Purity Petibles Review

Purity Petibles Review 2021

High Quality CBD for Your Pet

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The Good

  • Free domestic shipping (to the United States) on orders totaling $79 or more
  • Oil is made from USA grown, non-GMO, organic hemp only
  • COAs available for all batches of products they offer
  • Very affordable pricing
  • High-purity CBD oil used

The Bad

  • The extraction method is not clearly stated except for it being “state-of-the-art”
  • Limited flavor options
  • Full-spectrum or broad-spectrum? Absence of THC from products would make their offerings broad-spectrum and not full-spectrum as stated on the website

Bottom Line

This pet specific brand has a great product line and high quality CBD. You can trust their products for your pet. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

If you’ve been looking for the CBD PetSmart type store, you might have probably had a difficult time doing so before now. However, Purity Petibles is here to save the day, filling a void in the market with much-needed pet specific product offerings.

Founded by Carl Saling III, and based in California, the company has been in operation since early 2017 and have been received well by the many pet owners turning to CBD-based products to help manage various ailments that their loved companions may be suffering from. Having started from a place of love, with his pet having been diagnosed with fatty liver tumors that caused discomfort as his pet aged, you can rest assured that a true animal lover is at the helm of the company.

CBD Quality

Our pets deserve the same high-quality products you would expect to purchase yourself and is something Purity Petibles has at the forefront of their range of offerings. They demonstrate their commitment to offering high-quality products by ensuring their products meet the following criteria:

  • Full-spectrum oils used – full-spectrum CBD oil refers to extracts that contain all naturally occurring associated compounds that are present in addition to CBD. This includes several other phytocannabinoids, terpenes and other flavonols. Full-spectrum oils help the user experience the synergistic entourage effect, which is a net boost in the expected actions of the oil.
  • Non-GMO organic hemp – using only organic hemp ensures that there are no unexpected surprises (adverse effects) that come about from administering the oil to your pet. GMO plants may have many unpredictable outcomes not worth the small savings you might get.
  • Only USA grown hemp used – this ensures that the plants meet the requisite United States guidelines for farming, offering you greater peace of mind that you are getting high-quality products.
  • Independently lab tested – third-party verification of CBD oil’s potency offers a consumer making the purchase a greater sense of confidence that the manufacturer has not forged results to suggest their product is better than it is.
  • High potency CBD oil – Purity Petibles states that many competitors skimp on the amount of oil actually included in pet products, with the industry norm ranging from 17 to 40%. They also go on to state that their products come in at an average 80% purity ensuring that your pet gets maximal medicinal value from consuming products they manufacture.


Purity Petibles has taken the approach of mastering a limited number of product types overextending themselves too thin in an attempt to outmuscle the competition. This is a smart approach and one that serves them well as there aren’t too many specialist stores selling solely pet based CBD offerings. Their current range includes:

Full-Spectrum Tinctures

No product offering would be complete without the essential CBD oil tincture.

Purity Petibles CBD oil tincture is available in three bottle strengths, 300, 600 and 900mg, equating to 5,10 or 15mg CBD per mL dropper of the tincture.

Available in a natural flavor, you would be required to mix this into your pet’s food in order to get them to consume it (pets might not love the natural grassy flavor of hemp CBD oil).

A bottle of the tincture retails for $24, $42 or $57 depending on which strength you purchase.

Purity Petiblesfull Spectrum Hemp Oil Pet Cbd Tincture

Recommended for: anxiety, aggression, insomnia, PTSD, pain, and discomfort owing to advanced age, epilepsy management, stress or poor appetite.

Hemp Pet Treats

Does your pet love cheese? Then they will absolutely love Purity Petibles hemp pet chews, soft and PCR (phytocannabinoid rich) CBD oil that will help ease their discomfort or suffering.

Available in 30 count packets, these treats are excellent for dogs and cats. 

You can pick up a single pack, or a three or six-pack bundle. The retail price depending on which you choose ranges from $13.80 to $65.55 or $128.40 for the six-pack.

Purity Petiblesfull Hemp Pet Treats

CBD oil geek Pro Tip: the price for the single pack is currently massively discounted (almost 50% off). If you are a savvy consumer like I am, it currently makes more sense to simply purchase the single pack in multiples. However, this could simply be an oversight by the manufacturer, or owing to the fact that its expiry date is in the near future. It still remains a massive bargain though.

They also appear to have offered capsules, but these have either been discontinued or are currently out of stock.

My Recommendation

Purity Petibles has penetrated the CBD oil supplement market by catering to a typically underserved niche; pets. Many CBD supplement manufacturers do offer pet products, but it is refreshing to discover a company that makes the health and well-being of your pet their number one priority.

Their current product range may seem limited, but considering the fact that there aren’t many other offerings that a pet would need, it makes sense to not overextend themselves. I would not be surprised to see in the near future that they do formulate a topical product, but for the time being, they have done well.

If you have a pet that experiences or suffers from one of the ailments that CBD oil can help with, then I have no hesitation in recommending that you check out Purity Petibles to get a product that will offer relief to your lovable four-legged companion.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.