Eero Naturals Review

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Eero Naturals Review

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The Good

  • Made from USA grown, organic, non-GMO Hemp
  • Proprietary nano emulsion technology that boasts of improved absorption
  • THC free product offerings

The Bad

  • No full-spectrum products (despite what is stated)
  • Limited product range
  • No third-party lab testing results

Bottom Line

Eero Naturals is a great brand if you are into nano absorption. If you don't know what that means, try it out and see how it goes. 


Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

Eero Naturals is a very young company, having most likely been established in late 2018 and based out of California. According to the website, EERO literally means eternal strength, which is what the brand hopes to accomplish via the usage of CBD products.

Cofounded by Saul Hirschhorn and Miles Hatton, the company came to fruition after one of the founder's mother was able to overcome reliance on prescription pain and several other medications with the help of CBD oil, and with them wanting to share its benefits to the world.

CBD Quality

Eero Naturals utilizes the following quality indicators as found on their website:

  • Organic and non-GMO hemp – the hemp used in the manufacture of their products is totally organic and non-GMO, a key requisite for you to truly enjoy all the benefits that CBD has to offer. Genetically modified plants may be cheaper but carry the risk of a slew of unpredictable effects when introduced into the human body.
  • USA grown and manufactured – Eero Naturals states that their hemp is grown in Colorado, and products are subsequently manufactured in California. USA grown hemp must adhere to local regulations that generally guarantee a greater margin of safety, allowing you enhanced peace of mind that what you are consuming is absolutely safe.
  • THC free products – one of Eero Naturals primary goals is to ensure that all their products are THC free, with a concentration of 0.0%. This makes it suitable for usage by everyone, as absolutely no psychoactive effect will be experienced from its use.
  • Proprietary nanotechnology – while nanotechnology as a whole is extremely exciting since it improves the bioavailability and absorption of CBD, Eero Naturals is said to use a proprietary technique referred to as EERO+ TECH™ Nano Emulsion. The website claims that you can expect 6X dosage per drop, equating to reduced need for large amounts of CBD.


All of Eero Naturals products have a very premium feel, and the catalog is well put together. You can find the following being offered on their website:

CBD Oil Tinctures

Eero Naturals offers one basic tincture product in two strengths and is available in a unique key lime flavor. These two strengths, referred to as 350+ and 750+, are most likely indicators of the total CBD contained per bottle.

The tincture oil also retains all naturally occurring terpenes to increase the likelihood of you experiencing the entourage effect.

Eero Naturals Cbd Oil Tincture

The retail cost for the 350+ and 750+ strengths respectively are $40 and $80.

Recommended for: general usage, including overall health and wellness, management of mild to moderate pain, occasional sleeplessness, anxiety and for fostering a positive mood.

CBD Softgels

If you’d rather get your CBD by consuming an easy to swallow softgel, then Eero Naturals CBD softgels may prove a better option for you. Available in two strengths; 10 mg or 25 mg per softgel, a bottle of either contains 30 softgels.

A bottle of these retails for either $35 or $80.

Eero Naturals CBD Softgels

CBD Pain Cream

A fast acting and penetrating CBD topical, this cream is ideal for managing mild to moderate pain caused by arthritis, or to relieve post workout discomfort after the gym. The cream is also enhanced with Arnica, eucalyptus and Wintergreen oil for synergistic pain relief when you need it most.

Eero Naturals Cbd Pain Cream

A jar of the CBD pain cream supplies a total of 500 mg CBD and retails for $65.

CBD Matcha Beverages

If you are looking for a refreshing carbonated beverage that is actually good for you, then you will love Eero Naturals CBD infused beverages.

Available in four delicious flavors such as strawberry, citrus, Manuka honey and hibiscus, they simultaneously energize and calm your mind and body when you need it most.

Each individual 14 ounce beverage supplies 10 mg CBD, and is available in packs of 12 which retail for $72 on their website.

Eero Naturals Cbd Oil Matcha Beverages

My Recommendation

As more and more people become cognizant of the benefits of CBD, the experience will shift from consuming basic product offerings to ones that give a premium feel and experience. For that reason, Eero Naturals can be considered an early adopter.

The products appear very promising, website is clean and well put together, product prices aren’t that exorbitant when you consider their claim that the nanotechnology is beyond the competition. They do need to work on providing impartial third party lab results, as the ones they do have are all internal audits, but keep in mind that they are still a relatively new company in the CBD space as well.

The beverages appear particularly interesting, and something that may shake up the way you consume CBD. Overall, they are on the right track and are likely to get even better in time, so good job to Eero Naturals.

Eero Naturals Review

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