McHudson Farms CBD Review

Relatively new on the scene, McHudson Farms claims to use a CO2 extraction for a full spectrum CBD supplement capsule that is available to customers via a monthly subscription plan, at a very reasonable cost.

However, this is one of those “buyer beware” reviews that I just hate to do.

The truth is…this is not one of the CBS oil shops I would recommend to a friend. After doing the research, there are several red flags going on with this company that I want my readers to know about. Read on to find out more.


McHudson Farms CBD Capsules

Dosed in 10mg capsules, 30 per bottle, this is a single product line of CBD extract.

The website claims the CBD oil is extracted with a CO2 process and includes a full spectrum of cannabinoids, however, as you will see below, there is some reason to be suspicious of this claim.

This is a bargain driven product for folks that want cheap CBD oil extract at a very reasonable price tag. 

McHudson Farms CBD Capsules

It might be worth a try if you are on a tight budget, but you may be disappointed with the quality.

McHudson Farms Reviews

Overall Rating: 1 Star

There are a few good things about this brand, including an excellent price point and a money back guarantee. However, there are enough problems going on with this brand to warrant some serious concerns: conflicting information on the website (accessed 6/28), a lab report showing lead and pesticides, and an auto-renewal subscription plan, to name a few.

Pros and Cons


Great Price

Since they are focused on a single product that requires minimal processing, McHudson offers a really nice price if you are looking for a capsule form of CBD. The price is low enough that for some, it might be worth checking out.

CO2 Processing and Cold Pressed

Considered by many to be the gold standard in CBD oil processing, this technique does not use any solvents or petroleum-based chemicals to extract the vital CBD from industrial hemp. The manufacturer claims to use this method for extraction.

30 Day Full Satisfaction Guarantee

Or is it 90? Depends where you look on the website. Still, if you want to roll the dice and give this budget friendly option a try, it looks like you will be able to return it if you are not happy with the product.


Out of Date Third Party Testing Certificate

Although they have had their product tested by a third-party lab and posted the report on their website, as of this research (6/29/18) the most recent report they have was performed April of 2017. It is great to see that they are trying to be transparent, but I would like to see the testing from a more recent batch.

Full Spectrum? Not according to their own published lab report.

Although the company claims to be producing full spectrum CBD oil, the lab report from the 4/15/2018 test on their site is not consistent with that. It is 99.7% CBD and .20% CBDV, with 0% of any other cannabidiol. Although I guess you can say it is not a complete CBD isolate, it sure doesn’t look “full spectrum” to me!

Lead and Pesticides

Their published lab report includes a chemical analysis which shows 45ppb lead and trace amounts of several pesticide residues, despite claiming their product is made from organic hemp.

Conflicting Sourcing Information

As of 6/28/2018 when I accessed their site, there was conflicting information on the homepage about where they source their hemp from. In one place it said Colorado, in the other it said Denmark. Sketchy indeed.

Lack of Information About the Company

These days, consumers expect to see behind the curtain a bit, especially with CBD companies. Although they do have a customer phone number on their contact page, there is little else to know about this company from the website. There is not even a physical address on the website…seriously?


I am not a big fan of auto-ship policies on CBD sites, mainly because they have been the scam of choice in some highly publicized CBD scams. That being said, this does not mean McHudson Farms is a scam…it is just one more sketchy indicator adding up in the “Con” column.

McHudson Farms Coupon Code

I could not find a coupon code and honestly, I don’t recommend buying this product anyway.

If you are looking for a brand with a better reputation and very strong quality indicators, I highly recommend CBD Pure. I wrote a full review of them over here.

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.