Pure Spectrum CBD Review

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High-Quality CBD Isolate & Great Customer Service

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The Good

  • THC free consumables
  • Lab Tested for Quality & Purity
  • Military and veteran discount available
  • Hemp is USA grown and harvested
  • Only organic plants used

The Bad

  • Very limited mention of extraction method used
  • Products may be a bit weaker than competition since most are not full-spectrum
  • Prices are on the higher side

Bottom Line

Pure Spectrum makes high quality CBD Isolate. They are a solid company with a real emphasis on customer service. I would recommend them without hesitation.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Pure spectrum CBD was established in 2015, with the ambitious goal of revolutionizing the phytocannabinoid industry. Their plan to go about doing this was by ensuring that their products adhered to higher manufacturing standards, so that what consumers get is the purest and highest quality formulations available on the market.

By exceeding the expectations of customers, the brand hope to improve their lives significantly, and position themselves as a market leader in the industry.

Led by founder Brady Bell, and originally based in Colorado, today the company has expanded to the state of California as well. Brady has close to a decade of experience in the industry, and started a company after he found that CBD worked better than conventional medication in dealing with his Tourette’s syndrome.

The company is also committed to furthering research for the disease chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), and has worked with a leading expert in the field to raise money and awareness for the disease.

CBD Quality

Pure spectrum CBD has done a good job when it comes to maintaining the quality of their product offerings, by taking advantage of the following:

USA grown hemp – hemp plants grown in the United States are subjected to more stringent quality standards than those which originate overseas. This includes ensuring that acceptable THC levels are found in finished products, and that the usage of toxic chemicals is minimized.

100% organic hemp – their hemp plants are grown outdoors and have not been genetically modified in any way or exposed to harmful chemicals. This results in a better experience for the consumer without the guesswork associated with genetically modified crops.

Products are third-party tested-this is to ensure that the purity and potency of finished products purchased by consumers are truly top notch. It is also important in the effort of company transparency to disclose and make available results of COAs on their website.

Broad and full-spectrum products – many of the product designed for consumption or introduction into the body are broad-spectrum, while a few of the topical offerings are full-spectrum. This ensures that psychoactive effects of THC are negligible at best, since the absorption of this cannabinoid via the skin is not significant.


Pure Spectrum has a decently sized product catalog which is enough that most people shopping the website will find what they are looking for. Their current line includes:

Hemp Oil Tinctures

Made of 100% organic broad-spectrum CBD oil, their tincture formulation is unique, containing whole plant CBD oil (minus THC), and further enhanced with organic CBD isolate. This means that the net amount of CBD is greater than you would expect.

It is also added to a coconut oil MCT base for improved absorption via the sublingual route.

Available in 250, 500, 1250 and 2500mg strengths with prices ranging from $54.88 up to $220.88 for the highest strength.

Recommended for: minor aches and pains, occasional sleeplessness, anxiety, stress, refractive seizures and improving mood.


Prefer to apply your CBD product topically for localized relief of discomfort? Then these topicals are what you need.

Pure Spectrum Invigorating Salve

Perfect for use during the daytime, Pure Spectrum invigorating CBD salve helps to invigorate sore muscles and joints so that your mobility is not impaired.

Using full-spectrum hemp oil, along with a blend of moisturizing oils and marjoram, blood orange and fir for analgesia, noting can slow you down after applying this.

A jar containing a total of 250mg CBD retails for $$48.88.

Pure Spectrum Relaxing Salve

Ideal for use at night, this relaxing CBD topical can help ease the discomfort which may be preventing you from getting restful sleep. The addition of essential oils such as lavender, oregano and clary Sage help calm your mind, and when combined with the pain relieving properties of CBD, sleep is definitely on the cards tonight.

A jar of Pure Spectrum relaxing salve also costs $48.88.

Pure Spectrum After WOD Balm

A high potency CBD balm, this was formulated specifically for high performance athletes who can’t afford to be slowed down waiting for recovery of sore muscles.

Application of this product enables you to perform at a high intensity every time, as it promotes rapid recovery and relief from discomfort.

Containing a massive 1000mg CBD per jar and enhanced with menthol, Rosemary, Lavender and hydrating oils, you will be well set to smash each and every WOD (workout of the day).

