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The Good

  • Free shipping on orders over $49
  • Full spectrum products (few isolates as well)
  • Easily located lab testing results
  • CO2 and alcohol extraction
  • USA grown and processed hemp (hemp seed oil is Canadian sourced)
  • Disabled, low-income and veteran discounts

The Bad

  • No topicals
  • Limited Vape Products

Bottom Line

Bluebird Botanicals has mastered their craft. When you come to their website, you are likely to be blown away by the quality, pricing and overall aesthetic appeal their brand brings. The only thing missing from the website is a topical product offering, but who knows, that may be on the horizon as well.

Overall Rating:    4.5/5

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About The Brand

The first thing that stands out upon a visit to Bluebird Botanicals website is its clean looking navigation. This should be the case with all CBD based businesses with an internet presence, but sadly isn’t the case. Bluebird Botanicals has definitely mastered their craft, as should any business that has been in the CBD industry since 2012- a time when many people were still apprehensive about anything cannabis related.

Based in the “Rocky Mountain High” state of Colorado, Bluebird Botanicals has an impressive reputation behind it. Led by Brandon Beatty, a gentleman with extensive experience in the hemp industry, the brand is one of few to actually receive glyphosate-free certification; a sign that plants used are truly absent of this commonly employed toxic pesticide.

They are also compassionate enough to offer discounts to veterans, the disabled and individuals with low income who may need the products just as much- and even more than other members of society.

The company was voted the number 1 hemp company in 2018 at the Cannabis Business Awards, testament to their unwavering commitment to keep offerings the top of the hemp food chain. Their interest in sustainable agricultural practices also helps leave a minimal environmental footprint. Bluebird Botanicals looks like a truly amazing company.

CBD Quality

Winning the Cannabis Business Awards is not an easy feat to accomplish, and gives an indication about how seriously a company takes CBD quality. Bluebird Botanicals offers top notch products by adhering to multiple CBD quality guidelines. These include:

  • Using USA Grown Hemp- all the hemp used to manufacture Bluebird Botanicals products are grown in the United States prior to harvesting and extraction. As part of the US Hemp Roundtable and Hemp Industries Associations, the brand is big on using organic plants only. This way, acceptable farming practices are mandated, along with GMP approved facilities during production.
  • Alcohol And CO2 Extraction- while many companies choose one or the other, Bluebird Botanicals has wisely made use of both extraction methods. Alcohol extraction, they state, is historically the most widely used method in the production of CBD oils, but they also use CO2 when production require greater processing. There is also no need to worry about the presence of toxic byproducts since alcohol and CO2 methods are both extremely safe.
  • Thorough third party product testing- Bluebird Botanicals cuts no corners when it comes to proving that their finished products are top notch, by making available comprehensive results of independent lab tests conducted on each product batch. They don’t hide the results or make them difficult to locate either- you can find them prominently on the homepage of the website and alongside individual product pages.
  • Full spectrum hemp extracts- the majority of Bluebird Botanicals product catalog consists of full spectrum products, which is excellent as they are generally considered the cream of the crop. Full spectrum hemp extracts are much more likely to help you experience the coveted entourage effect of CBD oils, which is amplification of the underlying properties by synergism of natural components.


Bluebird Botanicals has a very streamlined product catalog- something I’d expect no less of them since they have done so much correct already. Offering lines include:

Hemp Extract Oil (Standard Strength CBD Oil)

Bluebird Botanicals hemp extract oil line actually consists of 3 separate oils; Classic, Complete and Signature, which each bring different things to the table.

For instance, their Classic Hemp Extract oil contains full spectrum CBD from hemp in a hemp seed oil base.

The Complete Hemp Extract Oil, on the other hand is enhanced with even more naturally occurring terpenes, but also a 1:1 split of raw cannabinoids to processed ones. This means approximately 50% CBD and CBDA, as the raw plant extracts are said to bring something different to the table completely.

The signature oil, contains all the naturally occurring cannabinoids and accessory compounds in full spectrum oils, but also includes the coveted black seed oil and frankincense oils for their unique spectrum of other naturally occurring terpenes and phytochemicals. These two additional extracts give full spectrum oils a significant boost in their health promoting properties, and is unique because no other company is doing this quite the same way.

