Is CBD Oil Legal In Hawaii?

CBD Oil in Hawaii

Hawaii has a distinctive cannabis history, and in the late ‘70s, Hawaii was a place of farmers and home growers developing celebrated strains such as Puna Butter and Maui Wowee. The industrial hemp was made legal in Hawaii through the enactment of 2014 Senate Bill 2175. 

The following passages shall elaborate on what are the two most common mixed CBD/THC strains, the legality of CBD in Hawaii, and how to purchase it legally. 

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Hawaii

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Any Hawaiian can lawfully purchase CBD oil products in the state. Some of the renowned merchants offering a pure grade, lab-tested CBD products in Hawaii are Mr. Hemp CBD (Honolulu, HI), Still Smokin’ – Kahului (Wailuku, HI), 2Higuys (Honolulu, HI), and Hale Hookah (Hilo, HI). If you’re interested in hemp-extracted CBD massages, then Maui Hemp Spa (Lahaina, HI) is the place to visit. 


The Most Common Mixed CBD/THC Strains 

Sour Tsunami 

Sour Tsunami is renowned for being the first strain to be exclusively bred for high CBD content rather than THC volume. Its CBD levels are tested to be as high as 10 to 11%, while THC is typically under 10%. It was cultivated by Lawrence Ringo (Southern Humboldt Seed Collective) over four years of relentless experimenting crossing NYC Diesel plants with Sour Diesel.  

The resultant strain is ultra-effective in treating inflammation and pain without inflicting the haze linked with high THC content. Sour Tsunami is a sativa-dominant hybrid and flowers in just over two months, producing thick, dark green buds with darkened purplish leaves. Lastly, the buds have an intimate musky diesel aroma with sweetish undertones. 



Pennywise is a CBD-dominant indica cross between Jack the Ripper and Harlequin, a blend that renders this strain its slayer dancing clown name. There are four phenotypes in existence of this Stephen King’s “It” inspired strain, few of which resemble fingerlike buds while the rest look more round. Notes of pepper and coffee hoist from the purple-tinged flowers with undertones of bubblegum and lemon.  

The dominance of therapeutic compound CBD enables Pennywise to effectively treat PTSD, arthritis, neurological disorders, epilepsy, and cancer symptoms. Jack the Ripper’s viscerally focused effects are noticeable in this strain’s genes as mental clarity and euphoria take center stage with an exhilarating buzz. Pennywise flowers within 10 weeks and is suited for both indoor and outdoor gardens. 

CBD Oil Laws in Hawaii 

The 2014 Senate Bill 2175 approved the use of hemp-derived CBD oil by announcing a two-year pilot research program to examine the medicinal use of industrial hemp. Afterward, the signing of Act 228 in 2016 and Act 199 (amendment) in 2017 by Governor David Ige really put wheels on the Industrial Hemp Pilot Program. As of early 2018, the program has started accepting applications for cultivation licenses. 


Medical Marijuana in Hawaii 

The Hawaii State Department of Health oversees two distinctive yet related medicinal marijuana programs. The Medical Cannabis Registry Program (enacted through Act 228), and The Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program (created by Act 241) are created to assure that medical cannabis is available for close to 21,000 registered Hawaii’s patients in a safe, secure manner.  

Individually, you can possess 4 ounces of usable marijuana at any given time. It’s pertinent to mention that usable marijuana doesn’t include the stalks, seeds, and roots of the plant. Also, the law allows you to cultivate up to seven marijuana plants. 


Recreational Marijuana in Hawaii 

Cannabis is locally known as pakalolo and relishes a long history in The Aloha State. In the late 1970s, Hawaii was a place of farmers and artisanal home growers cultivating legendary strains such as Puna Butter and Maui Wowee. In fact, in 1979 Rolling Stone labeled pakalolo as Hawaii’s No. 1 crop, above pineapple and sugar.  

However, despite having roots in the state, recreational marijuana is still banned in Hawaii. 



Hemp-derived CBD oil is legal in Hawaii courtesy the signing of Act 228 in 2016 and Act 199 (amendment) in 2017 by Governor David, which expanded on the enactment of the 2014 Senate Bill 2175. The Aloha State overseas The Medical Cannabis Registry Program and The Medical Cannabis Dispensary Program to ensure that medicinal marijuana is available for about 21,000 registered Hawaii’s patients. Nonetheless, weed is still banned in the state despite having a long history.  

Therefore, legally order CBD oil products online from the comfort of your Hawaiian home, while the state takes its time on the marijuana act.