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Royalcbd Cbd Oil

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The Good

  • USA grown, organic hemp 
  • Full and broad-spectrum products
  • Reward system (although not clear what you get)
  • Free domestic shipping

The Bad

  • Results from independent lab findings need to be requested
  • Products are expensive
  • Limited product range

Bottom Line

We love Royal CBD for their high quality products & free shipping. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Royal CBD is a relatively new company to the CBD industry, but nevertheless present a very clean and easy to navigate website. Based in California, and led by founder Justin Hamilton, the company has at its core the well-being of its consumers, which is why they settled on the name brand name, because you are a Royal in their eyes.

CBD Quality

Royal CBD emphasizes that their products are top-quality, as multiple pages of the website gives testament to the processes used in the manufacture of their products. They manufacture top-quality CBD products by using the following:

  • CO2 extraction – the most popular method for extracting CBD oil from hemp, this method possesses the advantage of not using toxic substances. CO2 is a gas; carbon dioxide, found in the atmosphere all around us, we breathe it in all day long without ever realizing it.
  • Full-spectrum CBD extracts – Royal CBD is a big advocate of using full-spectrum hemp extracts, since they believe that the natural synergy possessed by the hemp plant should not be altered. You are also most likely to experience the beneficial entourage effect when using full-spectrum extracts that contain all naturally occurring cannabinoids, terpenes and other plant compounds.
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp used – Royal CBD makes the point of saying that hemp is a bio accumulator, which means that it basically draws everything found in the soil around it. For this reason, they explain that organic farming practices are important, since pesticides and other chemical additives would most definitely concentrate in the finished product. Organic plants are not exposed to such toxins, and being non-genetically modified, you can rest easy knowing that you’re not introducing harmful substances into your body.
  • Products are third-party tested – Royal CBD states that all products are independently third-party tested, but they do not make any of the results publicly available on their website. This is a mistake, as it might turn away consumers that are looking for that critical piece of information before purchasing.


At this time, the product range of Royal CBD is pretty limited. You can find the following being offered:

CBD Oils

Royal CBD full-spectrum CBD oil is their flagship product, being contained in a MCT oil base for enhanced sublingual absorption.

Available in strengths ranging from 250 mg and going up to 1000 mg, you have the choice of natural, mint or citrus flavors to choose from.

Prices start at $45.99 and go up to $129.99.

Royalcbd Cbd Oil

Recommended for: overall health and well-being, dealing with occasional insomnia, anxiety, or for managing mild to moderate pain or inflammatory conditions.

CBD Gummies

Royal CBD Gummies are actually THC free, and deliver 10 mg per individual serving. They can be purchased in bottles (30 count), or three bags that each contain 10 Gummies.

No mention is made about the actual flavor of the Gummies, but we assume they would be some sort of fruit flavor.

Royalcbd CBD Gummies

Regardless of which option you choose, 30 pieces cost $54.99.

CBD Softgels

If you prefer to consume your CBD in one fell swoop without having to deal with the taste whatsoever, the softgels might be the thing for you.

Each individual softgel supplies 25 mg full-spectrum CBD to help you meet your requirements fast. A bottle of 30 capsules retails for $84.99.

Royalcbd CBD Softgel

My Recommendation

Being a young company, Royal CBD does not have many product options, but judging from the ticker that pops up on the website every couple of seconds, it appears that their products sell extremely fast. I would like to think this is an indicator that they actually work, and that they are being sought after by new and repeat customers alike.

I would like to see them make the lab results from product testing publicly accessible on their website, as many customers will simply leave and go to another website if they don’t see it. I also hope to see them introduce new product offerings in the near future, since other companies of similar age sometimes have many times the amount of offerings they do.

All in all, I would go with my gut instinct on this one since they have done so many things right, and give them my blessings. They have done a good job in terms of transparency and brand image, and I look forward to greater things from them.

Royalcbd Cbd Oil

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.