Best CBD Vape Cartridge

Pods and cartridges are a solid way to get your toes wet in the world of vaping CBD. The below products already contain CBD juice and work with your vape pen or JUUL battery. With this guide, you can learn the difference between the two types and discover more about the best options currently on the market.

What is a CBD Cartridge?
A CBD vape pen cartridge is a little tube that contains CBD juice. When placed onto a pen or JUUL battery that is powered on, the cartridge begins to heat up. When the juice reaches a certain temperature, it begins to let off a vapor into the mouthpiece. From there, the user puts their lips around the mouthpiece and inhales the vapor in order to receive the calming effects of the CBD liquid. Unlike cigarette smoke, the vapor can safely interact with the body without causing side effects.

CBD Cartridge Vs CBD Vape Oil
While CBD cartridges contain liquid that is meant to be vaped, CBD oil is most often in a concentrated form that is meant to be ingested under the tongue. By placing these concentrate under the tongue, the oil gets absorbed into the bloodstream quicker. This allows the mellow effect of CBD to manifest as soon as possible. CBD oil isn't meant to be vaped, which is the main difference between the two forms.

Factors to Look for in a Good CBD Vape Cartridge
There are 4 things to look out for when determining the quality of a top CBD cartridge. The first is how potent it is. The more milligrams of CBD, the stronger the effect will be. Secondly, you can look at the value compared to other cartridges. By comparing the milligram count with the price, you can quickly see if a particular cartridge is a good deal or not.

Next, you want to look at the purity of the product. The goal is to have pure organic hemp and CBD extract only. Many brands resort to using additives like propylene glycol to make the liquid last longer. These substances are toxic and ideally should not be ingested. Last but not least, you want to see how natural the juice is. Natural juice will have terpenes in it exclusively. Some cartridges contain questionable chemicals that taste like terpenes but nobody knows for sure what they do. It is recommended to only ingest products that are made from reliable ingredients.

1. Vape Bright Thrive - Best CBD Prefilled Cartridge

This starter pack is a great choice for beginners as it comes with a battery to get you going. The cartridge itself contains 200mg which will last you a decent while. Each inhale gives you 1mg of vapor, which is a pretty powerful does. The battery lasts for over 100 puffs so can easily get through a full day before needing a charge.

  • Comes with a carrying case for easy transportation
  • Fast charging that only takes 30 minutes
  • 3.2V battery allows for potent draws

  • No instructions for first time users
  • Charger can lose power after a while

2. Koi Spectrum Cartridge

If you are looking for a cbd vape oil cartridge with a strong terpene flavor, then this is a great option for you. Due to Koi's extraction process, they are able to maximize the potency of the terpenes in each cartridge. There are 2 sizes to choose from. The 250mg and the 500mg for anyone who wants the most bang for their buck.

  • Very high mg content is more potent than most brands
  • Great flavor if you like Terpenes
  • All natural ingredients

  • Contains no THC
  • The flavor may be strong if you don't like terpenes

3. Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bomb vape tanks come in 3 different strength levels for users of all experience levels. Beginners can enjoy 125mg, intermediate users can try 300mg, and the most advanced users can experience a whopping 1000mg! This is an incredibly potent product that will surely mellow out anyone in a hurry.

  • Over ten different flavors to choose from
  • The extraction process yields a very pure product
  • The hemp is grown in clean soli

  • Fairly high price per cartridge
  • The battery is sold separately

4. Cbdistillery

These cartridges are produced from naturally grown hemp that produces a very pure and healthy product. Each cartridge contains 200mg of CBD and comes in a variety of flavors. You can purchase a pack with multiple flavors and save money in the long run. There are also disposable pens you can buy if you need a way to vape the cartridges.

  • There are no GMOs in any of the flavors
  • Variety packs make it easy to try multiple flavors at once
  • Very good value for the money

  • High shipping costs to motivate people to buy in bulk
  • Only one level of potency to choose from

5. Try the CBD 

This site offers six different flavors in both 300mg and 500mg sizes. This is a nice dosage for people looking for potent puffs each and every time. The cartridges are not refillable, so they must be thrown out after use. They are also only compatible;e with 510 style batteries, so make sure you have a compatible charger before purchasing.

  • Good flavor selection
  • Great value for the cost
  • Fairly potent dosage level

  • Requires a 510 style battery to function properly
  • Not many options for beginners

The above list is a solid representation of what to look for in a CBD cartridge. All of the above products contain natural ingredients and are far more pure than many things currently available. If you are still undecided, the Vape Bright Thrive is a great place to start and what we recommend the most. The cartridges are potent and always produce powerful hits. It is easy to operate and maintain as well. If you haven't tried vaping CBD before, give the Vape Bright a try and watch your day become that much more relaxing.

Will is the editor here at CBD Oil Geek. He is passionate about CBD and other natural alternatives to dangerous prescription medicines. He lives with his wife in Brooklyn, New York.