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Specialist CBD Muscle Rub That Works

Quanta 150 Mg Cbd Muscle Rub

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The Good

  • Free shipping on orders over $75
  • THC free products
  • Discounts when buying in bulk

The Bad

  • Website lacks some important CBD quality indicators
  • Only one primary product type offered

Bottom Line

Quanta CBD are topical specialists. I have tried their muscle rub myself and found it worked really well for sore muscles after a workout. Highly recommend this brand if you are looking for a CBD salve. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Quanta CBD has been in the CBD business since their establishment in 2016, being led by CEO Eric Rice, and based out of California. And yet, even though the company has been around for a few years, they still fly under the radar quite a bit.

Quanta CBD prides itself as being more than just a mere company, since they emphasize that they would rather be associated with a feeling. That feeling you experience when your pain dissipates, helped in no small part by manufacturing products that contain all-natural ingredients.

CBD Quality

In terms of overall steps Quanta CBD takes to ensure that the CBD quality of their products is top notch, not much can be found on their website or other social media pages. Based on what we could find, they claim that their products take the following boxes:

  • THC free products – the absence of THC in CBD-based products is often desirable and necessary in order to make the products suitable for general consumption. However, in the case of Quanta CBD product line, their emphasis is solely on topical products that do not need to be ingested, so excluding THC may not have been in their best interest.
  • Polarized CBD – Quanta CBD also claims to use patented technology which is able to polarize CBD making its absorption into the body easier. Not much is actually known of this technique since it is patented by the company.
  • Organic hemp used – organic hemp plants offer a greater degree of security and less risk of unexpected side effects that might accompany genetically modified plants. The majority of hemp plants used in the CBD supplement industry is classified as organic.


Quanta CBD offers only one product type through their main website quantacbd.com, which are topical muscle rubs, though based on my investigation I also found that they have another website quantacbdvape.com that specializes in vape pens. The current products offered by the main website include:

Standard 150 Mg CBD Muscle Rub

A basic entry level muscle rub containing CBD and a host of supporting essential oils with analgesic action, this muscle rub is suitable for day-to-day management of minor aches and pains including post workout discomfort, or muscle and joint pains.

A single 1 ounce can of the standard muscle rub retails for $45.

Quanta 150 Mg Cbd Muscle Rub

CBD Muscle Rub Plus (Extra Strength Formulation)

According to the website, this is a higher potency version to the standard 150 mg CBD muscle rub product, although I was unsuccessful in finding out the exact amount of CBD contained in this formula.

Based on the fact that it is allegedly higher potency, it might offer a greater degree of relief from moderate pain. 

Customers have also reported relief from migraines when applied to the temples.

One can of the muscle rub plus retails for $60.

Quanta Cbd Muscle Rub Plus (Extra Strength)

Sensitive CBD Muscle Rub

You might be surprised to learn that quite a number of people are sensitive to the effects of menthol when applied to the skin, experiencing contact rashes or irritation.

This formulation is menthol free, and is promoted as a pre-workout muscle rub.

All in all, it can be used anytime and is likely to have an overall potency close to the original formula.

Sensitive Cbd Muscle Rub

My Recommendation

After analyzing the ingredient list available on their blog page, and listed on each product label, I have no doubt that Quanta CBD muscle rubs are effective in helping to relieve discomfort and mild to moderate pain. It is also nice that some of the ingredients lend themselves to enhancing skin quality in the process.

I, however, do not like the absence of several pieces of critical information from their website. They make no mention of the extraction process used for the oils, nor are lab tests furnished for any of the products. A little bit about where the hemp plants are sourced would be a nice touch as well.

After purchasing a product for the first time, if you like what you feel, I would highly advise that you purchase products in bulk subsequently in order to reduce the individual cost (which might seem a little on the higher side).

Overall, the company needs to work on these weak areas to make a run for the top spot in the industry, but knowing all that I do I wouldn’t be too scared of trying their muscle rub formulations since I’m very confident that it would offer you relief.

Quanta 150 Mg Cbd Muscle Rub

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.