Is CBD Oil Legal In Florida?

For many years, marijuana was legally considered a taboo in Miami, and Florida in general. The reality of 2018 is that there are practically hundreds of weed ads on top of taxi cabs. It’s because Floridians voted for Amendment 2 in 2016 which legalized medicinal marijuana in The Sunshine State.  

​The Key ​Points

  • ​Yes, you are able to purchase CBD Oil products containing up to 0.8% THC in Florida.
  • ​In 2016 Medicial Marijuana was made legal in Florida
  • ​You can buy CBD online or in-store




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What is CBD? 

Hemp is a distinctive variation of the cannabis sativa L plant and contains less than 1% amount of THC – the principal mind-altering ingredient in marijuana. The majority of the components of the plant can be used in the making of paper, textiles, paints, plastics, clothing, cosmetics, animal feed, and of course, medicines.  


CBD Oil Laws in Florida 

Yes, you can purchase CBD oil products containing 0.8% THC in Florida with confidence. It’s because the enactment of 2017 Senate Bill 1726 authorized statewide initiation of pilot industrial hemp projects at specific universities, while commercial ventures shall be allowed after two years, subject to a set of conditions. The bill enables the usage of high-CBD/low-THC in instances where you’re recommended such treatment by a licensed physician.  


CBD-Specific Marijuana in Florida 

Medicinal marijuana was made legal in Florida courtesy the enactment of Amendment 2 in 2016. Therefore, authorized patients suffering from cancer, muscle spasms, and seizures can possess marijuana strains having at least 10% CBD and no more than 8/10th of 1% THC content. The exception of higher strain THC is only made in the cases of terminally ill patients (individuals diagnosed with no more than a year to live).  

There are five facilities in Florida dispensing high-CBD strains to almost 30,000 registered patients. However, home cultivation is not permitted. The Sunshine State is expected to earn a thumping $1.5 billion in medical sales by the year 2021.  


Recreational Marijuana in Florida 

Florida is still not a place to legally acquire weed. It’s because possessing up to 20 grams of recreational marijuana is a misdemeanor punishable by a year of imprisonment, and anything in excess can land you in the joint for about five years. As of now, The Florida Cannabis Act is not on the ballot as an initiated constitutional amendment, which would’ve legalized owning up to 1 ounce of cannabis by Floridian at least 21 years old.  


The Most Popular Mixed CBD/THC Strains 


Harlequin is a 75-to-25 sativa-dominant strain famous for its steady expression of CBD. It’s an offspring of a Nepali indica, Colombian Gold, and Swiss and Thai landrace strains rendering clear-headed as well as alert sativa effects. Moreover, unlike the majority of high-CBD strains, you can always count on Harlequin to produce a 5:2 CBD/THC ratio.  

This balance makes it one of the most reliable strain out there for treating pain and anxiety, since cannabidiol can counteract the tetrahydrocannabinol paranoia while augmenting its painkilling properties. The Harlequin flavors can range from sweet mango to earthy musk, and its unique capacity to relax your body without sedation makes it ultra-popular with CBD enthusiasts.  


CBD Mango Haze 

A high-CBD strain manufactured by CBD Crew offers an aromatically pleasant blend combining the tropical Mango flavor with the added comfort of high levels of cannabidiol. Also, the CBD Mango Haze buds express themselves with sweet and spicy notes reminiscent of pineapple, mango, and black pepper. The CBD-to-THC ratio can range anywhere from 1:1 to 2:1. The exhilarating sativa-dominant effects of CBD Mango Haze attract numerous medicinal cannabis consumers. 


Where to buy CBD Oil in Florida 

Florida is one of the rapidly-growing CBD oil markets in the U.S., with stores sprouting all around the southeasternmost state. Some of the most popular ones include Holistic Hope (Fort Lauderdale, FL), Green Roads (Davie, FL), Surterra Wellness Center (Tampa, FL), Learn Sativa Cannabis College (Orlando, FL), and in the heart of Miami is located The Joint Smokeshop.  

Moreover, you can always order CBD oil products online from the comfort of your Florida-style jacuzzi (or drawing room, we don’t mind).  



Any Floridian can purchase CBD oil products containing 0.8% THC in the state. The 2016 enactment of Amendment 2 also legalized medicinal marijuana in The Sunshine State allowing qualified individuals to possess high-CBD/low-THC marijuana strains. However, the Florida Cannabis Act is still in a position of limbo, and smoking weed is a felony punishable by imprisonment.