Infinite CBD Review

Review Summary

Interesting CBD Products For A Variety of Needs

The Good

  • Staggeringly good product catalog
  • Third party lab tested products
  • USA grown hemp
  • THC free products

The Bad

  • Most people have no idea what the terpene choices represent
  • Extraction method used not easy to find

Bottom Line

If you are tired of run-of-the-mill products, then I recommend you try Infinite CBD – they have a diverse and interesting product line. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Infinite CBD has been in business for a little over 3 years, but in that time they have grown to become a business that gives off a strong vibe of premium quality products. Led by CEO John Ramsay, and based in Colorado, the company is proud to use single source hemp, which means that the plant is grown and refined within the state.

CBD Quality

Infinite CBD does a good job of keeping CBD quality high, thanks to spending time on the right parameters. They attribute their top line offerings to the following:

  • CBD Isolate - while products containing CBD isolate are generally frowned up, Infinite CBD ups the ante by making sure to enhance it with terpenes. This effectively boosts the potency of the product and makes it more closely related to a broad spectrum extract.
  • Third party lab tested - each product is tested by an independently run lab to ensure that they meet quality and purity standards. This is great for consumers as they will be getting top of the line offerings and does brand trust a great favor.
  • USA grown hemp - Infinite CBD uses hemp grown in their native Colorado, and also manufactures products in-state. This single point practice helps the company maintain greater control over the manufacturing process to guarantee a purer finished product.


The range of products offered by Infinite CBD is truly amazing. Many you are unlikely to ever see elsewhere, which is why they have a diverse customer base. Current product line includes:

Asteroid Gummies

Infinite CBD vegan friendly gummies deliver 25 mg CBD isolate in each treat, and is available in three convenient package sizes of 5, 10 and 20 gummies.

They are extremely affordable as well, costing $11.91, $19.83 and $34.23 respectively.

Infinite CBD Asteroid Gummies

Isolate Droppers

If you are looking for a CBD isolate oil enhanced with assorted terpenes then this is what you need.

There are a range of different terpene combos to choose from with strengths ranging from 250 mg to 5000 mg per bottle.

Depending on which concentration you choose, prices can start from $15 and go up to $160.

Infinite CBD Isolate Droppers

CBD Isolate Capsules

Infinite CBD has a very impressive range of CBD capsules, available in strengths I have never seen before in my life. Starting at the basic 10 mg per capsule, and going up to a jaw-dropping 100 mg per capsule, these behemoths are not to be underestimated.

They are also available in 30 count up to 100 count bottles, so if you’re hard-core into taking capsules instead of the liquid, you will absolutely love these.

Prices start from $20.64 and go all the way up to $370.08.

Infinite CBD Isolate Capsules

Recommended for: people that need high-dose CBD but cannot tolerate using the liquid.

Freezing Point Cream

Infinite CBD offers a very effective cooling sensation CBD cream, which is appropriately named freezing point. Available in a standard and extra strength variety, the unique combination of CBD isolate, menthol, peppermint, camphor and eucalyptus help to deliver chilling pain relief that penetrates rapidly when applied to the skin.

The standard strength freezing point cream is available in 2 ounce and 8 ounce varieties which deliver a total of 250 mg or 1000 mg respectively, while the high strength variety delivers 1000 mg per 2 ounce bottle.

If you are an athlete looking for premium muscle recovery, I would highly recommend the extra strength variety which retails for $44.98. The standard strength creams retail for $17.50 or $49.08 respectively.

Infinite CBD Freezing Point Cream

Absolute Zero

Absolute zero is a high quality, high purity CBD isolate crystalline powder, which contains more than 99% CBD by weight.

Available in the modest 1000 mg concentration all the way up to an absolutely staggering 28,000 mg strength, these can conveniently be incorporated into your favorite beverages, foods or even made into a customized topical.