Pure Spectrum Lotions

The Pure Spectrum lotions are available in full-spectrum hemp oil and CBD isolate varieties, which are excellent for promoting recovery, localized pain relief and also improving the health of your skin.

The full-spectrum lotion may be better suited for its pain relieving properties, while CBD isolate form is preferred for application to the face, hands and neck for its anti-aging and hydrating properties.

A jar of either retails for $40.88

Pure Spectrum Vape Products

If you prefer to get your CBD via vaping, Pure Spectrum has several products for your liking.

They are broadly classified into two distinct vape lines, those that contain CBD isolate and naturally occurring terpenes, and the other that contains full-spectrum hemp oil.

The pure clear line vape cartridges each contains 250 mg CBD isolate and is ideal for people looking for the maximum amount of CBD per hit, while the honey oil vape cartridges contain a wider spectrum of cannabinoids.

Neither of the vape pen cartridges contain THC, PG or VG. They are also available in several flavor choices or natural, and can be purchased individually or in pairs.

The pure clear vape cartridges retail for $50.88 for one, or $86.88 for two, while the honey oil vape cartridges retail for $35.88 and $61.88 respectively.

CBD oil geek Pro Tip: take advantage of vape refills. Pure spectrum also has available 10 or 20 refill bottles, which equates to massive savings – sometimes as much as 60% off the cost of buying individually. We recommend purchasing a single cartridge, and choosing a refill bottle if you plan to use it regularly and watch the savings roll in.

CBD Isolate Powder

The purest product of the Pure Spectrum line, this contains over 99% CBD by weight. Highly sought-after by people looking for the purest CBD experience, it can be easily added to food or beverages of your choice since it is odorless and tasteless.

Available in quantities ranging from 1 g to a staggering 50 g, prices range from $30.88 up to $799.88 for the largest size.

Pure Spectrum Pet Products

Dogs and cats experience many different issues as part of the aging process- it is not uncommon for your companions to develop arthritis and more in their advanced age. These animals also possess an endocannabinoid system closely related to ours, and stand to benefit from the use of CBD products in much the same way. As a loving parent to your four-legged kids, we know you would do anything to ease their discomfort and suffering.

Relief is here in the form of Pure Spectrum EndoPet products.

Enriched CBD Oil Joint Support Chewable Tablets

Perfect for relieving joint pain and discomfort in your pet, this product helps to make movement less painful and supports the health of their joints.

These chewable tablets contain glucosamine, chondroitin, MSM and PCR hemp oil. The 60 count bottle retails for $58.88.

Hemp Tinctures

If you prefer to administer hemp oil to your pet, Pure Spectrum has made available three versions of the oil suitable for small, medium and large pets.

Contains PCR hemp oil in a MCT base for improved absorption, and retails for $28.88, $38.88 or $54.88 respectively.

Miscellaneous Products

Pure Pen Battery

Works with all vaping cartridges sold by Pure Spectrum and other 510 thread cartridges. Charger and carrying case included for discreet transport when you need it on the go.

The retail price for one of these battery kits is $15.

Pure Spectrum Blender Bottle

A must have shaker cup with blender ball for hitting the gym to get your protein and workout drinks easily mixed. Better yet, add the required amount of CBD oil to your post workout drink and kick start recovery from the get go.

One of Pure Spectrum’s Blender Bottles retails for an affordable $10.88.

Dad Hats

Made from eco-friendly hemp fiber and cotton, show your love for all things hemp and the Pure Spectrum brand with one of these collectibles.

Stock limited to 200 production run, be a part of history before its gone.

It costs $35.88 for one of the hats.

My Recommendation

Pure Spectrum CBD gives off an aura of professionalism, and looking at their product range and website, you can see that a lot of effort has gone into development of their range.

Their transparency is good as well, but would be even better if they briefly make mention of their extraction technique a little more. Product range is fairly balanced, even having products for your pet.

They genuinely appear to be a solid company with an emphasis on the customer, since the founder takes the time out to address customers that may be less than happy. Because of all these positive traits demonstrated by the company, I feel confident to say that choosing Pure Spectrum is an excellent step towards holistic health- I would recommend them without hesitation.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.