In addition to providing consumers with the latest news and research in the CBD industry, I have done extensive research to provide up to date information on the many CBD company’s out there.  

Read on to learn about Fab CBD, one of the companies that produce tinctures, chews and topicals for a growing customer base looking to explore the natural benefits of CBD.  


About Fab CBD 

Fab CBD uses a CO2 extraction to produce a full spectrum CBD oil for use in their tinctures. They also offer a pain cream and vegan friendly CBD chews. While their product line is somewhat limited, expect further product development from this company in the future.  

Below you will find an overview of their products, followed by a detailed analysis of this company so that you can decide for yourself if you want to give them a try.  



Fab CBD tinctures come in three flavor profiles: Citrus, Mint and Natural. They come in 30ml sized bottles in either 150mg or 300mg strengths. The carrier oil is MCT oil, considered an excellent carrier because the medium chain triglycerides present in it may enhance the absorption of CBD and other cannabinoids.   

Coming in higher than the industry average in terms of pricing, FAB insists than the quality of their CO2 extracted full spectrum CBD oil is premium quality.  

Although they do not have a pet specific line, the manufacturer does recommend that the natural flavor, which contains only CBD oil and MCT oil, is safe for pets.  


Fab CBD Gummies

With 25mg of CBD each, these tasty gummies use all natural and organic ingredients that also happen to be vegan friendly. The manufacturer claims they are also 100% THC free which suggests they may be made with a CBD isolate rather than the full spectrum oil that they have developed for their tinctures.  


Muscle and Joint Topical

This cream includes 600mg of cannabidiol along with other ingredients including aloe vera, coconut oil, vitamin E and blood orange extract. Using CBD oil in a topical application allows you to target the specific areas where you want relief.  

The manufacturer suggests the cream provides near instant relief from minor aches and pains as the CBD is absorbed through the skin at the site of pain. The “fresh” scent includes cinnamon, Chamomile and Blood Orange extract for a bright and invigorating smell.   


Overall Rating: 3.5 




Third Party Testing 

You can review a relatively recent test for both a cannabinoid spectrum analysis and a pesticide report. However, as of the date I visited their site, 7/13/2018, there was no heavy metal or microbial test to be found. In addition, it is not clear how often they do their testing as the pesticide report on the site today was over 6 months old.  


Organic and GMO Free Hemp 

The manufacturer claims to source organic and GMO free hemp as the base for their full spectrum oil.  


Vegan Friendly Chews 

Many CBD edibles on the market are made with gelatin as one of the ingredients, which is not friendly to those on vegan diets. We want to give a tip of the hat over to the guys at Fab for making chewable CBD gummies that vegans can enjoy.  


C02 Extraction 

Considered clean and environmentally friendly, the CO2 extraction process used by Fab leaves behind no traces of solvents or heavy metals in the finished product.  




Not the Fullest Spectrum 

While the third-party lab testing available on the site does evidence more than just CBD, it offers a fairly narrow spectrum compared to other full spectrum products I have reviewed, particularly at this price point. 


Relatively Expensive 

Fab is one of the more expensive CBD product lines on the market when calculated by mg of CBD.  


Sourcing Information 

It is unclear from their website where they source their hemp from. Is it from domestic hemp or from China? Hard to say. While a few places on the website hint at GMO free organic hemp, they are not explicit about where they source from.   


The best CBD manufacturers are making a pretty big deal about sourcing from local farmers with whom they have a strong relationship with, and unfortunately, Fab doesn’t go out of their way to share this information with their customers.  


Company Information

There is little information about the company on the website. They do list a physical address in both Florida and in the UK, but there is little to no information behind the history of the company or key staff.  


Fab CBD Coupon Code 

For those looking to give this brand a try, you can use the discount code below to receive a discount off of your first order.  

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