From relieving pain to stimulating appetite, CBD products offer a range of positive effects to help individuals who are battling with cancer. Statistically, one in three people will develop a form of cancer at some point in their lives.

Some studies suggest that taking CBD supplements daily can prevent certain types of cancer from forming. We're not claiming that CBD can treat cancer itself, as the disease has many complex forms, with each type affecting the body differently.

However, CBD can certainly help to manage the common symptoms that cancer causes within humans. CBD can also help to relieve the side effects of conventional cancer treatments such as Radiotherapy and Chemotherapy.

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What is CBD?

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of many chemical compounds that are found in the cannabis plant. You've probably heard of THC, the compound in cannabis that gives users a ‘high’ feeling. CBD shouldn't be confused with CBD as CBD has no psychoactive or mind-altering effects.

CBD has become increasingly popular over the previous decade as research into the compound is finding that it has incredible benefits for treating or alleviating many human ailments. With medical marijuana now legal in 29 U.S states, the world is opening its eyes to the medicinal properties offered by this natural plant.

As research progresses, many people with cancer have praised CBD as a natural remedy for many of the discomfort caused by both the disease and its treatment methods.

What is Cancer? 

Cancer is the name chosen for a collection of different diseases that share common symptoms. In every type of cancer, some cells begin to divide without ceasing and spread into the surrounding tissues.

Cancer can start to grow anywhere in our bodies. In average, healthy people, cells will grow and divide only when the body needs them. As individual cells grow old and die, new cells replace them, When cancer starts to develop, this process is disrupted, and cells become increasingly abnormal.

Older, damaged cells start to survive instead of dying, and new cells from where they are not needed. As these new cells divide, they form tumors.

Research on CBD and Cancer:

In July of 2018, a promising study released data that showed Chemotherapy combined with CBD products slowed the proliferation rate of cancer cells and tripled the survival rate in mice with pancreatic cancer.

Various other studies have shown that cannabinoids may have a protective effect against developing certain types of tumors, especially hepatic and benign tumors in mice and rats that were subjected to testing.

CBD is also known to aid in the prevention of new blood vessels growing into tumors, reduction of cancer cells invading nearby tissues, and speeding up a process known as autophagy, which can lead to cell death.

CBD is still classified in a schedule 1 drug in developed countries such as the USA, meaning that it can't be used in human trials. However, in other countries, medical professionals are finding consistent positive results with human cancer patients.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Cancer

CBD oil has a variety of benefits for people with cancer. It's a great alternative to overprescribed opiates when it comes to relieving pain associated with some forms of cancer. Tumors can cause aches, pains, and inflammation, CBD oil is known to help reduce these types of pain.

Cancer treatments can often be long-winded and can leave people suffering from depression. CBD is reported to help stabilize peoples moods and combat depression and anxiety. The supplement will also help to increase peoples appetites, which will tackle the weight loss associated with cancer and its treatment methods.

As mentioned above, CBD oil has been known to slow the growth and inhibit the regeneration of cancer cells in animal studies. This gives hope for us humans and would be a welcome side effect when taking CBD oil to treat other cancer-associated maladies.

CBD for Cancer Prevention and Much More:

Back in 2012, a study discovered that animals treated with CBD products were significantly less likely to develop colon cancer after their exposure to carcinogens in a laboratory. Before this, there had been several studies proving that THC prevented and reduced tumor sizes.

CBD is known for its anti-inflammatory properties and can be used to treat inflammation associated with a wide range of diseases, including cancer. It's also known for its skin healing properties and can be used in the treatment of hives, eczema, and other allergic reactions.

CBD can also improve the rate of bone metabolism in humans, reducing the risk of osteoporosis and potentially some types of bone cancer. On top of this, CBD helps to enhance healthy levels of sleep, which is great for our general wellbeing and good health.

How to Use CBD Oil for Cancer:

Speak to your doctor or health professional prior to using any CBD products alongside their recommended cancer treatments. With many new immunotherapy treatments and clinical trials ongoing, it's best to get the green-light for any products that could impact the way your specific medication is administered or measured.

Once given the go-ahead to use CBD oil products during your stages or treatment and subsequent periods of recovery, it's recommended that you start low, and go slow. Gradually building up your dosage in line with how well you respond to the CBD products.

CBD oil can be taken orally or mixed with food or drink. We recommend that you start by adding 1mg per kilo of body weight a day to your diet and work your way up from there if necessary.

Appropriate CBD Dosage Levels for Cancer:

Research in animals suggests that 15mg/kg of body weight is an appropriate starting dosage for CBD in adults. CBD has no known adverse effects at any level of dosage, therefore causing no side effects of risks of overdose. That being said, too much CBD may be less effective than a moderate dose.

Therefore, it's recommended to start with a lower dosage and work out what feels best for you. Everybody is different, each of us having different pain thresholds and various symptoms. We suggest starting to dose at 10mg of CBD daily and reduce/increase the dosage accordingly.

 Best CBD Oll for Cancer:

When choosing a CBD oil to treat cancer symptoms or any other maladies, you should look for a potent product, lab tested, full spectrum, preferably organic, or GMO-free. The best CBD brands will make their testing information public and available to consumers.

The best companies will offer full-spectrum, CBD oil products. This can be proven if they display the results fo their independent cannabinoid profile tests on their website or packaging. Look for these quality indicators before choosing a CBD supplier to buy your oil from.

Remember to avoid products that contain THC mixed with CBD as some of these can cause adverse psychoactive reactions in humans. THC is a mind altering substance and should be taken with caution and treated with a level of respect concerning its sometimes potent effects. THC is highly regulated and is illegal in some states.

The Future of CBD oil and Cancer:

As we've discovered, cannabinoids can show antitumor activity in cell lines and animal models of some forms of cancer. That being said, there is not sufficient evidence in humans at the moment.

The interactions between cannabinoids and cancerous tumors need to be precisely defined so that new treatment methods can be invented and curated for best results.

Therefore, more and more profound studies need to be undertaken to verify the advantages of introducing CBD into mainstream cancer treatment procedures across the world.

To conclude, there is sufficient evidence to prove that CBD oil and other CBD products can help to manage and alleviate the symptoms associated with cancer, Chemotherapy, and other cancer treatments.

Cancer patients may benefit from increased appetite, reduced levels of pain, decreased levels of depression and improved sleep as a result of daily ingestion of CBD products.

Anyone wishing to begin taking CBD to prevent or treat cancer should consult a health professional if starting or undergoing treatment to manage cancer symptoms. Dosage varies across individuals, so it's vital to start with a low to mid-range dosage and tweak the daily CBD consumption levels from there onwards.

As medicine progresses and new treatments become available to manage and cure certain types of cancer, it's likely that CBD products will play a pivotal role wither combined with medications, or on their own. We look forward to continuing to provide information regarding CBD and cancer as research progresses in this complex area.