PureKana Reviews

Review Summary

Novel & Premium CBD Products 

The Good

  • Many novel formulations
  • USA grown and harvested organic hemp used
  • Full-spectrum CBD extracts are considered best in class
  • Free domestic shipping

The Bad

  • Lots of BBB complaints; most related to poor customer service
  • Website links to lab testing results are broken
  • Products are generally expensive

Bottom Line

A great choice for novel CBD offerings. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

PureKana is one of the most well-known CBD supplement companies in the industry, even though they may appear pretty young, having only been established in 2017. Based in Arizona, and led by Jeff Yauck (listed as one of the company’s co-founders, though information about the other party could not be found), the company has developed a fairly large following in a short period of time, indicating the fact that their products are likely very high quality.

CBD Quality

In order to compete as one of the big players in the CBD industry, a company needs to ensure that their quality game is spot on. PureKana does a decent job with their quality parameters, which meet the following desired attributes:

  • USA grown hemp- PureKana states that their hemp is grown and harvested in Kentucky, which is excellent owing to the fact that US grown plants guarantee a greater degree of quality and potency.
  • Non-GMO organic hemp-organically grown hemp plants are highly sought after owing to enhanced safety profile. Genetically modified hemp may cause unpredictable effects once consumed and is generally not worth the small savings you might accrue.
  • Full spectrum products- full spectrum CBD extracts are generally superior to isolate or broad spectrum products as the natural constituents work synergistically together to increase the likelihood of the entourage effects occurring. The THC levels still adhere to legal maximums of 0.3%.
  • CO2 oil extraction- the use of CO2 gas for extraction of oil from hemp plants is accepted to be the safest method in the industry, as it avoids the use of harmful chemicals or solvents that leave behind toxic byproducts of production.


PureKana has rapidly increased their product catalog to offer many interesting and essential formulations that consumers expect from a good CBD company. You can find the following for sale:

PureKana CBD Oils

Starting off their product roundup is the ever classic CBD oil, which is the most popular selling CBD product on the planet. Being a full spectrum oil, it is superior to extracts that are classified as isolate or broad spectrum, and may help users experience enhanced therapeutic benefit.

PureKana CBD oil is available in natural, mint and vanilla flavors, with strengths starting at the modest 300mg. they even have a version going up to a massive 5000mg, though it is only offered in the natural flavor.

Prices start from $54 and go way up to $390.

Recommended for: mild to moderate pain management, insomnia, anxiety, refractive seizure disorder and fostering a positive mood.

CBD Picks

CBD picks? In case you are wondering what these are, two words- CBD Toothpicks. Yes, we couldn’t make this stuff up. As the company claims, CBD picks are a smart invention, since many people already use toothpicks.

To effectively get the most out of these, however, you will need to spend an extended amount of time chewing on/sucking the picks. Each individual pick delivers a total of 25mg CBD, and are available in a variety of awesome flavors such as Cinnamint, Blue Raspberry, Orange Buzz and more that sure beat chewing on plain wood.

The pick is also enhanced with Spilanthes extract, otherwise known as being obtained from the “toothache plant”, which causes a transient numbing but is essential for increased salivation to promote absorption of the CBD released from the pick.

Sound like an ingenious invention if you ask me, especially if you already use toothpicks regularly.

A pack of 10 picks costs $29.

CBD Beverage Enhancer

This is a cool offering by PureKana, available in three varieties/flavor options. Namely, Energy (citrus), Lemon Lime (immunity) and Mixed Berry (sleep). Each individual squeeze of the bottle delivers approximately 8mg CBD, to power up your favorite beverage, hot or cold.

The only thing that seems a bit odd is actually the flavors. Imagine adding Lemon lime to your coffee. Would that make a tasty beverage? I’m not so sure. The enhanced terpene and extract formula is absolutely beneficial, however, so experiment and see if you like the flavor combos.

Each CBD beverage enhancer retails for $32.

