Medterra CBD Review

Medterra grows selectively bred industrial hemp in Kentucky and claims to manufacture there as well. They use organic and GMO free hemp as the source for their CBD isolate based products. This means they are not full spectrum. However, they do guarantee that their products do not contain any THC, a major plus for some consumers.  

This review will cover each of the products in their line, followed by an overall rating and review of the company. Is Medterra a trustworthy CBD company? Read on to find out! 


Medterra CBD Tinctures

Available in 500mg, 1,000mg and 3,000 mg bottles, the CBD tincture from Medterra uses their 99+% pure CBD isolate in an MCT coconut oil carrier.

It is designed for sublingual use (under the tongue) but can also be added to food or beverages.  

Because their products are based on a CBD isolate, not a full spectrum extraction, Medterra guarantees their product contains zero THC, which is helpful for those concerned about passing a drug test for work.

Of course, it is also compliant and legal for sale in all 50 states.   

Medterra CBD Tinctures

Medterra CBD Capsules

Medterra offers THC free CBD capsules in 25mg or 50mg strengths.

One of the benefits of taking CBD in this form is that you get precise and consistent dosing, with the most convenient administration: swallowing a pill.  

It can take a little longer to feel the effects when you take a CBD supplement orally verses using the tinctures under the tongue, so this may be the deciding factor if you are trying to choose which would be better for your needs.  

Medterra CBD Capsules

Sleep Formula Capsules

Many people use melatonin supplements in order to get better sleep naturally.

This formula combines 10mg of melatonin with 25mg of CBD for a supplement that the manufacturer has targeted for their customers struggling to get consistent high-quality sleep.  

Medterra Sleep Formula Capsules

Medterra CBD Pain Cream

The pain cream available at Medterra is designed to have a cooling effect with the addition of ingredients such as arnica and menthol.

There are also some synthetic ingredients in the formulas so this may not be the best choice for those looking for all natural creams.  

The pain cream is available in two sizes, 250mg and 750mg.

Interestingly, the ingredients are different in the different sizes, so be sure to check that before you decide on which size will work for you.  

Medterra CBD Pain Cream

MED99+ CBD Isolate

The base ingredient used in the products at Medterra is their crystalline isolate, also available on their site for a separate purchase. You can use the isolate to add CBD to the products you are already using, such as vape oil, lotions, or food and drinks.  

You will need a scale to really get the kind of precise dosing you need when using this product as a supplement, so it may not be the best option for most customers. 

Overall rating: 3.5 

There are some great indicators of quality with Medterra, but also a few red flags worth paying attention to that cast a bit of a shadow on this company. Below you will find my analysis with a point by point review of the best and worst features I found.  

Pros and Cons


Affordable Pricing 

The price is right over at Medterra. Although sometimes lower pricing can be an indication of lower quality products, I don’t think that is the case with this company. For a budget friendly CBD isolate based product, this may be worth a try.  

THC Free 

Although some people prefer a full spectrum CBD oil, such oils can contain trace amounts of THC, potentially triggering a positive result on a drug test for marijuana. Medterra is devoted to producing a THC free product.  

Domestically Grown and Manufactured 

Grown and manufactured in Kentucky.  


Seed to Bottle 

One of the things that the leaders in the industry are doing is to selectively breed strains of hemp that have high levels of CBD. Medterra is involved in all aspects of their product, including working with farmers to develop the best strains for a superior finished product.  


100% Organic, Non-GMO 

Medterra is working with local Kentucky farmers and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture’s Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program to ensure a quality, food grade, organic product to use as the base for their pure CBD isolate.  


CO2 Extraction 

Considered the cleanest way to make an isolate, this extraction method does not introduce any nasty solvents to the manufacturing process.  


Third Party Lab Testing 

One of the biggest things a CBD oil manufacturer can do to instill consumer confidence in their product is to be very transparent with third party lab tests. I viewed their website on 7/8/2018 and found recent lab reports for their CBD isolate that is used in all of their products that was done on 4/6/2018.  

The report showed excellent purity with a heavy metal, volatile organic compound and microbial analysis. It did, however, lack a pesticide analysis. Since this is marketed as 100% organic, it would be nice to see that validated with up to date third party testing.  


Fast Shipping, 30 Day Money Back Guarantee 

Medterra is committed to providing strong customer service through their customer support phone number to their return policy and fast shipping.  


Company Information 

Although the company has been transparent with the most important things, such as their third party lab testing, there is a lack of information about the company and the founding team. This might seem like a small matter, but I think it is important for CBD companies to put a face behind their product and let their consumers know a little more about their company culture and history.  


Questionable Customer Reviews 

As part of my ongoing research of CBD companies…I read a lot of customer reviews. I find the reviews on the site a little bit questionable for a few reasons.  


First, they are over-the-top in many cases, with similar language in the titles and reviews themselves.  


Second, they are very targeted to a wide range of very specific and in some cases very severe medical conditions. A few examples (accessed on 7/8/2018) include “rare brain disease,” and “Severe Degenerative Disk Disease.” Stuffing reviews is a way for companies to imply their product cures diseases, without violating FDA rules that prohibit such. Although I can’t prove the reviews are fake, read them for yourself and make your own judgement call here.  


I think when manufacturers go out of their way to use reviews as an excuse to imply their product cures serious diseases, it damages the overall reputation of CBD oil. It’s troubling to see the hype. I did lower the rating of this company to reflect that.  


Conflicting Address Information 

One of the big selling points of this company is that it is domestically grown and manufactured. The company claims to be a Kentucky based company. However, it has no physical address in Kentucky listed on the website. Instead there is one address in California, and another in England.  

Medterra Coupon Code

If you decide that shopping at Medterra is right for you, click on this coupon code for a 10% discount on your first order. Come back and leave a comment for our readers to let us know about your experience! 

However, if quality is your first priority, you may decide to pay a little more and go with a company with a stronger profile for quality.  

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.