Best CBD Lip Balm

Do you have extremely chapped lips? Even after trying several different lip balms, they are still so chapped that they are becoming a problem? Many people have this same dilemma and are trying a new and upcoming, organic way to help relieve their chapped lips.

Does CBD Help Chapped Lips?

Using CBD oil has been shown to help people continue to moisturize their lips but also to add an enhancement of protection to help prevent chapping in the first place. CBD oil helps the lips to begin to make new skin cells to reduce the look of cracking on the lips as well as other nuisances, like cold sores.

There are plenty of different companies that have recognized the popularity of CBD and how it can protect the lips. Here are some of the best cbd chapsticks that you should try. 

1. Serene CBD Lip Balm

Serene’s lip balm is one of the most nourishing ones on the market. The CBD is infused into the lip balm itself, along with other ingredients, including Vitamin E, Avocado Oil, and Organic Shea Butter. 

But, what makes this product so special is the amount of CBD oil in the balm. You get 50 mg of the precious oil, which is over the maximum saturation of 20 mg on all other CBD lip balms on the market today.

• Maximum amount of CBD oil on the market (50mg)
• Plenty of other moisturizing ingredients
• Helps lips achieve top levels of healing and soothing.

• The small size of the tube (only .15oz)

2. CBDistillery Chapstick

Cbdistillery has created another CBD lip balm that is not only easy to apply but also has all the benefits that your lips need in order to prevent chapping and cracking.

It is infused with CBD oil and also mixed with natural ingredients that will restore your lips to the beautiful glory.

• Made with high-quality ingredients
• Offers protection and non-drying ingredients
• The price point is as expected.

• Only offers 25mg of CBD oil in the balm
• Customers say the lip balm leaves an after-taste in the mouth

3. Cannabidiol Life Chapstick

This chapstick contains not only CBD oil, but other fruit extracts that are infused together, helping for a better scent and taste. There are also different flavor options, as well as all-natural ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, and sunflower oil. 

• Lots of all natural ingredients
• Flavor options for a better taste
• Not as expensive as other brands

• Only 25mg of CBD oil
• some flavors leave an after-taste in your mouth

4. Receptra Naturals

The all natural ingredients in this chapstick will leave your lips feeling nourished and refreshed. The ingredients are high quality and will help to bring your lips back from any instances of chapped or cracked lips.

• 15 mg of CBD oil infused in every tube of the product
• Helps lips look younger and healthier than ever before
• Not as expensive as other brands on the market

• 15 mg of CBD oil is one of the lowest amounts on the market
• Some of the other ingredients included in the balm may cause irritation.

5. Try the CBD

Try the CBD is a company that specializes in making organic, high-quality products that are also infused with CBD oil. CBD oil has been proven to help with many body ailments, and with our lip balm, we address the lips.

This product is awesome for any person who may suffer through incredibly chapped lips, or lips that are so dry that they are prone to cracking and bleeding. 

The CBD oil leaves your lips feeling healthy and luxurious, without the waxy residue that is left behind on your lips sometimes.

• Includes 50 mg of CBD oil
• Includes Shea Butters and Cocoa Butters
• Competitive price point compared to others on the market

• Experiencing irritation of the surrounding lip area is possible.
• Some users experienced a tingling sensation of the lips after applying.

6. Elixinol

Elixinol is famous for creating products with high-quality ingredients to uphold their high company standards. Their lip balm has more than just moisturizing qualities, but will also actually heal your lips after they have been exposed to harsh elements or our everyday lifestyle.

• Full-spectrum CBD
• Great taste
• Provides an extra dose of vitamin D for rejuvenating your lips

• Very low dose - only 5mg of CBD. 
• The product cannot be used by those who have serious medical conditions or take prescriptions.

7. Endoca Lips + Skin

This product created by Endoca is not only able to be used on the lips, but also on different parts of the skin. This is beneficial to those who experience other types of skin ailments, such as dry and blotchy skin patches.

It’s really useful and not to mention convenient to have one item to take care of everything for you. The ingredients in this product are all natural and are absorbed through the skin to provide the replenishing feeling that your lips and skin are probably craving.

• Organic and all natural ingredients
• Can repair the skin – not just the lips.
• All the ingredients are lab tested and 100% certified.

• The cost of one tube is a little on the pricier side
• Only includes 20mg of CBD oil – some feel since it can be used for both lips and skin there should be more present in the tube.

CBD Lip Balm Benefits

There are several different benefits of using a CBD chapstick for extremely chapped lips. The extra oil within the lip balm helps the skin be able to heal itself faster than using the average lip balm. The CBD oil will actually help improve the look of your lips over time and prolonged usage.

For example, if you’re a person who is worried about your lips having lines and “showing your age,” these products can help you look younger.

Potential Side Effects

There are little to no side effects from using CBD lip balms. There are several different conditions that they can also assist in healing and prevention. For example, CBD has the power to drastically help anyone who experiences cold sores on their lips, especially if the person applies it at first sight of an outbreak.

Final Thoughts

CBD is rising in popularity. There has been research that shows CBD oil is a key ingredient in restoring and protecting the skin and helping the lips look juicier and younger. The 7 best CBD lip balms appear on this list and have been shown to heal and rejuvenate your skin.

Make sure you keep one handy in your pocket or purse in order to keep that refreshing feeling lasting through. 

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.