Infinite CBD Absolute Zero

But beware – CBD of this purity isn’t cheap. The smallest quantity; 1000 mg starts at $27.50 while the 28,000 milligrams concentration costs a whopping $670! It is also worth mentioning that even though it is a highly pure CBD isolate powder, you still have the option of purchasing it enhanced with specific terpenes.

Nano CBD Shots

These Nano CBD shots are, as the name implies, small on the go shot beverages to give you rapid relief when you need it.

There are actually three different Nano shots: energy, detox and rest.

Each contains a different combination of botanicals and natural ingredients to help you achieve what you are looking for.

It’s very affordable too-an individual shot retails for just $3.60, so having one daily when you need a boost, some much-needed rest or support against the environmental toxins we deal with daily, Nano will get the job done.

Infinite CBD NANO CBD Shots

Dark Matter

Don’t you just love the theme of Infinite CBD products?

Many of their products carry and other worldly vibe, with names such as asteroid and dark matter.

In this case, they are talking about a very unique CBD-based antiseptic soap which is supposed to accelerate recovery of damaged skin and warding off potential infection.

It is recommended to dilute one entire bottle (2 ounce) of dark matter in 500 ML of water and rinse the damaged area of skin, which sounds absolutely awesome in theory. The only thing I dislike is the fact that it may become expensive very fast. Each bottle of dark matter retails for $12.43.

Infinite CBD Dark Matter

Afterglow Healing Oil

With an amazing cast consisting of coconut oil, vitamin D, Manuka honey and of course CBD isolate, this healing oil was formulated especially to promote rapid healing of the skin following injury, or to promote recovery and minimize inflammatory processes associated with acne, eczema or even a new tattoo job.

If you have problematic skin, this should be a must for you. A bottle of afterglow healing oil retails for $18.10.

Infinite CBD Afterglow Oil

Big Bang

The name of this product is hilariously spot on. Can you guess what it is for?

Probably not, as I’ve never come across something quite as smart. It actually is a CBD based personal lubricant, which is ideal for helping to mitigate sexual discomfort and even anxiety.

Simply apply to your adult parts (or accessories) and enhance sexual vigor and pleasure. Just do not combine with latex products.

A discrete 2 ounce bottle retails for $24.49.

Infinite CBD Big Bang

Nano Nondairy Creamer

CBD creamers are becoming more popular these days, perfect for people looking to make coffee even better.

The MCT oil base used for the creamer also supports brain function and is excellent when following a ketogenic style diet.

Available in delicious French vanilla and hazelnut flavors, they retail for $16.03 apiece.

Infinite CBD NANO Non Dairy Creamer

Launch Pad

Designed specifically for your loving pets, this is a salve that can be safely applied to the paws, skin or nose especially to protect them from harsh weather.

Application helps with moisture retention to ease discomfort while outdoors.

Launch pad retails for $9.98.

Infinite CBD Launch Pad

Other Products

Infinite CBD Products

Infinite CBD has several other impressive products that you would not find on offer many other places, including a CBD specific beard oil, hair plasma to support the health of your scalp and hair, to a moisturizing lip balm and amazing apparel.

Not to forget already overpowered CBD capsules becoming even stronger thanks to the addition of either caffeine or melatonin to make an a.m. or p.m. variety, and you have one of the best CBD product catalogs on earth.

My Recommendation

Infinite CBD is absolutely one-of-a-kind in the CBD supplement space. Many of the products they offer I have scarcely ever come across, but just imagine – if you can think of a potential use for CBD, they probably have it.

I also love their prices – the products appear very premium grade but the prices are not out of reach for the average consumer. In fact, I would have to say one of their main flaws is not having enough “basic” product offerings. That, and the fact that their extraction method for obtaining the oils is not widely disclosed (I only stumbled upon it being it is not extraction from reading the comments section of one of their blog posts) would be my only real negatives about the Brand.

Overall, really excellent stuff here. If you are tired of run-of-the-mill products, then I recommend you try Infinite CBD – they might knock your socks off.

Infinite CBD Freezing Point Cream

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.