Where to Buy CBD Oil in Idaho

CBD Oil in Idaho

Idaho is one of the most vehemently anti-marijuana states in the U.S. The passing of House Bill 577 in early 2018 raised the hope of CBD-only legislation, but the matter is still in limbo at the level of Senate and the Governor’s office.   

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Idaho

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The farm bill 2014 federally legalizes the usage of CBD oil containing minimal amount of THC. Therefore, you can purchase CBD oil in The Gem State, but online, as the state doesn’t have brick and mortar shops yet.  

Moreover, many online CBD merchants also offer wholesale rates, thereby enabling an affordable purchase of premium CBD products apart from delivering the product right at your doorstep.  

What is CBD Oil? 

High-quality CBD oil can be extracted from both industrial hemp and marijuana plants. Industrial hemp is generally an agricultural low-resin crop, cultivated from pedigree seed, with close to 100 skinny, tall plants per Sq m, and manufactured into a broad array of products. Alternatively, drug plants are a horticultural resin-heavy crop, usually grown from chromosomally reproduced clones, one to two plants per Sq m, hand-dried, clipped and cured. 

Sweet and Sour Widow – A Common Mixed CBD/THC Strain 

Sweet and Sour Widow is a 70-to-30 indica-dominant marijuana strain bred by CBD Crew. It’s derived from an undisclosed sativa-hybrid and White Widow genetics to enhance its CBD profile. The typical CBD to THC ratio is 1:1 and its fragrance subtly resembles a sweet onion. Also, due to its balanced cannabinoid profile, the psychoactive effects of Sweet and Sour Widow are gentle, which makes this strain suitable for rookie users and patients requiring medication without a foggy head.  

Nebula II CBD – A High CBD Strain 

Nebula II CBD is a breeding collaboration between the CBD Crew and Paradise Seeds. It’s a 60-to-40 sativa-dominant strain bred for its heavy concentrations (about 7%) of CBD. Also, the CBD to THC balance at a 1:1 ratio makes this strain a popular choice for medicinal cannabis users. It announces itself with an earthy, fruity aroma and carries a shade of sweet honey. The soothing properties of Nebula II CBD can ease the pain, anxiety, and many other medical ailments without sapping productivity or energy. 

CBD Oil Laws in Idaho 

Idaho is one of the most ferociously anti-marijuana U.S. states, and in 2015, its Gov. Butch Otter became one of an exclusive kind to veto CBD-only legislation. Nonetheless, the passing of 2018 House Bill 577 by the House Health and Welfare Committee was considered a significant leap forward until the Governor verbally expressed his outright rejection of the bill.  

The situation, as it currently stands has placed the bill on the back burner at least until 2019. If the Bill is enacted in the future, then Idaho residents seeking to use CBD oil for medicinal purposes will be required to register with the Idaho Board of Pharmacy for a CBD registry card. 

Medical Marijuana in Idaho 

Idaho is one of the few American states where both medicinal and recreational cannabis is illegal. Moreover, since there is no official pilot medical program, carrying a medical certificate will not do away the punishment for possessing or growing medical marijuana in The Gem State 

Recreational Marijuana in Idaho 

What do you anticipate in a state where even CBD oil is pending legislation? You guessed it right, the Idaho Uniform Controlled Substances Act classifies marijuana as a Schedule I hallucinogenic substance. Possession of any quantity up to 3 ounces is a state felony punishable by 1 year of imprisonment, or a $1,000 fine.  


You do not want to be consuming marijuana in Idaho even if you’re a qualified patient in another U.S. state. Moreover, even CBD-only legislation (approved by the HB-577) with a registration program is pending the approval of the Senate and the Governor.  

As you can expect, there are no retail stores specifically selling CBD oil products in Idaho, except for a few vape stores. Therefore, being an Idahoan, buy CBD oil online since your right to do so is protected by the 2014 Agricultural Act.