Myaderm Review

One of the fastest growing areas of the CBD oil industry is the topicals market. Designed to be used directly on the skin, these products offer localized relief for some people, without the harmful side effects of medicated creams that some experience.  

Myaderm offers topicals optimized to penetrate deeply into the skin with formulas the company claims can help customers with localized pain and inflammation. In addition, they offer a cream targeted to help customers with skin blemishes such as acne.  

About Myaderm

Myaderm was founded in 2016 and is based in Englewood, CO. Their focus is on pharmaceutical grade CBD creams, with formulas optimized for pain, pets, acne and nighttime relief.  

They use chromatography to produce a completely pure CBD isolate for their products. Compared to other similar products, their pricing is affordable and their quality indicators are strong.  

Below is a complete review of their product line, followed by my overall rating for this company.  

MyadermCBD Product

MyadermCBD Review

This is the mainstay of the Myaderm line. Each bottle includes 30 grams of lotion that includes a total of 700mg of pure CBD. The bottle has a convenient pump for accurate dosing of 7mg of CBD per pump.

The manufacturer promotes the product for temporary relief from joint, muscle and nerve pain without the side effects associated with oral pain medications or skin irritation that can sometimes occur with other creams. They also suggest the product is effective for reducing inflammation at the site of use. 

The ingredient list includes natural ingredients such as Aloe Barbadensis, Eucalyptus oil, Orange oil and primrose oil. The scent is delicate with a bright citrus and eucalyptus smell.

Myaderm CBD

Myaderm PRO

The ingredient list is similar to the regular MyadermCBD formula, however, this product is double the strength with 1400mg of pure CBD per bottle. The price per mg of CBD is slightly lower if you decide to go with this formula.  

Myaderm Pet

With a very simple formula, this pet safe product is safe even if ingested by your pet.

The manufacturer suggests that it may help with arthritic pain, inflammation and dermatitis. 

They also mention how CBD can be beneficial for pets with behavior and anxiety issues, although it is important to note that localized topical application of CBD is not going to enter the blood stream and is generally used only for localized relief. 

Myaderm Pet


Lavender and yuzu oils have been added to this formula for their relaxing scent.

It also includes other natural ingredients known to promote healthy skin such as olive oil and vitamin E.

The primary uses suggested by the manufacturer for this proprietary blend is overnight relief from pain and inflammation.  


Myaderm Blemish Control

The use of CBD oil in the control of acne has been confirmed by preliminary research. This formula by Myaderm is designed to both moisturize and reduce blemishes with natural ingredients that don’t have the harsh chemical side affects associated with prescription acne medications.  

Another plus of this cream is that it smells nice, unlike the chemical smell that many over the counter acne topicals tend to have. In addition to containing 10mg of CBD per pump, this formula includes aloe leaf juice, coconut oil, green tea leaf extract, pomegranate seed extract and other natural ingredients. 

Myaderm Rating

Overall Rating: 4 

Although they offer a limited line of CBD topical creams, Myaderm is a solid choice for those looking for a reliable concentrated CBD cream. Although there could be some more transparency in terms of including more information on hemp sourcing and staff, the overall quality signs are strong for this company.  

Pros and Cons


Excellent Price Point 

Given the quality of the product, Myaderm CBD creams are relatively inexpensive compared to other products in this class, however, not suspiciously so.  


Zero THC 

Because their formula uses pharmaceutical grade pure CBD isolate, there is zero THC in the products offered by Myaderm.  


Transparent Third-Party Testing 

Myaderm not only displays the most recent third-party testing of the finished products on their site, they also keep an archive of previous batches. Each product is traceable to a batch test which is really the ideal situation for CBD products.  


Full Ingredient Listing 

Some manufacturers make it hard to find information about the ingredients in their products before a purchase. Myaderm includes a full ingredient list on the product page so you know what you are getting before you spend your money. 


Company Information is Sparse 

While they do offer a staffed phone number and have corporate headquarters in Colorado, little other information about the company is available on the website. I think that CBD companies should be doing all they can to help the consumer establish trust given current market conditions. While not a huge red flag, I did demote my rating slightly to reflect the lack of information about the people behind the brand in this case.  


Sourcing and Extraction Techniques 

While the company does suggest they use chromatography to purify the CBD isolate they use in their products, and their test results show zero pesticides, they have not been clear about what primary extraction method they are using, nor are they transparent about their sourcing.  


Many informed consumers of CBD products want to know where the hemp in products is sourced from, with preference given to domestically grown organic hemp. In addition, some extraction techniques, such as CO2 extraction are more environmentally sound than others.  

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.