Is CBD Oil Legal In Connecticut?

CBD Oil in Connecticut

The state of Connecticut legalized the usage of CBD oil courtesy its Connecticut House Bill 5780, and later on, the 2017 SB-603 regulated its production and consumption. The product is available through retail as well as online merchants in The Provisions State 

The following passages shall elaborate what CBD is, what are the two most common High-CBD/Low-THC strains, the legality of CBD in the State of Connecticut, and how to purchase it legally.  

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Connecticut

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Yes, you can purchase CBD oil made from industrial hemp in Connecticut as cannabis-infused goods are publicly sold in the state. Some of the CBD pioneers of The Constitution State are Mary-Joe’s Coffee (Stratford, CT), Ricky D’s Rib Shack (New Haven, CT), US Hempcare (Newtown, CT), and Paint N Toke Parties (Worcester, CT).  

Notwithstanding above, it’s critical to review a product’s label before purchasing it to ensure its CBD and THC content. It’s because there have been instances where CBD claiming products were lab tested to contain 0% of it and were also penalized by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Lastly, it’s a better idea to make an online purchase of CBD oil after ensuring the manufacturer’s credibility.


What is CBD? 


CBD (short for cannabidiol) is a plant compound containing medicinal properties that have shown to help with productivity, mental clarity, a stronger immune system, pain relief, and general peace of mind. 


The concerted research supporting CBD’s numerous positive aspects is growing every day. A recent study indicates that people are dropping their traditional medicine once they live the benefits of CBD. It’s apparently a bona fide wonder drug without any mind-altering haze.   


The Most Common High-CBD/Low-THC Strains 


Ringo’s Gift 


Ringo’s Gift – named after a CBD pioneer Lawrence Ringo – is a high-CBD strain crossing ACDC and Harle-Tsu, and is available in several different ratios and phenotypes. The first ratio is a “1-for-1” strain, signifying an equal CBD to THC ratio. However, the Ringo’s Gift can offer CBD/THC ratios as exorbitant at 24:1.  


This strain is quickly becoming a favorite in the cannabis clubs as it gives a genteel mix of cerebral activity and calming full-body softening without the couch lock after effect. 


CBD Shark 


An 80/20 indica-dominant strain, CBD Shark offers an equal ratio of CBD:THC. The cannabinoid combination equality helps patients treat a wide range of ailments such as pain, inflammation, and anxiety without the psychoactive effects inflicted by strains high in THC content. CBD Shark is a hybrid of Shark Shock indica and some high-CBD variety (we are only assured of its high volume). Its fragrance is made of sweet notes of fruit sprinkled with subtle hints of herb and garlic. 


CBD Oil Laws in Connecticut 


The 2015 Connecticut House Bill 5780 legalized the use of industrial hemp by excluding its fiber, hemp stalks, and seeds from the definitional confines of marijuana. Later on the 2017 Senate Bill No. 603 regulated its production and consumption, and by July 1, 2018, an agricultural pilot program shall commence in the state.  


The statutes were amended to bring the Connecticut industrial hemp law in line with the 2014 Federal Agricultural Act by excluding it from what constitutes a controlled substance. It’s pertinent to mention that The Farm Bill featured Section 7606, which allowed agriculture state departments and universities to start growing industrial hemp for research purposes.  


Medical Marijuana in Connecticut  


You can register for a medical marijuana certificate being a Connecticut resident if you’re under the treatment of a licensed physician for a debilitating medical condition. The Connecticut Department Of Consumer Protection regulates the program. Also, in 2016, the state passed a new law enabling medicinal marijuana for minors, as long as not in an inhalable, smokable, or vaporizable form.  


The 2017 medical sales hovered around $30 million, and the projection for the year 2021 is a bulky $104.9 million. The Provisions State has nine medical dispensaries serving more than 25k patients. 


Recreational Marijuana in Connecticut 


You will be shelling $150 in fine for possessing a half-ounce or less of recreational marijuana in Connecticut, and $500 if you dare to repeat your unlawful misdemeanor. Also, distributing or growing herb is a state felony. However, it’s expected that the status quo will change in 2019, as a legislative hurdle is already removed by The General Assembly 


The proponents of the bill claim that making recreational cannabis legal shall attract millions of dollars in State taxes and other earnings besides creating thousands of jobs. The projected sales for the year 2021  are over $60 million. Lastly, the state has already decriminalized the law for minuscule amounts.     




The consumption of hemp-derived CBD oil was made legal in Connecticut by the SB-603 and by July 1, 2018, an agricultural pilot program shall commence in the state. You can enlist yourself for the medical marijuana program, if being a Connecticut resident, you’re being treated by a licensed physician for a crippling medical condition. However, consuming recreational marijuana is still unlawful in The Constitution State