Kat’s Naturals CBD Review

In the stiff world of competition in the CBD oil industry, there are two ways to stand out. One is excellent quality craftsmanship with transparent sourcing, manufacturing, and third-party testing to prove the quality of your wares.  

The second is to hire an excellent marketing team and craft a brand image that is glossy enough to look like an amazing product….and hopefully…customers won’t hang around long enough to do their research.  


After all, who really has the time? Well I do. That is why I created this site – to help CBD consumers find products they can trust to give them contaminant free, high quality CBD products.  


About Kat’s Naturals CBD 


Kat’s Naturals CBD is a company offering specific concoctions of CBD isolate infused hempseed oil mixed with other essential oils to target specific customer ailments including weight loss, sleep, and overall healing.  


While an excellent effort in terms of branding, there are some problems with a lack of transparency, among other issues, that I think warrant a low overall rating for the trustworthiness of this outfit.  


First, let’s take a brief look at the product line, followed by an in-depth analysis of some chief indicators, or lack thereof, of a high-quality product.   


Kat’s Naturals CBD Product Reviews 


CBD Tinctures Review 


Kat’s Naturals mainstay are their tinctures, cleverly named and targeted to specific conditions. They are actually a hempseed oil carrier boosted with CBD isolate made from a critical CO2 extraction. The company promises there is no THC in their product, while also claiming full spectrum since their hempseed carrier oil carries trace amounts of a few other cannabinoids.  


What makes each formula different? Each of the different lines includes a different mix of essential oils: 


Heal: Peppermint 

Balance: Peppermint, MCT coconut oil 

Relax: Hops, Wild Orange 

Metabolize: Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint, Ginger, Cinnamon 

Pet Care: Chamomile and Lavender  

Naked: Their pure line with just hempseed oil carrier boosted with CO2 Extracted CBD Isolate 


CBD Topicals Review 


There are three products to choose from in the skin care line. The pricing is pretty typical for similar ingredients from the competition, but the additional ingredient lists are strong, and these products do have a wonderful smell thanks to the addition of essential oils.  


CBD Deep Pain Relief Cream – With 350mg per ounce of cream, this is a relatively high dose topical for those looking for a product to provide local relief from minor aches and pains. It includes other ingredients commonly used in all-natural topical pain formulas including arnica oil. In addition, lavender, lemongrass and frankincense make this cream smell quite good.  


CBD Capsaicin Cream – This is a slightly warming cream that the manufacturer claims has anti-inflammatory properties. Capsaicin infused olive oil provides the base along with other ingredients such as Emu oil, Almond butter and the heating elements of black pepper, ginger, juniper and rosemary essential oils.  


Skin Serum – Available in a tincture for direct application using what the manufacturer claims are the anti-aging and anti-drying properties of rosehip seed, carrot seed oil and grapeseed oil among others.  


CBD Vape Review 


Kat’s Naturals offers an unflavored vape oil with a 300mg per ounce potency along with some basic gear. The PG/VG balance of the vaping liquid is not listed. There are currently no flavor options to choose from besides plain.  


CBD Edibles Review 


Kat’s Naturals offers “Decarboxylated Hemp Flower” which is the flower of industrial hemp plants. For those looking for a whole food option, this is one of the places where you can find it. However, note that it is not marked as organic, nor is the country of origin listed, both potentially problematic low quality indicators. Available in 1 oz (100mg) or 8 oz (800 mg) bags.  


Kat’s Natural CBD Review 


Overall Rating: 2 


In terms of pricing and creating lines with natural ingredients such as essential oils, Kat’s Naturals scores well. However, there are just too many red flags going on with this company for me to give it anything but a pretty low rating. Let’s take a look in closer detail: 




If you calculate the price on a per mg basis, the overall price for the products at Kat’s Naturals CBD are on the lower end of the scale, making them accessible for those shopping on a budget.  


Critical CO2 Extraction 

On the ingredient list for the products, the CBD isolate used in their products appears is listed as extracted using Critical CO2 extraction, generally considered a clean way to produce a pure CBD isolate.  


Hempseed Oil Carrier 

It is nice to see a manufacturer using organic hempseed oil as a carrier oil. Although it does not add much in the way of CBD to the product, hempseed oil is rich in Omega 3&6 fatty acids. To learn more about the difference between Hemp oil and hempseed oil, check out my tutorial here.  


Focus on Natural Ingredients 

The other ingredients used in their formulas include a host of essential oils and natural additives that do show attention to demands from many CBD users for natural ingredients.  




Who is Behind this Brand? 

While this company does an excellent job with branding, there is almost no information available on the website about the company itself, a pretty significant red flag. Does Kat even exist? Seems doubtful.  


Where is Kat’s Naturals? 

Although they do list a PO Box in Tennessee, they also list a physical address in the UK under their customer service page.  


Spotty Third-Party Testing Information 

Kat’s Naturals alludes to third party testing, but there has not been a consistent effort to make recent tests available on the website, and what is there has some problems.  


I accessed the site on 7/4/2018 and I was able to find a lab report for their “most popular product”: Heal. First, the report dates back to 10/18/2017, which is pretty outdated relative to the date of access.  


Second, the lab report says it is for hemp oil, but it contains only 5.82% CBD, which is very low. To be fair, this is likely the hempseed oil that Kat’s uses as a carrier oil, which we would expect to be much lower in CBD concentration than a true hemp oil. In addition, if this is where the “full spectrum” component is coming from, it is not very full spectrum, containing only the addition of .01% of CBDV and CBDA according to the third-party testing.  


Third, there were no pesticide, heavy metal, terpenes, or microbial analysis of the product offered.  

Fourth, Kat’s Naturals claims to use Pure CBD Isolate to boost their products. However, I could not find any lab reports on their isolates to take a look at recent findings on what amounts to the primary active ingredient in this line of products. Since it seems to be in just about every product they offer, there needs to be a clear, up-to-date and easy to find lab report on their isolate.  



So, the website claims that it’s hempseed oil is sourced from organic hemp. That is their carrier oil and note that it is hempseed oil, not hemp oil.  


The source of the hemp they use to make their CBD isolate has no specifics listed as to it’s origin, either in terms of country of origin, or even if it is organic. As stated elsewhere, no lab reports on the isolate could be found to verify whether or not the product is clear of contaminants such as pesticide, heavy metal, or fossil fuel residues.  


Over-the-Top Medical Claims 

I have come to be wary of any product claiming to be a cure all for every disease under the sun. In fact, the FDA appears to agree that it is dangerous to promise relief for specific diseases. 


For example, Kat’s Naturals says their product Heal “will provide immediate help to even the most serious medical conditions” and their product Metabolize will “a few drops will rocket your metabolism to the next level.”  


Subscription Services 

While it is not always a sign of a scam, subscription services in the CBD industry have come under the limelight as one way in which manufacturers are using high pressure tactics to keep customers coming. I am not a fan.  


Kat’s Naturals Coupon Code 


Of all of the products offered by Kat’s Natural, I think the skin care line, full of lots of additional high quality ingredients shows the most long term potential for returning customers. If you want to check them out, here is a coupon code for Kat’s Naturals CBD.  


If you are looking for a high quality full spectrum CBD oil, I don’t think there is much reason to think this line of products has what you need. For a few much more reliable manufacturers in the full spectrum vein, check out these reviews:  


Highland Pharms 

4 Corners CBD 

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.