According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as many as 23.5% of women and 18.1% of men in the United States have been diagnosed with some form of arthritis. That is around 54.4 million people. Due to the aging population, that number is projected to skyrocket to 78.4 million by 2040.  

Given the many negative side effects of common prescription and over the counter medications for the treatment of pain and inflammation, many people affected by arthritis are looking for natural, safe, and effective alternatives. That is where CBD oil comes in.  

This article will help you learn a little bit more about the science behind one such natural supplement: CBD oil. In addition, I will provide reviews of top CBD products from trusted companies that offer online sales delivered right to your door.   


The Science Behind Cannabidiol 

It turns out that there is a great deal of research that has been done on the role that CBD oil, also known as cannabidiol, can play in managing the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis. For a more comprehensive look at the research, check out my complete guide to CBD and arthritis 

In addition to its well known role in helping to manage pain, CBD is also has powerful anti-inflammatory properties. One of the ways it does this through a signaling process involving specific glycine receptors (GlyRs) found throughout the body.  

This health benefit can be experienced from taking CBD oil orally or by applying it directly to the skin where it is absorbed. This is great news for those that suffer from painful joints.  

In fact, some research has demonstrated that the anti-inflammatory power of CBD oil is so strong that it may even prevent nerve damage associated with the progression of Osteoarthritis.  


Will CBD Oil Make Me Feel Disoriented? 


Cannabidiol is one of several dozen compounds that is naturally found in hemp, a non-psychoactive strain of the cannabis family of plants.  

Unlike its cousin, marijuana, hemp does not contain significant amounts of the chemical THC. This means products made from hemp will not cause the “high” effect associated with medical or recreational marijuana.  

CBD oil will not make you feel confused or high. It does have some anti-anxiety properties that make some people feel more relaxed when they use it.  

Which is the Best Way to Take CBD? 

You may have noticed there are several ways to take CBD. When it comes to managing pain and inflammation, the three most popular ways are oil tinctures, capsules, and topical creams. Let’s take a quick look at each so you know which one would work best for you: 

CBD Oil Tinctures: 

The least refined form of CBD oil, these small bottles use an eyedropper dispenser system. You can drop the oil directly under your tongue, known as sublingual dosing, where it will be quickly absorbed. Great for fast relief, you simply hold the oil there for about a minute and feel the effects in 5-15 minutes.  

The oil can also be added directly to food as a supplement. However, it can be a little less efficient since some of the cannabidiol will get lost in the digestion process. In addition, this method can take a little longer for the full effect to be felt, as much as 45 minutes to an hour. 


CBD Capsules: 

In terms of taking an oral supplement, capsules are probably the most convenient. They also offer a very consistent dose than the less exact oil tinctures. Because they travel through the digestive tract, it can take 45 minutes or more to feel the full effect.  


CBD Creams: 

One of the recent trends in CBD products are topicals. These CBD infused creams, salves and lotions are an excellent option for those suffering joint pain from rheumatoid, osteo, and psoriatic arthritis as well as gout, fibromyalgia or lupus.  

The primary advantage of going with a topical is that you can provide extra relief to the areas affected most. It is fine to use both an oral supplement as well as creams.  


Talk to Your Doctor 

As is the case with many health supplements, CBD oil can interfere with, and in some cases, enhance the effects of other medications. It is always a good idea to check with your doctor before adding cannabidiol to your health regimen, particularly if you go with an oral supplement.  


Review of the Best CBD Oils for Arthritis 



CBDPure is a great place to start if you are a first time user of CBD products. They have a very simple product line – tinctures and capsules. The focus is on producing a high quality, full spectrum, CBD oil for their customers at a reasonable cost.  

“Full spectrum” oils are probably the best choice in most cases for pain management. This simply means that they have been developed using the full range of cannabinoids found in the hemp plant. This is in contrast to “isolates” that are made from just CBD which has been chemically refined as a single substance.  

Full spectrum oils may include trace amounts of THC, but don’t worry, it is no where near enough to cause a “high” effect. There is evidence to suggest that full spectrum oils may be more effective. Scientists have coined this as the “Entourage Effect.”  



  • 90 day satisfaction guarantee – A great reason to start here 
  • Minimally processed, full spectrum CBD oil for the “Entourage Effect” 
  • Hemp is sourced from organic farmers in Colorado 
  • Extensive lab tests on their website to verify quality and concentration of the product 
  • Reasonable prices, particularly for full spectrum oil 



  • Tinctures and capsules only 
  • Only one flavor – natural hemp – which not everyone enjoys 


Featured Products: 

300mg Hemp Oil Tincture – If you land on a 10mg per day dose, this is a full month’s supply. Since it can take up to a week for your body to adjust and start to experience the full effect of CBD oil, this gives you time to see if it is the right product for you. If not, send it back for a full refund.  

