CBDistillery Review

It can be hard to find both value and quality when it comes to CBD oils. Many of the best manufactures know that since demand for CBD oil is very high right now, they can get away with a high mark up on their products.  


This is one company that shows promise in the value end of the market, without showing signs of a low-quality product or scam. While I do think there are some better products to go with if quality is your top priority, this is a solid choice for buying on a budget.  


About CBD Distillery 


CBD Distillery was founded by Colorado natives looking to provide an affordable option for those looking for quality, full spectrum CBD products. In fact, their prices are quite reasonable, a major selling point for this brand. In addition, they provide up-to-date third-party batch testing so you can buy with confidence that you are getting what you expect.  


They offer a wide selection of different products, including topicals, pet products, vaping gear and more. I will provide a full review of this company below after giving an overview of their product selection.  


First, let’s take a look at their catalog: 


CBD Distillery Product Reviews 


Hemp Oil Review 


Coming in at a great price, this is a full spectrum CBD oil designed for use as an oral supplement, taken directly under the tongue or as an addition to food, drinks or shakes. You can definitely taste the hemp if you take it straight, but it won’t affect the taste of your food if you add a few drops as a supplement.  


The carrier oil is MCT coconut, which is a sign that the manufacturer is looking to make sure their product uses high quality ingredients. Dosing is easy with the built-in eye dropper. It comes in 250mg, 500mg, 1000mg and 2500mg bottles, with more and more value for larger sizes. They also have a specific line of oils and tinctures developed for pets.  


CBD Isolate Review 


The CBD isolate offered at CBD Distillery comes in chunk form—probably because they want to showcase the beautiful and pure crystalline structure of their finished product. And it is very pretty indeed! It is 99% pure and validated with recent third party testing available right on their website. 


A lot of folks like the CBD isolate because it can be precisely dosed and also has none of the odors or hempy flavors that are associated with the terpenes found in full spectrum oils. This makes it ideal to be used in homemade CBD edibles. It can also be added to vape e-liquids, or dab wax and oils. 


Another advantage of going with an isolate formula is that there is absolutely no THC so you won’t have to worry about these products triggering a drug test.  


It is sold by gram weight, which is also how you will measure out your doses. It comes in .5g, 1g, 3.5g, 7g or 14g jars with progressive price breaks for the larger volumes.  


CBD Capsules Review 


CBD Distillery offers both 25 mg capsules and soft gels 30 mg soft gels, both made with their full spectrum CBD oil. Unlike many CBD supplements in pill form which are made with a CBD isolate, this has the full cannabinoid profile that CBD Distillery uses for their main hemp oil.  


The advantage of going with these is that dosing does not require any fiddling around…just pop a pill and go. A little more expensive per mg than their tinctures, the added convenience and precise dosing is worth it for those looking for the ultimate in a fast and easy CBD regimen.  


CBD Topicals Review 


There are three skin care products available from this shop, each using the full spectrum extract. Many people find that CBD can sooth the skin and can even provide some penetration into sore muscles and joints. These localized effects tend to happen nearly instantly compared to the 25-30 minutes it can take for oral supplements to take effect.  


CBDol Salve – This topical ointment provides 500mg of CBD per bottle, which is fairly potent when compared to similar topics on the market.  


CBDefine – This topical treatment also contains 500mg of their full spectrum CBD oil plus soothing ingredients such as apricot oil, almond oil, lavender, aloe, rosemary, and more. It smells delightful.  


CBD Vape and Dabs Products Review 


If you have been wanting to try vaping or dabbing to enjoy the feeling of relief that many have with CBD, CBD Distillery offers a budget friendly way to give it a try. They offer a full line of products, including: 


E-liquid – Available in several signature flavors, including customer favorite “Gran Daddy Purp.” You can buy them separately, or try the variety pack. Most of the flavors are in the vein of fruity, so if you like bright flavors then this might be a good place to try. However, they do not have unflavored liquid, so if you are looking for an additive for your favorite flavor at home, you won’t find it here.  


Disposable Vape Cartridges and Pens – If you don’t have your own gear, you can pick up gear with your purchase. It is a little pricier than going with the vape gear you already have and buying just the CBD e-liquid for refills.  


CBD Wax – If dabbing is more your thing, this company also offers wax. They use their CBD isolate, and supplement it with a terpene infusion. It comes in several tasty flavors.  


CBD Suppositories Review 


It might sound strange, and the truth is not many CBD oil suppliers offer this product. However, the manufacturer claims that these suppositories are super-fast acting, making them a choice for customers looking for fast relief while suffering from intense nausea or stomach pains.  

Although pricier per milligram than their tinctures, the price is still quite reasonable. They are made with all natural MCT Coconut oil and come in packs of 3 50mg suppositories.  


CBD Distillery Reviews 


Overall Rating: 4.0 




Value Pricing 

When compared to the competition in terms of the price per mg of CBD, the price point over at CBD Distillery is very reasonable and accessible to those on a budget.  


Customer Reviews on Website 

Unlike some many of the online shops I have researched in building this site, the customer reviews on the products in their online shop seem genuine. Here’s a big clue: They are not 100% positive. If you are looking to find out the real deal on what other customers think about a product, it is nice to be able to read real comments so this is a big plus for this site.  


Full Spectrum 

Although they do offer CBD Isolate products, most of the other products are full spectrum which means they include a range of various cannabinoids present in the hemp they source. Since they provide the latest batch testing for their products on the site, you can see for yourself the actual balance in their CBD oil before you buy. It isn’t the best overall balance of cannabinoids I have seen out there, but it does offer more than just the CBD isolate.   


Transparent Third Party Testing 

This company has their products lab tested from the third party lab, ProVerde Labratories. Testing includes a full spectrum analysis of cannabinoids, as well as testing for heavy metals and pesticide residues. This critical aspect of ensuring quality, and something educated customers of CBD oil should expect from a reputable supplier.  


Who is Behind the Curtain? 

Although the website says that the company was founded by Colorado natives, we don’t know much more than that from their website. However, they do have an active Facebook page that includes 9K followers and an active presence by the folks over at CBD Distillery.  




Lack of Transparency on Extraction Methods 

I was not able to find information on the extraction methods that CBD Distillery uses to extract the CBD oil from the hemp plant. This is the kind of information that many educated consumers know to ask about, so it should be provided.  



Although they are clear about using non-GMO industrial hemp for extraction, it is not clear where they source from, or if they are using only organic hemp for their product lines.  


CBD Distillery Coupon Code 


If you want to know where to find CBD Distillery products online, click the link below and enjoy a 10% coupon on your first purchase. The prices are already pretty good, so this is a real opportunity for a deal.  

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.