Is CBD Oil Legal In Illinois?

CBD Oil in Illinois

Illinois was the 20th U.S state to authorize a medicinal marijuana program and its Industrial Hemp Act has passed the House and Senate and is waiting for the Gov. Rauner’s approval. Although, the state has decriminalized small possession of marijuana, smoking its recreational form is still banned.  

The following passages shall elaborate what CBD oil is, what are two common high and medicinal CBD strain, the legality of CBD in Illinois, and how to purchase it legally. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Illinois

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As of 2018, Chicago is the place to buy CBD products in The Land of Lincoln, but you can legally purchase CBD oil online anywhere in the state. If you’re in the Windy City, then do not miss visiting the city’s best-rated CBD oil shop: CBD Kratom (Chicago, IL). Some other credible options are Vape Daze (Chicago, IL), Vapor Haus (Des Plaines, IL), and Elixrz Vape Shop (South Elgin, IL).  

CBD Oil Laws in Illinois 

The 2014 Illinois Cannabis Control Act, established a hemp research pilot program, thereby allowing The Department of Agriculture and higher educational institutions to cultivate industrial hemp for academic and agrarian research. As of 2018, the  SB-2298 (Industrial Hemp Act) has swept both the Illinois House and Senate with overwhelming support and is now pending the Governor’s approval.  

The official enactment of the Act shall also amend the Cannabis Control Act and the Noxious Weed Act, thereby removing hemp from both the categories lawfully. 


Medical Marijuana in Illinois

The 2014 Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Pilot Program Act enables an individual with a severe medical condition to legally register with the state of Illinois to obtain medicinal cannabis. The Act also protects them as well as their providers and physicians, from civil and criminal liability.  

The 2017 medical sales were recorded around $37 million, while the projection for the year 2021 is $375.9 million. The 22,000 registered patients can possess up to 2 and ½ ounces of medical marijuana per 2-week period. Nonetheless, the cannabis program will expire on July 1, 2020, if not made permanent or extended. 


Recreational Marijuana in Illinois

You cannot smoke a blunt in Illinois. However, things have progressed significantly in last two years since Governor Bruce Rauner decriminalized the possession of small weed amounts in July 2016. Moreover, in 2018, an incredible 66% of state voters support the legalization of cannabis and want it to be taxed and regulated much like alcohol. 


What is CBD Oil? 

In the lingua franca of marijuana, there are broadly two plant types—drug plants and hemp plants. The drug plants consist of non-psychoactive CBD-rich plants and psychoactive THC-rich plants. Alternatively, hemp plants include plants grown for seed oil and fiber. The principal difference between them is the resin content, as the majority of hemp plants are low in resin content, while drug plants are typically high-resin plants. 


Afghani CBD – A Common High CBD Strain 

A CBD-dominant variation of the landrace indica,  the Afghani CBD is cultivated by Canadian LP Tilray. The product is named after its geographical origin Afghanistan and possesses soothing, therapeutic properties proven to aid individuals with chronic pain, insomnia, and stress disorders. Afghani CBD comes in flowery, chemical, and earthy flavors. However, occasionally it will give its user a dry mouth.  


3D CBD – A medicinal CBD Strain 

Snoop Dogg’s branded strain, 3D CBD comes with a 5:8 THC/CBD ratio, and is made for patients experiencing inflammation, pain, and muscle tension. Users who are vulnerable against THC-induced haze will appreciate 3D CBD’s relaxing yet sobering balance. The strain is available in earthy, flowery and woody flavors. 


CBD oil was made legal in Illinois courtesy of the passing of Illinois Cannabis Control Act which established a hemp research pilot program, thereby allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp. As of 2018, the Senate Bill-2298 has cleared both the Illinois House and Senate and is awaiting the Governor’s approval. The medical cannabis is permissible in the state for individuals with severe medical conditions, but smoking weed is banned in The Prairie State. 

There are plenty of brick and mortar retail options, if you’re a resident of Chicago. However, elsewhere in the state, it’s more feasible to order your CBD oil online.