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The Good

  • Full spectrum CBD oils
  • Products are independently lab tested
  • USA Grown and harvested, non-GMO hemp
  • Affordable pricing

The Bad

  • Limited product range
  • Products will contain a stronger “earthy” taste

Bottom Line

High quality CBD, however as a new brand Canviva still have a narrow product range and haven't built much of a reputation yet. 

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

About The Brand

Canviva may seem like a newcomer to the CBD scene, having only been established in 2018, but behind it stands two gentleman with years of experience in marketing and sales between them, with both of them avid enthusiasts of CBD and its effects on health.

These gentlemen, Jim Zimmermanand Dave Rye, have led the Minnesota-based company since its establishment under the name C4life, which is now replaced by the Canviva brand that we will be talking about.

The brand is dedicated to helping you experience the best CBD actions, using full-spectrum tinctures enhanced with specific botanicals that support you on your wellness journey.

CBD Quality

Canviva is exceptional at letting you know all of the necessary steps and guidelines they follow to ensure that only top quality CBD products are offered for sale on the website, and do so via the following:

  • Using USA grown organic hemp – hemp that is grown in the United States adhere to strict growth and harvesting guidelines, and generally offer a greater sense of security that hemp that is sourced overseas. Canvivadoes this very well and starts off on the right foot.
  • Ethanol-based extraction – the popularity of ethanol-based extraction for CBD oil is fast growing and may possibly eclipse CO2 as the preferred method of extraction across the industry, especially when it comes to full-spectrum CBD extracts. Foodgrade ethanol is also extremely safe and does a good job of maximizing the overall potency of CBD extracts.
  • Non-GMO hemp – all their hemp plants are GMO free which means that a greater degree of safety is attached to the final product.
  • Third-party lab testing – independent third-party lab analysis of CBD oil and finished product is necessary for a company to be taken seriously and held to a high quality of standard. These labs tests measure overall cannabinoid content, ensuring that it contains an acceptable amount of THC, and also verifies if the extract is free of toxic heavy metals or pesticides.
  • Full-spectrum CBD oil – full-spectrum oils are considered the most potent when compared to broad-spectrum or isolate forms, as the naturally occurring range of cannabinoids, terpenes and flavonoids help it to deliver the entourage effect. The entourage effect can be seen as the synergistic amplification of its expected benefits to a magnitude greater than what was expected.


Canviva has a balanced product catalog for such a young company, and boast the largest range of CBD specific tinctures on the market, having 10 different tincture varieties available for purchase.

What would you need all these different tinctures for? This is actually a good thing, as each unique tincture is imbued with added botanicals and ingredients that make it much better at its job. The tinctures they have for sale include:

Balance CBD Oil Tincture

Containing a mixture of thyme in fenugreek, this oil is said to be of particular benefit in regulating intestinal health, including reducing digestive disturbances such as loss of appetite, nausea, chronic constipation or gastritis.

This is an interesting and unique selling proposition, as not many companies offer CBD products which make digestive issues a point of focus for them.

Each 30ml bottle supplies a total of 500 mg CBD, in a MCT oil base and retails for $75.

Canviva BALANCE CBD Oil Tincture

Boost CBD Oil Tincture

The boostCBD tincture is meant to do just that; help boost your energy levels at times during the day when you need it most.

Enhanced with lemon and coriander, it is also said to help improve mood and motivation, reducing negativity.

In a manner similar to many of the other tinctures in this line, a 30 ml bottle supplies 500 mg CBD and retails for $75.

Canviva BOOST CBD Oil Tincture

Calm CBD Oil Tincture

Are you feeling stressed out or overwhelmed?

Then the Canvivacalm CBD oil tincture is just what you need.

Enhanced with bergamot and ylang ylang essential oils, it is said to be of particular benefit when dealing with stress, anxious feelings, irritability other psychological mood disorders.

Take it when feeling overwhelmed, such as after you come home and wish to leave some of the stress behind.

The 500 mg strength bottle retails for $75

Canviva CALM CBD Oil Tincture

Focus CBD Oil Tincture

If you are studying, and looking for an effective natural way to enhance your focus and concentration, this tincture will work for you.

The combination of holy basil and lemon balm is said to help support cognitive health by buffering the effects of high cortisol levels, supporting blood sugar balance and also reducing anxiety and distractions.

Together, you are likely to be better prepared to focus on the task at hand.

The 1 ounce bottle retails for $75 as well.

Canviva FOCUS CBD Oil Tincture

Pure CBD Oil Tincture

One mistake many companies make in an effort to differentiate themselves is to exclude basic offerings.

Canviva has avoided that trap, since in addition to their specialized tinctures, they also have the classic CBD oil tincture.

