products. Confused? Don’t be. It’s simple:

They have Good Vibes which is an entry level product that comes in a strength of 250 mg full-spectrum CBD (peppermint flavor), super Good Vibes which is the 1000 mg strength product, and mega Good Vibes which is the highest potency 2500 mg CBD oil.

They also have pure Good Vibes, which is an unflavored version of their 1000 mg strength oil. Pretty cool naming if you ask me.

SabaiDee CBD Oil Tinctures

Depending on which one of these products you choose prices start at $48.95 and go up to $199.95 per individual bottle. Prices are reduced significantly if you purchase multiple bottles, and even further if you purchase their popular stacks.

Recommended for: promoting overall health and wellness, sleep, anxiety, and for managing pain and inflammation.

Relief Rub

This topical CBD product from SabaiDee comprises of a blend fusing essential oils with CBD to help deliver rapid pain relief when you need it most.

It contains Wintergreen oil and camphor which helps support the analgesic properties of CBD and also contain an ingredient known as blue tansy, which is related to chamomile and is known for its ability to help you relax and unwind.

Each jar of the relief rub delivers a total of 250 mg CBD, and retails for $49.

SabaiDee Relief Rub

Recommended for: arthritic pain, post workout muscle pain, and even for improving the health of your skin.

CBD Pet Products

Even though their overall product range is limited, they have not forgotten about your furry companion, man’s best friend.

They actually have two products available in the pet category, namely CBD chews and a combo pack consisting of the chews in conjunction with a dog CBD oil.

It’s available in bacon flavor, so you know your dog will absolutely love it (because who doesn’t love bacon?). The soft chews also contain beef liver, sweet potato and flaxseed oil to support overall health of your dog.

SabaiDee CBD Pet Product

Prices for a bag of the chews retail for $34.95 while a combo pack costs $49.95.

Recommended for: managing arthritic pain, anxiety, disorder, supporting digestive and immune health, enhancing lustrous skin and coat, even canine seizures.

My Recommendation

SabaiDee has done well in terms of investing to guarantee CBD quality is high, and intend on making their social footprint indelible. Their main drawback would have to be the fact that product offerings are limited, and appears to sell out fast.

That aside, we would suggest that if you try their products like it, to purchase in bulk quantities in order to reduce the cost per individual piece, which is relatively high. Overall, the company gets our recommendation.

SabaiDee Products Review

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