CBD Essence Review

Review Summary

Premium CBD Products For Every Specific Need

The Good

  • CBD products are third party lab tested for quality
  • Industry leading CO2 extraction method used
  • Organic, non-GMO plants used
  • Full-spectrum CBD extracts available

The Bad

  • Lab results and extraction methods may be difficult to find for new customers
  • Prices are a bit on the higher side

Bottom Line

CBD Essence has done a good job of providing a wide range of high quality CBD products to consumers. We like this brand a lot. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

CBD essence has been in business longer than many other CBD-based supplement companies, having been established in 2014 and currently based in Florida. CBD essence is actually part of the NutraHemp brand, which is one of the better known manufacturers of food grade CBD products.

Led by CEO Don Ballew, the company was established out of the necessity for creating a brand that offered top-quality products, since at that time many companies were using substandard extraction methods and just relied on the placebo effects attributed to CBD. The company is very proud of its offerings and is well received by consumers across the world.

CBD Quality

There are a few things that stand out in terms of CBD essences commitment to quality, including the following:

  • Third-party lab testing of products – the company ensures that each of their finished products has been tested for quality and purity, a necessary step in today's marketplace. You can find the results of these lab analysis on individual product pages. Any company that takes customer satisfaction and competitiveness seriously must have the results of these tests publicly available on their website.
  • Non-GMO hemp – non-GMO hemp is ideal for extracting CBD oils from as the risk of untoward effects from unpredictable changes is low. In addition to this, not using fertilizers on plants also makes the brand a fully sustainable hemp company, and you are better protected from harsh effects of chemicals or additives
  • Full-spectrum CBD oils – all of their products are full-spectrum CBD oils, even though it still adheres to maximum limits for THC at 0.3%. Full-spectrum oils are generally the most potent extracts you can buy, as they contain all naturally occurring terpenes, cannabinoids and other compounds that help you to experience the entourage effect, a magnification of its therapeutic potency when consumed.
  • CO2 extraction method – the company also states that their products are made via CO2 extraction process, which is currently the industry-standard for ensuring maximum purity and potency, as extracts do not retain harmful byproducts from chemical solvents.


CBD Essence has a very decent sized catalog, offering for sale many of the most common products you are likely to look for when seeking out CBD formulations. Their current line includes:


No offering of CBD products is complete without the classic CBD oil tincture dosage form. CBD Essence has made available their CBD hemp oil tinctures in two concentrations; a 1 ounce bottle that supplies 300 mg CBD, and a 2 ounce bottle that supplies 600 mg CBD.

The company also uses a unique colloidal emulsion suspension liquid technology, which claims to boost its absorption when used sublingually. You're also likely to be pleasantly surprised by the many unique flavors offered which includes cinnamon, mango, grape, spearmint, vanilla and natural. A bottle of the 1 ounce tincture retails for $44, while a bottle of the 600 mg tincture retails for $79.


One thing different about CBD Essence capsules is the fact that it is considerably more potent than the tinctures. This might be a huge advantage when you come to think of it, as consuming a single liposomal capsule that delivers a massive amount of CBD is not only convenient, but might be significantly cheaper than the liquid as well.

They currently have four capsule count bottles, 30, 60, 90 and 12o.

Each capsule supplies standard 35 mg CBD, with each bottle size respectively retailing for $74, $134, $176 and $226. Liposome capsules are said to assist absorption when compared to standard soft gel capsules.

CBD Edibles

If you love chewing your CBD, but are tired with standard chocolate or brownies, maybe you’ll love CBD Essence's chewy CBD candy.

Yes, you read that right – candy. Available in yummy chocolate, mint, chocolate mint and orange mint zest flavors, and available in two package sizes, 30 count and 1 pound bags, each individual chewy candy supplies 10 mg CBD. Use as needed for relief.

Depending on which package you choose, you can expect to pay $38 or $68-$76 respectively.

CBD Topicals

CBD Essence Active Support Hot Muscle Rub

The benefits of CBD for relieving muscle soreness are well-established, but combine it with capsaicin and what you have is an even better analgesic. If you are an active individual that partakes in a lot of exercise, you will love the pain relieving effects of this topical. Each 2 ounce jar supplies a total of 600 mg CBD oil, and it also smells great without a heavy residual footprint.

One jar of the hot muscle rub retails for $51

CBD Lifestyle All-Purpose Lotion

While marketed on the website as an effective pain relief lotion, in reality you can use this to benefit your skin as well. The many essential oils and refreshing eucalyptus moisturizes skin better than many expensive products on the market, and also soothes discomfort as it does this.

A 2 ounce jar of the lotion retails for $51.

CBD Vape Products

You cannot argue with the popularity of Vaping CBD products. As more people turn to Vaping for relief, companies must adapt and offer high-quality Vaping paraphernalia as well. CBD Essence does this well, offering several different suitable vape type products on the website. This includes a 30 mL CBD hemp oil Vaping liquid refill in order to save on buying new CBD oil cartridges by making your own. A bottle of the 30 mL refill liquid retails for $51 or $89.99 depending on if you choose a bottle that supplies 420 mg or 820 mg.

CBD Vape Oil Kit With Battery, Charger And 10 ML Vape Refill

This kit is ideal for people who need the entire works. Containing one prefilled cartridge, a small 10 ML refill bottle, battery and charger for just $42, this is ideal when now starting Vaping.

CBD Hemp Oil Vaporizer Prefilled Cartridges

Ready to use prefilled vape cartridges are preferred by some people who would rather not have to refill themselves, with the minor disadvantage that they are more costly than doing it yourself. You can purchase a two or three pack of the prefilled vape cartridges for $37.50 or $49 respectively.

CBD pet products

Your pets also possess an endocannabinoid system, and can benefit from the use of CBD in a manner similar to the way humans do. For this reason, pet based CBD products are an emerging market that show extreme promise, especially in helping to manage symptoms associated with an aging parent. CBD Essence has available two pet specific products:

Edible Dog Biscuits

These crunchy hemp biscuits taste great so your pet will not have a hard time eating them, and supply a total of 10 mg CBD in each biscuit. Available in 10, 25 and 50 count bags, you can expect to pay between $14 to $62 depending on which packet you pick up.

Recommended for: relieving separation anxiety, PTSD, pain due to arthritis, or for stimulating appetite.

CBD Oil Pet Drops

If you have difficulty getting your dog to consume the solid treats, the oils may be more attractive based on the fact that they are rapidly absorbed from the mouth. Available in 0.5 oz. and 1 oz. bottles that supply 75 mg and 150 mg CBD respectively, a bottle of these oils cost either $19 or $26.

My Recommendation

CBD Essence has done a good job of maintaining high standards to ensure quality products are made available for consumers. I honestly couldn't find much wrong with this brand, as they have done an excellent job in the effort of transparency.

Their product range is also decent, which means that you are likely to find something suitable when you visit their website. For this reason, I have no hesitation recommending CBD Essence to you – they are an awesome company.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.