Is CBD Oil Legal In Iowa?

CBD Oil in Iowa

The 2018 Iowa Industrial Hemp Act has cleared the Senate 49-0 and subject to the Governor’s approval will authorize statewide production of the crop through Industrial Hemp Commodity Program and Industrial Hemp Production Program Meaning you can buy CBD in Iowa.

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Iowa

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You can find credible CBD oil stores in Cedar Rapids, Des Moines, and Davenport offering premium products at a lower price compared to other states. Some of them are Great Alternatives II Vape Shop (West Des Moines, IA), Kae Apothecary (Mount Vernon, IA), East Village Vape Cafe (Davenport, IA), and Yabba Dabbas House of Glass (Davenport, IA). 

U.S. Hemp Imports 

Despite having an ever-expanding domestic industry in existence, U.S. manufacturers and retailers annually import about 1.9 million lb of hemp fiber, 450k lb of hemp seeds, and 331 lb of hemp seed oil from neighbor Canada and other hemp-growing countries. The U.S. federal law permits importing sterilized seeds, hemp fiber, and hemp-based ingestible products having minimal to no THC.   

The Most Common Mixed CBD/THC Strains 

CBD Critical Cure 

CBD Critical Cure is an indica-dominant strain which combines a ruderalis variety with Critical Kush. This Barney’s Farm grown strain possesses about 8% CBD and 5% THC, and contains within itself the healing power to cure stress, pain, and inflammation with only slight psychoactive interference. Moreover, the indica influence in it ensures a profoundly satisfying effect alongside an earthy, sweet flavor. 

CBD Critical Mass 

Dinafem make, CBD Critical Mass is a genetic cross between the Critical Mass and an undisclosed CBD Crew strain. The strain comes with a CBD/THC ratio of 1:1 and normally offers indica-dominant effects.  

This genetic mashup is renowned for yielding a plentiful harvest, but it’s critical to consistently nurture the plant’s growth before it flowers. The strain is recommended for insomnia, anorexia, depression, and muscle pain.  

CBD Oil Laws in Iowa 

The Iowa Industrial Hemp Act (Senate File 2398) is approved by the Senate on a 49-0 vote and is pending the approval of Gov. Kim Reynolds. The Act shall authorize the production of the crop in The Hawkeye State in accordance with the 2014 Farm Bill, and will establish the following two programs: 

  1. Industrial Hemp Commodity Program, governed by the Land Stewardship and the Department of Agriculture. 
  1. Industrial Hemp Production Program supervised by Iowa Board of Regents. 

Medicinal CBD in Iowa 

As of mid-2018, there are about 725 people in Iowa with a medical CBD registration card issued by the Iowa Department of Public Health. The product must only contain up to 3% THC content and can be consumed in the form of oils, capsules, creams, and suppositories. The law as it stands only allows the products’ use for nine conditions, including cancer, seizures, Lou Gehrig’s disease, and Parkinson’s disease. 

However, there are encouraging signs as the state has announced opening licensed dispensaries in Davenport, Council Bluffs, Sioux City, Windsor Heights, and Waterloo. The state expects the number of patients to grow to 12,000 once the Gov. inks the hemp Act. 

Recreational Marijuana in Iowa 

The smokable form of marijuana is illegal in Iowa and will remain so in the near future. As per the Iowa Controlled Substances Act, marijuana is classified as a hallucinogenic schedule I substance. You can land in jail for about 180 days for possessing any amount of it, alongside a $1,000 fine. Therefore, resist the urge to light a joint when gulping down your beer in Iowa. 


It’s legal to purchase CBD oil products in Iowa, if you’re a state-registered patient, as the Iowa Industrial Hemp Act is still pending the Governor’s approval after clearing the Senate. The state has announced opening 5 dispensaries in Iowa, which will allow a lot more individuals to join the medicinal-CBD program. Lastly, the smokable form of marijuana is illegal inThe Hawkeye State and will remain so in the near future. As things stand in Iowa, it’s feasible to purchase CBD products online to ensure you get what you want.