CBD Oil Kansas

CBD Oil in Kansas

The 2018 Senate Bill 263 legalized the usage of CBD oil products in Kansas by forming the Alternative Crop Research Act, which allowed the cultivation of industrial hemp in accordance with the Federal law. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Kansas

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Frankly, Kansas is not among the biggest CBD markets in the country. Although, brick and mortar shops are popping up in Kansas City and Wichita, buying CBD products online is more conveniently feasible across the state. You can visit Valentine Eclectic (Wichita, KS) and Gifts & Decor (Olathe, KS) if you live close to these cities.  

U.S. Hemp History  

In the early 1900s, hemp was actively grown across the U.S. until the 1937 Marihuana Tax Act passed by Congress outlawed marijuana. Although the bill was not explicitly aimed at industrial hemp production, legal constraints imposed by the Act effectively culled a once thriving industry. 

The hemp made a brief reappearance in 1942 when the U.S. government encouraged farmers to cultivate it for the war effort. Therefore, motivated by Hemp for Victory – a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) film – American farmers grew thousands of acres of industrial hemp for wartime needs. Nonetheless, the conclusion of World War II also ceased government’s allowance of industrial hemp cultivation, and by 1957, a total ban on its production reasserted itself.  


Chem Beyond Diesel CBD – A Cannabidiol-Rich Strain 

A European Diesel ancestor and Chemdawg are blended by Sweet Seeds to create Chem Beyond Diesel CBDThis CBD-rich strain with a solid 1:1 CBD to THC ratio takes about 8 weeks to flower. It’s known to yield an abundant amount of resin, which makes it ultra-feasible for extraction.  The grown strain offers a woody aroma with a tinge of pepper, lemon, and spices.  


CBD Blue Shark – An Equal Ratio Strain 

CBD Blue Shark is a genetic cross of Blue Cheese and CBD Shark by Barney’s Farm with a flavorful 1:1 ratio of CBD to THC. The blend combines to render consumers 6.5% of CBD and THC contents, which assists in reducing inflammation while alleviating stress and improving mood. The strain is an intricate floral bouquet and takes about 9 weeks to flower. It contains within itself hints of berry, jasmine, and cheese, making it a distinctive flavor palate.  


CBD Oil Laws in Kansas 

The 2018 SB-263 enacted the Alternative Crop Research Act, thereby allowing the Kansas Department of Agriculture to grow industrial hemp inline with the Federal law. Specifically, the bill mandates the KDA to initiate a pilot research program in Russell County, and other chosen counties, for the intended purpose of market analysis, economic development, and manufacturing of industrial hemp products. 


Medicinal CBD in Kansas

Earlier in 2018, Governor Colyer approved Senate Bill 282, thereby legalizing the possession and commercial trade of medicinal-CBD products containing 0% THC. The law also amended the definition of marijuana to exempt cannabidiol (CBD). It’s critical to mention that SB-282 is the first Kansas legislation to legalize any product extracted from cannabis since The Sunflower State banned it in 1927.  

Moreover, state residents do not have to be a part of a registry program or be diagnosed with a debilitating medical condition to lawfully purchase or consume CBD products.  


Recreational Marijuana in Kansas

You cannot lit a blunt in Kansas and possessing weed is a Class B misdemeanor, which can imprison you for 6 months alongside a $1,000 fine. Although a decriminalization bill was passed in 2016, it’s only effective in reducing first-time possession penalty from 1 year to 6 months in prison. Yes, even in 2018 The Wheat State is still one of the more marijuana-stricken U.S. regions.  



The SB-263 passed in 2018 legalized the consumption of CBD oil products in Kansas by instituting the Alternative Crop Research Act, which enabled the cultivation of industrial hemp as per the Federal law. Also, the state residents do not have to register or be diagnosed with a severe medical condition to legally obtain CBD products. Nonetheless, smoking weed is banned and possessing it will land you in prison.