RE Botanicals Review & Coupon Code 2020

RE Botanicals Review & Coupon Code 2020

Very high quality CBD however a limited product range

My Rating: 

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The Good

  • The first company to use USDA certified USA grown hemp
  • Free shipping on orders exceeding $50
  • Product quality verified by independent labs
  • Supports sustainable agricultural practices across the nation
  • Full-spectrum, organic, GMO-free

The Bad

  • Limited product range
  • Price for the body oil is expensive

Bottom Line

High quality CBD and industry-leading sourcing practices. RE Botanicals only has a limited line of products at this stage but will only grow from here. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

Use coupon code SAVE10 at checkout for 10% off your order.

About The Brand

While on the surface Re Botanicals might look like a newcomer to the CBD supplement industry, its founder John Roulac has far more experience dealing with sustainable agricultural practices and hemp cultivation than the total of many other brands put together.

Based in Colorado and launched in 2018, Re Botanicals has already made an impressive name for itself, taking great pride in manufacturing top-of-the-line products that conform to industry-specific standards. In fact, they were the first hemp CBD product brand to be officially certified by the USDA as being USA grown organic hemp.

The company also donates 1% of total sales towards supporting the practice of regenerative agriculture, as they firmly believe that healthy soils grow healthy plants.

CBD Quality

While the founder of Re Botanicals is a very trustworthy and authoritative figure in the field of hemp cultivation, the company still ensures that the quality of their CBD-based products are top-notch and stand up to external scrutiny. To ensure standards are kept high they utilize the following:

  • Alcohol extraction – while not as popular as supercritical CO2 extraction, by using this solvent (ethanol), you are virtually assured of obtaining a full-spectrum extract.
  • Every batch is third-party verified – by using the services of an independent lab and posting the results for the public to view on their website, you can be assured that the quality of the CBD product you are purchasing is excellent.
  • Organic MCT coconut oil used – this ensures the best absorption profile for CBD since they state that some competing products use substandard or cheaper oils and claim it is the same.
  • Products are packaged in a USDA NOP (national organic program) approved facility – this is the first for any CBD supplement company in the United States, and a step that ensures high-quality plants are used.
  • Sun grown, pesticide-free and non-GMO hemp plants – this guarantees that the likelihood of you experiencing adverse effects as a result of human intervention is extremely low.


Re Botanicals product line is not all-encompassing since their product line is still relatively limited. However, what you would be getting is some of the best quality products in the industry. The current range includes:

RE Botanicals CBD Oil Reviews

Re Botanicals tincture range of oils is very straightforward to understand, being available in basic unflavored and peppermint varieties. Each of these tinctures comes in a 30ml bottle, though assorted strengths are available.

Peppermint flavored CBD oil comes in 15mg and 25mg strengths, which may seem confusing initially until you understand that they have actually simplified it for you by telling you the amount of CBD contained per serving.

This translates to 450mg and 750mg per bottle, respectively. They retail for $49.99 or $79.99 on the Re Botanicals website.

RE Botanicals CBD Oil

The unflavored oils are available in 15mg, 25mg and 50mg strengths, which correspond to 450mg, 750mg and 1500mg total CBD per bottle, and retail for $49.99, $79.99 or $139.99.

Recommended for: people dealing with mild to moderate chronic pain, insomnia, anxiety or extreme stress.

Relief Body Oil

These are easy to apply topical oils with a unique roll-on applicator so that you never have to get your hands dirty if you don’t want to. Each 10mL bottle of the relief body oil contains a total 200mg CBD, and comes in one of three varieties:


Perfect for application after a long day thanks to its calming and sleep promoting properties

Relief Body Oil - Lavender


Peppermint infused CBD oil is extremely versatile and useful for managing pain, headaches, used for its invigorating properties or even to reduce sensitivity to seasonal allergens.

Relief Body Oil - Peppermint

Ginger Lime

Ginger lime can help to improve moods and energize you at the start of your day.

It is also worth mentioning that Ginger is an exceptional anti-inflammatory herb as well.

Relief Body Oil - Ginger lime

Each of these retails for $29.99.


Re Botanicals range of CBD capsules can best be described as the classic experience.

By this, we mean that it contains full-spectrum CBD and MCT oil alone, delivered in 15mg individual caps.

They come in three serving sizes, 15, 30 and 60 capsules and cost $19.99, $49.99 or $79.99.

Recommended for: people that dislike the earthy taste of the oils, but who are looking for relief from pain, anxiety or sleep disorders.

Classic Capsules

Tincture For Pets

These tincture oils are very similar to their flagship unflavored oils, except that the amount of CBD per serving has been reduced to 10mg per 1ml dropper.

This can be further modified as necessary based on your veterinarian’s recommendation.

Recommended for: PTSD (from fireworks, abuse), pain, or seizure disorders.

Tincture For Pets

My Recommendation

Without a doubt Re Botanicals scores extremely high when it comes to the quality of their products and overall transparency with practices. The company is led by a veteran in the industry who is an advocate for supplying high-quality products to consumers.

The only downside I would say is that their product range is pretty limited at this time, but, all things considered, the company is still relatively young and in all likelihood will introduce new products later on. I would say that in the case of this company, the quote “good things come to those who wait” is more applicable than ever.

RE Botanicals Coupon Code 

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.