Fibromyalgia can include a wide range of symptoms that can differ from person to person. Pain, insomnia, general fatigue, headaches and chronic irritable bowl syndrome are just a few of the potential problems that sufferers may have to deal with on a regular basis.  

Up until recently, this condition was often difficult to diagnose, with many sufferers being dismissed out of hand as having “psychosomatic” symptoms. Luckily, that is starting to shift as the medical establishment has begun to change their tune and acknowledge this very real, and often debilitating, disease.  

Traditional treatments for fibromyalgia generally treat the symptoms, such as NSAIDs for pain and inflammation, antidepressants (which help with mood but also seem to enhance pain management in fibromyalgia patients), as well as medications to improve quality sleep.  

Increasingly, fibromyalgia patients are using medical marijuana under the guidance of a physician to treat these symptoms. However, pot comes with the high that can be a negative side effect for some users.  

It turns out that CBD oil also has properties that can help with many of the common problems of fibromyalgia, without the harmful side effects of commonly prescribed prescription drugs or the high of marijuana.   

This article will briefly cover some of the research that backs up the healing properties of cannabidiol, followed by a review of excellent products from trusted companies that you can purchase with confidence if you are ready to give CBD oil a try.  


Understanding the Research 


Many people with fibromyalgia are now aware that medical marijuana may offer a significant reduction in several symptoms associated with the condition, including pain, insomnia, inflammation, and muscle spasticity. In fact, this has been confirmed through a few large surveys, one conducted by National Pain Foundation, the other by a team of Israeli researchers 

However, the side effects of medical marijuana include the high which many people don’t want to deal with. Moreover, even in states where medical marijuana is legal, the cost for both the required prescription cards as well as the medicine can be prohibitively expensive.  

CBD on the other hand, does not make you feel high and it is available in all 50 states without a prescription. The cost is a fraction of medical marijuana as well.  

While CBD is not a cure all for folks suffering from this condition, research has demonstrated that it can be effective for several of the symptoms that significantly decrease quality of life. For example, cannabidiol can improve sleep and reduce pain and inflammation without the side effects of commonly prescribed medications for this condition.   

One of the most interesting recent findings in Fibromyalgia research is that this condition, along with several other related disorders, may be the result of Clinical Endocannabinoid Deficiency (CECD). When the body’s Endocannabinoid System is dysfunctional, the symptoms can be wide ranging and vary from person to person. CBD interacts with this biological system, helping to restore natural balance.  

Conditions such as fibromyalgia, migraines, irritable bowl syndrome, and multiple sclerosis may have more in common than we previously understood. And, further research into the benefits of cannabidiol for such patients is likely to continue.  

I hope this information will give you the basics you need to know that CBD oil isn’t just a fad or hype. If you love geeking out on the science (like me!), be sure to check out my comprehensive research guide on CBD and Fibromyalgia 


Review of the Best CBD Oil for Fibromyalgia 


This company is one of the leaders in the CBD industry. They have a loyal following because they produce a consistent, quality, full spectrum CBD oil at a reasonable price. Their product line is focused on tinctures and capsules, the two most popular ways to take CBD oil.  

Tinctures are small bottles of hemp oil mixed with a carrier oil, such as MCT oil. You take them by dropping some of the oil under the tongue using the eyedropper cap. Hold the oil there for about a minute where it will quickly absorb.  

You can also add drops of the oil to food or your favorite drink. Although the effects tend to take a little longer to feel when taken this way, many people report that the effects last longer.  

Capsules are another option for those that prefer the convenience of a pill. These capsules are made with the same full spectrum CBD oil as the tinctures.  

Here is some more information on CBDPure: 


  • Full 90 day money back guarantee 
  • Full spectrum hemp oil with a robust profile of cannabinoids and terpenes 
  • Organic, domestically sourced hemp 
  • View third party lab batch tests on the website  
  • Reasonable pricing, especially on larger quantities 



  • They only offer capsules or tinctures 
  • Tinctures only come in natural flavor, a bit on the hempy side 


Featured Products: 

600mg CBDPure Hemp Oil – Since your purchase is backed by a 90 day full satisfaction guarantee, it only makes sense to consider their larger bottle which offers you the best price break per mg of CBD. Batch testing on the site allows you to see the results for each specific product you buy.  

25mg CBDPure Softgel Capsules, 30 count – When it comes to ease of use, taking CBD in pill form is as simple as adding the supplement to your daily regimen. Many folks prefer this discrete and convenient method. Rest assured, the capsules use the same full spectrum oil as the raw oil.  


Cannabidiol Life

If you are familiar with research into cannabinoids, of which CBD is just one, then you have probably heard of the “Entourage Effect.” This term has been coined by medical cannabis researchers to describe the way that the various compounds found in cannabis seem to work together to produce the most potent healing benefits.  

Not all full spectrum products are the same. The more that the finished oil is representative of the plant itself, the better, according to this theory. When it comes to providing a full bodied hemp oil, Cannabinoid Life has it down.  

They use a special low heat and low pressure extraction method. It takes more time than other methods, but the end result is a raw oil that represents the chemical profile of the entire plant, including delicate terpenes and flavonoids. For full spectrum connoisseurs, Cannabidiol Life is a solid choice and worth the slightly higher prices.  


