PuraHemp Review

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PuraHemp Review

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The Good

  • Third party lab results on website
  • Full-spectrum products offered
  • CO2 extracted products
  • Non-GMO, all natural products

The Bad

  • Exact source of hemp not disclosed
  • Very little is known about the people behind the brand

Bottom Line

High quality product, however would like to see more transparency around sourcing information.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Purahemp is a United States based company that has been in operations since 2018. The exact location of the company isn’t known, although a return address for products is listed as Miami.

The company prides itself in being an innovator for CBD based products, claiming to have the world’s first pharmaceutical grade nutraceutical product that contains CBD. PuraHemp also offers assistance programs for veterans, the disabled or people with low income that may need access to the healing effects of CBD the most, showing that they aren’t merely a company interested in getting your money.

CBD Quality

PuraHemp gives off a very premium grade vibe as a brand, and do a great job of walking the walk when it comes to their CBD quality indicators. They indicate the following on their website:

  • Products are full-spectrum – full spectrum CBD extracts are those that retain all the naturally occurring compounds found in hemp, including cannabinoids, terpenes and more that lend themselves to the user benefitting from the entourage effects of the extract. The entourage effect refers to an increase in potency best described as a 1+1=3 phenomenon.
  • CO2 extracted – CBD oils that have been extracted by the CO2 method are considered to offer a greater degree of safety since the use of toxic solvents is not utilized in the process. There is also no residual byproducts from the process so that consumers can rest easy knowing that their health promoting product does not put their wellbeing at risk.
  • Third party lab tested – PuraHemp proudly states on their website that all their product are independently tested and verified by non-affiliated labs to confirm that formulations are what they claim. This is a necessary evil for serious companies to undertake as it builds tremendous credibility and trust with prospective consumers.
  • Organic, non-GMO hemp – PuraHemp emphasizes on each product page that the hemp they use is all natural and not genetically modified in any way, which is great as it helps reduce the risk of adverse effects as a result of exposure to possibly harmful compounds. Genetically modified plants might be cheaper, but less is known about their long term health effects.


PuraHemp does not have the largest product catalog out there, but they have definitely carved out a unique spot in the CBD niche with some of their product offerings. You can find the following for sale on their website:

CBD Oil Drops

The ever classic CBD product, nothing beats the oil when it comes to simplicity and all around likeability. Of course, the taste of CBD oil isn’t for everyone, but if this is your first time trying out CBD, oils are a solid bet.

PuraHemp offers one standard CBD oil type product, being a full-spectrum extract in a MCT oil base. This helps to improve sublingual absorption prior to swallowing. It comes in a refreshing mint flavor and in strengths starting at 250 mg and going up to 1500 mg for people that may require more to meet their needs.

Prices start at $34.99 for the lowest strength and go up to $159.99 for the 1500 mg version.

Recommended for: dealing with mild to moderate pain, inflammation, occasional sleeplessness, loss of appetite, mood disorders, and for supporting immune system health.

CBD Capsules/ Nutraceuticals

While listed as separate categories on the PuraHemp website, we will attempt to tackle two things in one swoop because they are just so similar.

To clarify, “capsule” refers to the dosage form, or medium that the CBD comes in, while nutraceutical gives a nod to a product that is enhanced with nutrients in such a way to enhance its therapeutic properties.

In terms of their basic CBD capsules, PuraHemp offers a full-spectrum product available in two strengths; 300 mg and 750 mg per bottle, respectively (which works out to 10 mg or 25 mg per capsule), with each containing 30 capsules.

Retails prices for their standard CBD capsules are $49.99 and $95.99.

And this is where things get interesting- their nutraceutical capsules.

PuraCardio + CBD Capsules

Designed to support the health of your heart and cardiovascular system, this is no ordinary CBD capsule. It is enhanced with policosanol, a natural cholesterol lowering agent, along with resveratrol and curcumin (turmeric extract) to reduce inflammation and oxidative load. 

The formula is topped off with vitamin C   which together reduce the risk of clot formation, promote blood flow and decrease inflammation in the circulatory system that can contribute to heart attacks.

A bottle of the PuraCardio + CBD Capsules retails for $49.99.

PuraSlim + CBD Capsules

While a very exciting prospect as well, I think PuraHemp dropped the ball a bit by not detailing what exactly is contained in this formulation on its product page. It is nice to know that is will suppress your appetite and promote weight loss, but the ingredients list helps set a product apart.

Following the trend of other members of the nutraceutical range, a bottle contains 30 capsules (10 mg CBD per capsule) and also retails for $49.99.

PuraImmuno + CBD Capsules

As the name suggests, this product is designed to help support the function of your immune system; improving your resistance to illness and even reducing the effects of auto-immunity on the body. Containing the ever useful Vitamin C and a “PuraImmuno Blend”, a 30 count bottle retails for $49.99.

PuraTesto + CBD Capsules

A CBD based testosterone booster making use of the cannabinoid and a proprietary blend of testosterone boosting ingredients not disclosed on the website. Although the way it works could not be determines, it is very likely to help in some fashion, especially since CBD reduces stress levels (and cortisol), which tend to correlate to improved testosterone production.

The cost for a bottle of PuraTesto + CBD Capsules is $49.99.

PuraEnergy + CBD Capsules

A blend of CBD and natural energy boosters can be useful for helping you get through the toughest days, or used as a daily supplement, to get you moving in the mornings. The list of ingredients is not detailed, but it is a fair assumption that many energizing botanicals would find itself in the formulation.

The retail cost for one bottle of PuraEnergy + CBD Capsules is also $49.99.

PuraVita-C + CBD Capsules

Supposedly an advanced vitamin C and CBD formulation, the true purpose of this particular product isn’t understood, except that it could probably be an immune booster. However, owing to the utility of vitamin C, we wouldn’t be surprised if it was marketed as something else (anti-aging maybe?)

Pet CBD Oil Drops

A classic CBD oil product for your pet, it consists of full-spectrum extract in a natural flavored base. This makes it suitable for administration as-is, or blended with your pet’s favorite treat or food. It is appropriate for pets aged 6 months and up as indicated on the botte label.

A 250 mg bottle of the pet CBD oil drops retails for $34.99.

My Recommendation

PuraHemp gives off a very professional feel when browsing their website, and based on the appearance of their products they have done this well. This also perform strongly when it comes to ensuring that a high quality product is offered to consumers.

They, however, need to work on detailing product pages more thoroughly, especially the nutraceutical based line which left a bit of questions about what a customer would be getting. That, and mentioning exactly where the hemp is obtained are the only real deficiencies of the brand.

The nutraceutical line is very exciting, and with a little more detail into the products, could very well skyrocket to an extremely popular product range. Overall, great job PuraHemp- keep watching this space for newer developments.

PuraHemp Review

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