With legalization sweeping the country, and more states legalizing medical marijuana each year, there are more beneficial uses for CBD oil than ever before.  Just last year, Florida, known as the Sunshine State and home to just over 18 million people, legalized medical marijuana to approved patients for expanded conditions. Now, qualified patients can obtain cannabis products from state certified dispensaries after seeing a doctor to create a specialized treatment plan for their health conditions. Moreover, the Hemp Farm Bill, which has been signed into law, legalizes industrial-hemp products like CBD oil in Florida, and in all fifty states, at the federal level.

What Is Cannabidiol (CBD)?

Known as a useful, health promoting compound, CBD is one of many cannabinoids that make up marijuana-hemp plants. Unlike its sister, cannabinoid THC, the health benefits from using CBD are free from intoxication and won’t provide any euphoric effects. The reason that cannabinoids, including CBD, are useful to humans is because they work systematically, providing benefits from interacting with receptors in the endocannabinoid system already found naturally in the human body. It’s from this interaction that cannabidiol’s health effects are represented and known to help balance systems that govern many bodily functions like, sleep, hunger, cell development, seizures, relaxation, inflammation and more.

Let’s take a closer look at how medical marijuana and cannabidiol (CBD) are helping patients and doctors treat many conditions in Florida.

CBD Oil for Parkinson’s

Recently, studies show that CBDs have a profound effect on Parkinson’s disease symptoms, especially the debilitating tremors that most patients suffer from. THC also provides Parkinson’s patients relief, and can be used in combination with CBD to provide motor and no-motor benefits. Pre-clinical studies are providing evidence that cannabinoids provide neuroprotective characteristics through antioxidant and anti-inflammatory mechanisms.

According to the best neurologists in Florida, being able to offer medical marijuana and CBD oil treatments for Parkinson’s has advanced patient care tremendously. Cannabidiol is a safe alternative to traditional medications which are known to have negative side effects.  In most cases, CBD oil is used to supplement other medicines but, in time, with more testing, it may replace them altogether.


Medical marijuana has made a noticeable difference treating symptoms from PTSD, which affect many U.S. Veterans and service people. Medical marijuana doctors in Florida are implementing THC and CBD oil into their PTSD patients’ treatments. Multiple studies show that cannabis can provide instant relief from negative thoughts or battle ground flashbacks associated with severe PTSD. Plus, patients using CBD oil regularly may maintain reduced anxiety, increased sleep and fewer nightmares.

Not only have there been scientific papers published about the benefits of marijuana in treating PTSD, the patients suffering from it can attest to the positive results and increased quality of life when using THC and CBD oil treatments.

CBD Oil for Pain

So many Americans deal with pain from day to day, that using CBD oil for pain relief has become immensely popular. This is because there are no negative side-effects, and the positive benefits are measurable and realized by the people using CBDs. Most people already know that marijuana can help deal with pain because the THC provides an uplifting, euphoric affect that can literally take pain away. But, the scientific evidence about CBD oil for pain is more recent and proves that cannabidiol contains anti-inflammatory compounds naturally. It can reduce joint inflammation and, in turn, reduces pain throughout the body.

CBD oil doesn’t have negative side-effects and can essentially be used for long-term pain management with little to no health risks. No one becomes addicted to cannabidiol, making it a useful alternative to traditional, more addictive medications.

Researchers believe that the human endocannabinoid system exists to provide cannabinoids naturally, in response to pain resulting from injury. When CBD oil is introduced externally, it can multiply this effect, over time.


With so many beneficial uses for CBD oil already known today, there’s growing demand for better products and government regulations. In 2019, more studies are underway to recognize additional health benefits to human beings, and to advance medical treatments for patients. The coming years are going to be exciting, and will provide more answers about how cannabinoids work.  The interesting question is how we can use them to advance patient care in America and around the world in the future.

Although cannabidiol (CBD) is proving to be an effective compound, not all the products available are the same. It’s important to research the CBD oil products you’re considering, and determine the brands to trust. If you live in a “legal” marijuana state, then you can typically find CBD oils, edibles, vape cartridges and more available in state approved dispensaries that have quality control standards you can see and trust.