Noble Hemp Review

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Premium CBD Products For Every Specific Need

Noble Hemp Review

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The Good

  • THC free products
  • USA grown, organic hemp used
  • Gold-standard CO2 extraction method employed
  • Product quality is verified by third party labs

The Bad

  • Products are expensive
  • No full spectrum offerings
  • Small product catalog

Bottom Line

Noble Hemp are a little known brand but they bring a high quality. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Noble Hemp has been in business since 2017, though overall not a lot is known about the brand. From what we could surmise, the company was originally based in Canada, which is also where the founder, Adam Kambeitz, is from.

The company now has a base of operations in Colorado as well, which was a necessary development since the lion’s share of their business originates in the country. They are also a member of the Hemp Industries Association, which is a testament to the company’s commitment to quality.

CBD Quality

Noble Hemp takes the quality of their products seriously, following several industry specific best practices to deliver premium grade products to consumers. These include:

  • Using CBD isolate – CBD concentrate (otherwise known as the isolate) is included in all of Noble Hemp’s products, and is best suited for use by people new to cannabinoids, or possessing intolerances to psychoactive constituents, such as THC. The tradeoff is the fact that such extracts may be less potent than full spectrum oils.
  • CO2 extracted oils – CO2 extraction is regarded as the gold standard of making high quality CBD oils, owing to its excellent margin of safety as no toxic products are used in the process. There is also no risk of toxic metabolites remaining after the extraction process, in contrast to other methods that may use hexane.
  • Third party lab tested products – all of Noble Hemp’s products are tested in house and sent to independent testing laboratories for quality verification. This is a necessary step for companies in the CBD space to take if they are serious about showing consumers that their word can be trusted. It may add some cost to the bottom line of the products, but should not be skimped upon.
  • USA grown, organic hemp used – all of Noble’s hemp is grown in Colorado, being monitored from seed to harvest. USA grown hemp is typically regulated more thoroughly than hemp originating elsewhere, and confers greater peace of mind. They also emphasize the fact that their hemp is organic; meaning no artificial growth agents or chemicals pesticides were used in raising the plants.


Noble Hemp has a decently sized product catalog, focusing on quality instead of quantity as is evidenced by their offerings. You can find the following on offer:

Hemp Oil Extract

Known as many things, but quite often as just CBD oil tinctures, Noble Hemp’s oil extract isn’t much different when it comes down to it. However, what you are getting is CBD isolate drops in a peppermint flavored base to make it more palatable going down.

Their hemp oil extract is currently available in three concentrations of 250 mg, 500 mg and 1500 mg. they retail for $39.95, $74.95 and $199.95 respectively.

Recommended for: a pure C BD experience without added cannabinoids or other naturally occurring plant compounds. Useful for relieving anxiety/stress, inducing sleep, managing pain and inflammation, and for maintaining overall health and wellbeing.

Hemp Extract Soft Gels

For many people, drinking CBD oil as-is can be a difficult task. In such cases, a better option would be to just pop a pill down the hatch and not having to worry about anything else. This is where Noble Hemp soft gel capsules come into play.

Supplying 25 mg CBD per capsule, a bottle of the CBD soft gels containing 30 capsules and retails for $79.95.

Hemp Travel Strips

If you’ve ever used Listerine breath strips before, then this in a nutshell is exactly the same kind of product. Available in packs of 10 strips, with each supplying 10 mg CBD, they also come in refreshing mint flavors.

A pack of the travel strips contains 10 individual pieces and retails for $19.99.

Recommended for: convenience on the go. Simply place one strip on the tongue for rapid dissolving and absorbing CBD. Perfect for discreetly getting your CBD dose in.

CBD Topicals

Noble Hemp offers two topical products for you to choose from:

Daily Relief Balm

Designed to be used to energize the body, this CBD balm is ideal for everyday use. Enhanced with the stimulating aroma of cinnamon and blood orange, and also containing classics such as aloe vera and cocoa butter to nourish your skin, you probably don’t even need a reason to use these.

A 2oz jar of the Relief balm contains a total of 500 mg CBD and retails for $59.99.

Recommended for: daily use to energize your senses and promote health, especially if you spend a fair share of time outdoors.

Natural Soothing Salve

As this name suggests, this CBD topical is ideal for helping to soothe aching muscle and joints, and may be particularly useful if you are a high performance athlete or someone that deals with pain and inflammation arising from arthritis or another condition.

The soothing salve is enhanced with peppermint, eucalyptus oil, and arnica for bolstered pain relief, as well as tea tree oil, vitamin E and coconut oil for soothing relief of itchy and inflammatory skin conditions.

This topical also comes in a 2oz jar size that contains 500 mg CBD, and retails for $59.99 as well.

Hemp CBD Pet Products

CBD pet products are a fast growing market, with products designed for dogs garnering the most interest. Noble Hemp offers the following pet products:

CBD Dog Treats

CBD products designed for dogs are sought after by owners throughout the world, as all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and can experience benefits like humans.

Noble Hemp’s CBD Dog Treats supply 5 mg CBD per chicken flavored treat, and are available in packets of 30 pieces. Treats are enhanced with a spectrum of beneficial nutrients to support overall health.

Each pack retails for $37.95.

Recommended for: relieving pain and inflammation in aging pets, anxiety, PTSD, enhancing shine and health of coat and skin, reducing aggressiveness, and managing difficult to treat seizure disorders.

My Recommendation

Noble Hemp comes across as a very professional company, based on the ease of navigating their website and clean product pages. The effort they put into each product is also highly evident, with the company being very committed to delivering a high quality end product to consumers.

Price wise, they are nowhere near to the cheapest. But it could very well be the cost you pay for quality. They do need to work on increasing product range, but the CBD strips are a very unique offering I had not encountered before.

A little “about us” page on the website would be a nice touch as well, but even so they still do an excellent job where it matters- producing high quality offerings. For this reason, I see no reason to not recommend them.

Noble Hemp Review

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