Available in natural and mint flavors, this full-spectrum oil does not have all the bells and whistles that make it better for specific issues at hand, but can be considered the Jack of all trades of their product line.

A bottle of this oil retails for the typical $75.

Recommended for: mild to moderate pain relief, management of anxiety or depression, occasional sleeplessness, digestive issues.

Canviva PURE CBD Oil Tincture

Soluble CBD Oil Tincture

Being an oil, sometimes it can be difficult to incorporate CBD oil into your favorite foods or drinks.

However, this problem can be overcome by micronization; reducing the size of individual particles to a minuscule fraction of what it originally was, increasing water solubility significantly in the process.

This tincture can be considered a pure full-spectrum CBD oil, with the exception that its absorption is said to be far superior to typical oil.

You can easily add this to liquids or foods of your choice. A bottle of this soluble CBD oil tincture which contains 500 mg CBD retails for the slightly higher price of $100, but in my opinion is totally worth it.

Canviva SOLUBLE CBD Oil Tincture

Restore CBD Oil Tincture

CBD oil is highly sought-after for its restorative properties, so it should be a no-brainer to enhance these natural properties with turmeric and Ginger essential oils.

Well-suited for management of joint or muscle pains, this specific tincture can give you the relief you need fast.

If you are suffering from arthritis, or muscle pain following your workout yesterday, the restore CBD oil tincture is there to help you out.

You should not be slowed down because of a pain. This tincture is here to ensure that you don't.

Canviva RESTORE CBD Oil Tincture

Rest CBD Oil Tincture

Another one of the most popular uses of CBD oil is for its ability to help you get a restful night’s sleep.

Indeed, being as effective as, and even superior to many prescription sedatives, CBD helps to restore the balance of your delicate circadian rhythm and enable you to experience truly restorative sleep.

This tincture is enhanced with chamomile and clary Sage oil for a significant boost in its antianxiety and relaxation promoting properties.

So, after a hard day use a bit of this oil and feel all your worries melt away. It’s time you enjoyed the sleep you deserve.

A bottle of this tincture retails for $75.

Canviva REST CBD Oil Tincture

High Potency Pure CBD Oil Tincture

The exact same thing as the classic pure CBD oil tincture with the exception that it contains 3x the strength; 1500 mg versus 500 mg per bottle.

This makes it suitable for people that may require higher doses of CBD to see therapeutic benefits, and makes it easier to get it with fewer drops.

A bottle of the high potency pure CBD oil retails for $150.

Canviva High Potency CBD Oil Tincture

CBD Topicals

Relieve CBD Oil Roll-On Pain Gel

Sometimes localized targeted action is all that is needed to bring you relief.

You're in luck, as this roll on gel enhanced with Arnica and moisturizing aloe is perfect for rapid relief by applying to wherever pains you.

Perfect for muscle pain or arthritis, although, vitamin Jojoba oil and others also condition your skin as it works.

Canviva RELIEVE CBD Oil Roll-On Pain Gel

Soothe CBD Oil Balm

This soothe CBD oil balm enhanced which shea butter and lavender can do multiple things.

Looking to enhance the quality of your skin? Check. Or maybe you want to manage discomfort of inflammation, insect bites, dry flaky skin, or even aches and pains. Check again.

You can simply add this to your evening skin care routine to have muscle tension disappear and have the quality of your skin improve, there's truly something for everyone with this product.

Canviva SOOTHE CBD Oil Balm

CBD Pet Products

Dogs and cats possess an endocannabinoid system very close to our own, and generally encounter many of the same issues we do as they age.

This makes CBD oil well-suited for easing their discomfort as well, so why not give them pure pet CBD oil tincture.

A bottle of the pet CBD oil tincture supplies the same 500 mg CBD you have been accustomed to, but instead of using MCT Oil, it uses salmon oil.

Recommended for: reducing anxiety, easing pain and improve mobility, supporting appetite and digestion, enhancing skin and fur quality, managing cancer pain, seizure disorders.

Canviva PURE PET CBD Oil Tincture

Special Offers

While these are classified as bundles, they're more correctly special offers. For instance, if you purchase two separate 500 mg tinctures, you are eligible for a free topical CBD product of your choice, either the balm or roll on gel.

You would have paid $180 had you purchased these separately, but the special offer enables you to pay just $150, effectively getting a free topical product.

Not a bad deal.

Canviva Special Offer

My Recommendation

Canviva has done pretty well so far for a short time in business. They have generous amounts of lab results available on the website, they make it their mission to point out all of their high quality standards, and their prices are extremely competitive.

They can currently be considered a primarily tincture based company, but in the future it is very likely that they roll out new product offerings as well. Regardless, I am very impressed with this young company, and as a result I am proud to give them my blessings and recommend that you check them out.

Canviva Special Offer

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