Bottle sizes of these oils range from the tiny 0.3 oz. (10 ml) to the supersized 8 oz. bottles, perfect for if you’re just trying them out to see which works best or if you are a regular connoisseur. Depending on which you choose, price varies from $9.95 all the way up to $159.95.

CBD Oil Geek Pro Tip: if you’re unsure which to choose and are in the processing of testing to find out, we recommend picking up the combo sample pack deal which includes the 0.3 oz. sized bottles of all 3 versions. You save a bit when doing this as well.

Concentrated CBD Oils

What makes the concentrated CBD oils different from the standard line? In case it wasn’t quite obvious, it is more concentrated. BY A LOT. To be precise, 6x more. Of course, these oils may not be suitable for everyone, but based on the fact that there are quite a few people that need high amounts, it may be much more convenient and cost effective to go for these.

Sizes remain the same for this line, starting at 0.3 oz. and going up to 8 oz. prices range from $44.95- $649.95 depending on which oil/size bottle you choose.

CBD Capsules

Dislike the grassy taste of natural full spectrum CBD oils? Then you’re probably better off using the capsules. Bringing all the goodness of the classic CBD oils; full spectrum with range of natural terpenes and flavonoids, but in an easy to swallow dosage form, these are just the thing you need.

Available in two varieties, standard- which supplies 5mg total cannabinoids per capsule, and concentrated, which delivers 3x more (15mg/ capsule), with two bottle sizes of 30 and 60 count, you have no excuses to avoid CBD oil.

Prices for the standard (two sizes) are $2.95 and $48.95, while the concentrated capsules cost $39.95 or $74.95 respectively.

CBD Vape Juice

Better known as a vape oil (the name Vape Juice is misleading IMO), this CBD isolate oil is specifically for use in a vaping pen. Unflavored, it can be combined with flavored e-liquids prior to vaping if needed. Per 1 oz. it delivers approximately 1000mg CBD, and uses only USP (United States pharmacopoeia) grade vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol.

A bottle of the CBD vape juice will cost either $19.95 (for the smaller 0.3 oz. bottle) or $49.95.

CBD Isolate

If you are looking for the purest experience derived from using CBD, these isolates are the way to go. Comprising of high purity 96-99.9% CBD, its tasteless, odorless crystalline appearance makes it suitable for addition to your favorite foods and drinks.

Feel free to add some to baked goods if you like, the options are limitless. CBD isolate crystals like this don’t come cheap, however, since 1g costs $24.95. Bluebird Botanicals also offers bulk isolate from time to time, based on availability (and from appearances, bulk quantity appears to sell out fast).

THC Free CBD Oil

Consisting of CBD isolate only in a MCT coconut oil base, this oil is a good choice for people with sensitives to even a small amount of THC. It is also a better choice for athletes or anyone who is regularly drug tested, as even minuscule amounts of THC could flag a test positive.

Each ounce delivers 1500mg CBD, with prices ranging from $29.95 (0.3 oz.) to $399.95 for the largest size (8 oz.).

CBD Pet Products

The market for CBD pet supplements is fast growing, as evidenced by the fact that all mammals have an endocannabinoid system and can benefit from using CBD and hemp extracts in much the same way they we use it for therapeutic benefit. Bluebird Botanicals has made available two primary types of products for pets; oils, and capsules.

The Companion CBD oil supplies 250mg full spectrum cannabinoids per ounce, while the capsules are available in a standard and concentrated strength variety.

Per capsule, they supply either 5 mg or 15 mg respectively depending on which capsule product you choose.

The cost for the oils start at $9.95 for the 0.3 oz. bottle, and go up to $139.95 for the largest 8 oz. size, while the capsules start from $24.95 and go up to $74.95 depending on whether you opt for the standard or high strength capsules, and the 30 or 60 count sizes.

Recommended for: relieving anxiety, firework PTSD, insomnia, pain and inflammation as a result of injury or aging, modulating healthy appetite.

My Recommendation

Bluebird Botanicals has mastered their craft. When you come to their website, you are likely to be blown away by the quality, pricing and overall aesthetic appeal their brand brings. The only thing missing from the website is a topical product offering, but who knows, that may be on the horizon as well.

In addition to my two thumbs way up, I also give them my kudos for a great job in delivering a level of transparency that other brands should emulate.

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Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.