Lone Star Green CBD Review

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High Quality CBD But With a Limited Product Range

Lone Star Green

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The Good

  • Reasonably priced products
  • Varied spectrum extracts
  • Gift cards offered for sale

The Bad

  • Lab results/source of hemp not stated
  • Limited product range

Bottom Line

Lone Star Green have a limited product range, however they are just getting their start and seem to use decent quality CBD. Watch this space.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Lone Star Green CBD is a newcomer to the CBD industry, having been established in late 2018, and currently based in Colorado. Led by CEO Kannon Callis, the name of the company is a reflection of the likely home state of the founder; the Lone Star State, Texas.

Being a young company, their presence is not extremely well known, although a quick browse through their social media pages would indicate that they are up-and-coming.
The company focuses on both sales to consumers and businesses, a unique mix in an industry that focuses primarily on retail sales.

CBD Quality

Owing to the fact that the company is still pretty young in the grander scheme of things, there wasn’t a lot of readily available or well put together information about overall CBD quality. However, based on investigations we were able to determine the following:

  • Varied spectrum oils – product pages indicate that full-spectrum products are used in the tinctures, bath bombs make use of CBD isolate, while the topical salve uses broad-spectrum extracts.
  • Organic CBD – the website claims that they use organic CBD and all their products, which is indicative of the use of organic hemp.


Currently, Lone Star Green CBD has on offer three products, namely:

CBD Tinctures

Lone Star Green CBD currently has one full-spectrum tincture product available for sale on their website, in a peppermint flavor and single 500 mg strength.

The retail price for one of these bottles is currently $34.95.

Recommended for: generalized usage for overall health, including management of mild to moderate pain, supporting the immune system, improving sleep and mood, and helping to modulate anxiety.

Lone Star Green Peppermint Tincture Oil

CBD Bath Bombs

These colored bath bombs offered by Lone Star Green CBD seem like they would make for a fun time, supplying either 25 or 50 mg CBD isolate when used. Perfect for soaking to relieve pain, or for relieving stress and anxiety after a tough day.

Alternatively, you can occasionally use one of these to bolster the health of your skin. An individual bath bomb retails for $10.

Lone Star Green CBD Bath Bombs

CBD Topical Salve

If you are looking for rapid and targeted pain relief, then Lone Star Green CBD topical salve is exactly what you need. Containing broad-spectrum CBD extract along with supporting terpenes, you can expect to start feeling relief in as little as 20 minutes after application.

Enhanced with blood orange and cocoa butter, this salve will also improve the health of your skin if applied regularly.

A 2 ounce sized jar of the salve delivers a total of 550 mg CBD and retails for $39.95.

Lone Star Green Topical Salve

CBD oil geek Pro Tip – Lone Star Green CBD appears to offer quite a lot of inconspicuous discounts. Many of their products are already steeply discounted from the get-go, but if you read the entire product page, there is a little bit that a bottom that indicates you get one free if you purchase three of the same item (most products).

My Recommendation

Lone Star Green CBD is undoubtedly a very young company. They do have a lot of potential based on feedback found on their public social media pages, but they also have a massive amount of work to do.

Their website states that the product labels include lab test results, but after checking those out I can only assume that one would need to scan a supplied QR code to view them. It would be much better to simply post them on the website for potential customers to see.

They also need to work a bit on brand presence and transparency, such as sharing a bit about the company and processes in the manufacturer of the products.

If you are a true CBD enthusiast and love to see young businesses thrive, then head over and check out what they currently have on offer – I’m sure greater things are yet to come.

Lone Star Green

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.