CBD Capsules

Not everyone appreciates the natural grassy flavor underlying full-spectrum CBD oil (even if they are flavored), which is why CBD capsules are so good. Technically a soft gel and not a capsule, this dosage form is easy to swallow and delivers 25mg CBD per capsule.

Available in 30 count bottles, CBD capsules are also easier to consume on the go or if you despise measuring quantities. The retail price for one bottle of the CBD capsules is $83.

CBD Oral Spray

A CBD oral spray is not commonly offered by supplement manufacturers, but is one more should be looking into. The major selling point of Purekana’s spray has to be its ability to accurately deliver a pre-calibrated amount of CBD (2mg per spray), and its enhanced sublingual absorption.

If you need a large amount of CBD, then it might not work out financially, but if you just use a small amount its convenience is unmatched.

One bottle of the peppermint flavored CBD oral spray costs $39.99.

CBD Gummies

Gummies are hot sellers in the CBD space, and not meaning to be outdone, PureKana have made available vegan friendly CBD gummies. Supplying a massive 25mg CBD per delicious fruit flavored gummy, these gummies are perfect for travel or to just get a massively delicious dose of CBD.

A bottle of the CBD gummies contains 20 and retails for $40.

CBD Menthol Roll On

If you are looking for a fast acting CBD roll on gel to relieve pain and discomfort, this might be just what you need. Enhanced with menthol and several essential oils, this roll on CBD topical is ideal for athletes or if suffering from arthritis pain.

A 3oz bottle of the roll on costs $80.

Topical CBD Ointment

This is a little confusing product to me, since an ointment is an oil-based formulation, closely resembling the consistency of wax/petroleum, but from all appearances this is more likely to be a cream.

Enhanced with menthol for its cool refreshing feel and boost in pain relieving properties, it will also moisturize as it makes pain melt away.

A bottle of the ointment (cream?) retails for $80.

CBD Bath Bombs

Looking for some indulgence? Try an all-encompassing CBD bath bomb which can help relieve discomfort and help you unwind before bed. Feel free to soak in the indulgent CBD soak you’ve now made for up to 45 minutes, and feel great afterwards.

An individual bath bomb retails for $12.99.

CBD Vape Pens

Vaping is fast becoming an essential experience for anyone serious about CBD, as it is touted as one of the delivery methods that helps kick start a rapid onset of action and a greater magnitude of benefit.

PureKana have CBD vape pens available in delicious flavors such as watermelon mint, Blue Razz and Blood Orange, with each pen supplying over 200mg CBD.  Each vape pen is actually enhanced with a different terpene/ essential oil blend designed to boost your experience.

Each pen retails for $45.

CBD Pet Products

Chewable Hemp Treats

If you are looking for a way to support the health of your dog as they age, these CBD enhanced treats can offer help. Suitable for dogs of all sizes (available in small and large dog varieties, but can be adjusted as you need), and in tasty peanut butter/pumpkin, and blueberry/chicken flavors, you shouldn’t have a hard time giving your dog these.

Depending on if you opt for the small dog specific treats (1mg CBD per treat) or large breed product (2.5mg/treat), they cost $29.99 or $34.99 respectively.

Recommended for: dealing with separation anxiety, aches and pains attributed to arthritis, nausea and appetite modulation, enhancing the health of skin/coat.

My Recommendation

PureKana is a solid company in terms of the product range they offer, and I have no doubt that the quality of their formulations is also top notch. With that being said, they need to fix that broken lab results page that many new customers likely look for. Their negative customer reviews is also a little worrisome, especially since many customers opined that it was the BBB that ultimately intervened and helped them out.

Some products are priced very attractively, for instance, the bath bombs, which go for as much as $34 on some competitor websites. They do, however, fall into the same pattern they mention they try not to do- which is selling many overpriced products. Overall, I do trust the brand and wouldn’t hesitate buying from them, but they also need to address the deficiencies referenced.

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.