One of the latest innovations in the CBD industry is to isolate not just CBD, but also use a short path distillation process to isolate other highly valued cannabinoids and terpenes found in low THC hemp.  

This may prove especially useful as we learn more through scientific research about the treatment potential of specific ratios of these compounds when administered in precise ratios targeted to specific illnesses or symptoms.  

Although there is still much research to do, one CBD oil company that is making great progress with this extraction technique is Phyto Family.  

Note: Phyto Family is a solid brand but certainly not my favorite. To see my top brands right now, click here

About Phyto Family 

Phyto Family has been in operation since 2015 and has focused their efforts on using short path distillation techniques to produce truly artisanal, strain specific terpene profiles and cannabinoid isolates. Their focus is on the dab market, considered the delivery method of choice among the most experienced CBD users.  

They also offer some more traditional styles of hemp oil, including tinctures, topicals and capsules. I give them my highest overall rating for CBD companies, which if you are a regular reader of my blog you know is a rare occasion.  

Read on to learn about their unique product line, followed by an in-depth analysis of why I believe they deserve the highest rating for overall quality, accessible pricing, trustworthiness, and innovation in the CBD industry.  

Phyto Family Products

Phyto Family Dabs Review 

Whether you are looking for pure crystal or slab isolate to supplement your current dab products, or seek a full spectrum, terpene supplemented wax, crumble or slab, your going to want to check out the selection at Phyto Family.  

One of the most economical ways to enjoy CBD in the first place, the prices at PF are especially strong, particularly given their small batch processing and unique blends derived from strain specific extractions.  

Although the selection is ever rotating as they hone in on the best customer experiences, here are a just a few selections to give you an idea of the care going into these products: 

Ratios Crumble – Single Source – Full Spectrum – BaOX – This full-bodied crumble for dabbing has a sweet, fruity and creamy flavor that is a natural result of the terpene profile from the BaOX strain used in the development of this small batch processed crumble. They use an ethanol extraction to get the complete cannabinoid spectrum from the source strain, followed by chromatography to remove all of the THC from this product.  

Full Spectrum Wax – Spectrum – *EXTRA* – PhytoResin – This dab wax contains high levels of both CBD and CBG that are found in the source strain known as Spectrum. It is produced using a highly proprietary PhytoResin process that is still under development at Phyto Family.  

As you might expect, the small specialty batches are apt to sell out quickly, and this is particularly true for the dab products, so expect the availability of these products to change.  


Water soluble and available in a variety of fun flavors, the CBD syrups at Phyto Family include the same attention to small batch processing resulting in a full spectrum cannabinoid extraction with especially high levels of CBG.  

They are designed to add to drinks or shakes and are sweetened with 100% agave nectar rather than high fructose corn syrup. All of their syrups use natural flavorings.  

Flavors include Black Cherry, Green Apple, Strawberry, Tropical Pineapple, Blue Raspberry, and Galactic Grape. 

Vape Juice and Gear

This company offers a wide range of vape juices with different cannabinoid ratios and terpene profiles available. Several specialty strains, with or without terpenes, and flavors are on offer.  

You can also buy your vape gear at Phyto Family, which is especially handy for beginners. The prices are reasonable and the products are optimized to get the most out of their products in terms of vaping temperature and coil exposure.  

CBD Bath Bombs

Available in 5 fun aromas, the bath bombs are actually made in partnership with Kush Queen out of California. They each contain 25mg of CBD from an isolate and fully natural ingredients for a fun and relaxing CBD infused experience.  


Tattoo Aftercare Cream – This vegan friendly salve is designed to help skin heal with a nourishing blend of natural ingredients such as rosehip oil, sandalwood essential oil, shea and cocoa butters. Each ounce has 100mg of CBD from a distilled hemp oil made from their Colorado grown organic proprietary hemp strains.  

MeltNano Body Lotion – Made in partnership with Kush Queen, this is a very unique water-based formula in skin care. That means it won’t clog your pours or leave a greasy residue when you apply it for rapid absorption directly to the site of sore muscles. It is also 100% vegan.  


Transparent About Processing Techniques 

Phyto Family is so passionate about their distillation techniques that they offer a great deal of transparency to the point of being educational about the techniques themselves. While not everyone appreciates highly processed hemp oils, those that do will appreciate the effort they have made on this level.  

They also use some lower processed products using an ethanol extraction that preserves a full cannabinoid profile while also being ecofriendly.  

Strain Specific Terpene Lines 

Phyto Family works directly with their local farmers to produce terpene profiles that mirror the specially developed strains of hemp they are working with for a balance that replicates a natural terpene profile. They use single sourcing for strains such as Otto, Cherry #5, and Remedy for such terpene blends. It really raises the bar when you’re talking about artisanal hemp products.  

Recent Third-Party Testing  

Most of the product pages on their website include a recent third-party lab report from ProVerde Labs which includes a cannabinoid, terpene, pesticide and heavy metals analysis. Good show Phyto Family!  

Affordable Pricing 

When I first did the per mg calculations on their tincture lines, I thought the pricing was suspiciously low, however, I am satisfied that in this case the quality and purity of the Phyto Family product is there despite their economical pricing.  

Attention to High Quality Ingredients Across the Board 

One of the things I think is important to mention in this review is the overall top-notch ingredient list in all of the products at Phyto Family.  


Highly Processed 

The artisanal hemp oils made by Phyto Family are considered highly processed (with the exception of some of the ethanol processed products that are specially marked).  

Not everyone agrees that isolating terpenes and reintroducing them to cannabinoid isolates is as effective as other full spectrum oil production techniques such as food grade ethanol extraction in terms of the potential health benefits. To be fair, this remains an active controversy in the CBD industry, with experts in the field on both sides of the debate.  

Phyto Family Coupon Code 

Want to check out Phyto Family products for yourself? Be sure to use this coupon code to get a discount on your shopping cart. After you give them a try, be sure to return here and leave a comment about your experience to help readers of this blog know if it is a good choice for their needs.   

Phyto Family


This is a great brand. Up to date and easy to access third-party testing, transparency about sourcing and manufacturing, as well as very affordable pricing add up to a strong overall rating in this case.