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CBD Vape Juice in Some Delicious Flavors

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Hot Juice is an industry leader when it comes to their vape oils, now made even better with the availability of 11 stunning flavors of the CBD Vape Juice line. The California based company offers 99% pure CBD isolate Vape Juice products, ideal for experiencing the purest experience from use without unpleasant taste distortions or risk of psychoactive effects.

Their CBD Vape Juices are made in the USA via the supercritical CO2 extraction method, offering peace of mind that your purchase is free of harmful toxins that are sometimes formed as byproducts of other extraction methods.

The lab test results for the CBD that goes into the Vape Juice is also publicly available on the product pages so you can view them for yourself.

Added to the fact that all ingredients are gluten-free, kosher approved and non-GMO, your experience is truly going to be an amazing one.

The Actual Juices

For starters, Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice immediately stands out with their size of product. The majority of vape juice manufacturers settle for a tiny 30ml bottle, but Hot Juice’s is a massive 100ml. they contain a 70/30 VG to PG (vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol) ratio, and is available in strengths ranging from beginner friendly 250mg to hardcore 5000mg per bottle, depending on your specific needs.

Pineapple Tranquility

No CBD Vape Juice would be complete without a flavor that is pineapple inspired. Bearing a striking similarity to the classic Pineapple Express flavor, this is the one for you if you picture tropical beaches and basking out in glorious sunshine with your Pina colada in hand.

Kiwi Stardust

Another fruit inspired flavor, Kiwi Stardust has a fruity-candy like taste that is somewhat related to that of strawberry bubblegum. If you love tropical flavors then you might appreciate this one when trying something new. There isn’t much residual aftertaste either since CBD isolate removes many of the bitter tasting components found in full spectrum CBD oil.

Swedish Bliss

Do you remember eating Swedish Fish candy as a kid? This best describes the flavor of this CBD Vape Juice. You can say that it is a fruit punch medley and another sweet fruity variety of Vape Juices offered by Hot Juice.

Arctic Blueberry

A refreshing blend for relaxation with the taste of menthol and mint, it is ideal for unwinding after a long day. If you love blueberries and the cool flavor the mint and menthol brings then this is the one for you.

My Recommendation

As you can see, we have only touched on 4 of the available 11 flavors, meaning that there is tons more variety for you to experiment with. If you don’t like the fruit flavors, Tobacco Moonlight, Dreamberry Waffles (yum!), Cascading Cocoa and Boston Cream Escape may tickle your fancy.

But that’s not all, they have also announced adventurous plans to release over 100 new flavors in the coming year, meaning that you will never run out of variety.

Also, based on the fact that Hot Juice CBD Vape Juice comes in a larger sized container and strengths ranging from comfortable to beastly, there is something there for everyone.

Did you also know that you can also use the vape juice sublingually in addition to your vape pen? The taste might not be extremely sweet, but it is definitely not an issue either.

All in all, a great choice for a CBD rich vape juice.

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