  • Raw and robust full spectrum oil made with a slow, delicate extraction method 
  • Wide range of well-developed product lines including oils, topicals, isolates, and edibles 
  • Several flavors to choose from 
  • Transparent third party lab testing 
  • Well trusted leader in the CBD industry known for quality and consistency 
  • They also have CBG oil, or cannabigerol, another well known cannabinoid  


  • Slightly more costly than some other brands, with the quality to justify the cost 


Featured Products: 

Deep Soothing Balm –  Fibromyalgia suffers may appreciate CBD infused topicals such as this balm. CBD has been shown to absorb into the skin for relief from both pain and inflammation. This formula includes 275mg of CBD using their raw full spectrum hemp oil.  

This balm is made from top shelf organic ingredients that support the overall pain relieving properties of CBD such as arnica, comfrey and peppermint. It also includes essential oils from eucalyptus, lavender, wintergreen clove and camphor.   

Cannabidiol Life CBG Oil – The two cannabinoids most associated with cannabis are THC and CBD because they are the most researched as well as the most concentrated in the plant itself. However, CBG is a third cannabinoid that has been the subject of recent research.  

Thought to have particular benefits for regulating sleep, this tincture includes a whopping 600mg of CBG oil in each bottle, in addition to 1,400mg of other cannabinoids such as CBD, CBD and trace amounts of THC.  

Cannabidiol Life Bundle – If you are not yet sure which method of consuming CBD oil is right for you, this bundle gives you a chance to try three methods – capsules, gummies and oil tinctures. It also includes a nice price break over purchasing separately.  

250mg Full Spectrum CBD oil – If you know that you want a full spectrum oil, and are looking for a low upfront investment to give it a try, this small bottle is a good choice. Take a look over the lab reports to see just how robust this raw oil is before you buy.  


Hemp Bombs

Although I am a big believer in the benefits of a full spectrum hemp oil, there are some potential advantages of going with a THC free CBD supplement. In fact, some people seem to prefer it. If that is the case, I wanted to make sure my review included THC free products from Hemp Bombs.  

One of the stand out features of Hemp Bombs is their huge selection of flavors and products to choose from. They have a solid reputation and offer third party lab testing on their products, most of which are developed using CBD isolate.  

If you are looking for a bargain, most of their products are reasonably priced, although for some reason their gummies are a little bit on the high side. Also, if you happen to be interested in vaping CBD oil, they have one of the widest flavor selections out there.  


  • Very nice selection of flavors in several product lines 
  • They offer both THC free and full spectrum products 
  • High potency concentrations are available for those that have some experience with CBD 
  • They offer a significant discount to veterans for an added bargain 
  • Strong reputation for excellent customer service 
  • In house manufacturing with organic hemp 



  • Some products are a little on the pricey side 


Featured Products: 

CBD Pain Freeze – Each jar of this CBD infused topical includes 200mg of CBD along with menthol, carbomer and tea tree oil for a penetrating and cooling relief. It is an excellent choice for painful joints and muscles that many folks with fibromyalgia have to deal with. The price is one of the best when it comes to the concentration of CBD in this formula.  

THC Free CBD Oil 600mg – If you are looking for THC free CBD oil tinctures then this is a solid choice. It is based on CBD that has been isolated from the other compounds in cannabis so it does not offer the “Entourage Effect.” If you end up taking 10mg twice a day, a rather typical dosage, then this is a full month’s supply. Both watermelon and peppermint flavors are quite tasty.  


Receptra Naturals 

This small company is an up and comer in the CBD world. They work closely with farmers in Colorado to source premium organic hemp. In addition, they use only the flowers, rich in a wide array of cannabinoids, flavonoids and terpenes, to make their full spectrum oil.  

Another reason to take a second look at this company is that they offer an excellent value, particularly when you calculate the prices per mg of CBD. They do have a limited product line, but the two products featured below are both excellent choices for those with fibromyalgia that want to give a full spectrum CBD oil a try.  


  • Excellent value, particularly on larger quantities 
  • Full spectrum oil extracted from the buds of the cannabis plant 
  • Third party test results are available on the website 
  • Natural (kind of hempy) and berry flavors available  
  • They source organic, GMO free hemp right in Colorado 


  • Only a few products – tinctures and topicals 


Featured Products: 

Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture – You would be hard pressed to find a better deal when it comes to unit pricing on full spectrum CBD oil, without sacrificing on quality that is. They have smaller bottles as well if you want a lower up front investment.  

Targeted Topical CBD Cream – Again, this is a real bargain when it comes to topicals, particularly one that packs a full 400mg of CBD with full spectrum support. This is an excellent cream for aching joints. It allows you to provide extra relief from pain and inflammation where you need it most.  



If you have been riding the fence about whether or not to give CBD oil a try for fibromyalgia, I hope this guide has given you relevant information as well as some solid choices for where to start your CBD journey.  

If you have some experience using CBD or Hemp Oil for fibromyalgia or a related condition, please feel free to leave a comment. Your experience might help another sufferer find the right products for their needs.