CBD Softgels, 30 Count – Made with their full spectrum hemp oil, these softgels are a very convenient way to take your CBD supplement. Each includes 25mg of CBD in addition to the various other beneficial compounds found in quality full spectrum oils. Heads up: If you are new to CBD, 25mg may be a higher dose than you need.  


Cannabidiol Life 

This company is another option if you want a full spectrum CBD oil for arthritis pain. They are pretty proud of the fact that they use a low temperature and low pressure extraction method that delivers one of the richest hemp oils in terms of the additional cannabinoids and terpenes found in their oil.  

Think of it like the “extra virgin olive oil” of the CBD world. It is a little more expensive than some of the other brands out there, but it is considered on of the “top shelf” brands.  


  • Domestic manufacturing using a slow, gentle extraction method for whole-plant goodness 
  • Tasty flavors and special blends of CBD oil to choose from 
  • Large product line to try for those looking to try the latest in CBD products 
  • Third party testing right on the website 
  • Company culture devoted to public education and awareness about the benefits of CBD 



  • More expensive than some competitors, but the quality is there 


Featured Products: 

Soothe Balm – When it comes to arthritis, being able to apply a cream directly to the source of pain is a major benefit. Unfortunately, many pain topicals on the market have that medicinal smell that just isn’t very appealing.  

This luxurious salve is packed full of organic ingredients that have their own healing properties. In addition to 275mg of pain relieving CBD, each jar contains arnica, peppermint, cocoa butter, shea butter, camphor, eucalyptus, lavender, clove and more. It not only smells delightful, but it melts as you apply it and absorbs quickly.  

25mg Full Spectrum CBD Capsules, 60 count – One of the better bargains on their website, this two month supply offers full spectrum CBD oil in pill form. Since most capsules on the market are made from CBD isolate, this is one way to get the Entourage Effect without messing around with the raw oil.  


Hemp Bombs 

At first glance, Hemp Bombs might look a little like a case of too much marketing, not enough substance. While it is true that this company is popular with a younger crowd of millennials shopping for the latest CBD edibles and specialty drinks, they also turn out a quality product and have a loyal following.  

Unlike the other products we have featured, Hemp Bombs offers several products that are based on a CBD isolate. While this is usually not the best choice for pain relief, some people just want to avoid THC all together, for example those who have drug screening for their employment who worry about showing trace amounts of THC, the chemical in marijuana that is routinely tested.  


  • One of the largest selections of flavors in the CBD industry 
  • Wide range of products to choose from if you are looking for something fun 
  • High potency formulas for those dealing with severe pain  
  • Excellent customer service 
  • Third party lab tests on the website 
  • THC free formulas (unless otherwise noted) 
  • Veteran discount program 



  • Some of the fancy products (such as CBD gummies) are pricey, but the tinctures and capsules are reasonably priced 

Featured Products: 

4oz. Pain Freeze Cream – This pain topical includes 200mg per jar of CBD isolate, with additional ingredients to support penetrating pain relief including Menthol, Carbomer, and tea tree oil. It comes in at a great price and a little really goes a long way.  

15mg THC Free, CBD Capsules – I added this product to the featured list for a few reasons. First, these are 15mg capsules, a great daily dose for those new to CBD oil. Second, it is a THC free formula, which is important to some folks. They also have some supportive natural ingredients to support stress relief including L-Theanine, GABA, magnolia bark, passiflora and scutellaria.  

600mg THC Free CBD Oil – I am a big believer in full spectrum oils, but some folks are looking for THC free options. If that is the case, this option is reasonably priced and from a trusted manufacturer.   


Receptra Naturals 

This is another Colorado based company that is putting a great product on the market. There are two important things that help this company stand out from the rest. First, they use a flower only extraction method for a premium full spectrum CBD oil that is of high quality. Second, their prices are extremely reasonable.  



  • Value pricing on a quality product 
  • Extraction methods that target the richest part of hemp, the flower only 
  • You can view third party lab results to verify quality before your purchase 
  • Hemp is organic, GMO free, sourced and manufactured in Colorado 
  • Berry and natural flavors 



  • Somewhat limited range of products with a focus on tinctures and topicals 


Featured Products:

1500mg Full Spectrum Hemp Oil Tincture – An amazing bargain when you consider the cost per mg of CBD. The natural flavor is definitely pretty hempy, but the fresh berry is quite tasty. This is a rich full spectrum CBD oil that can be taken under the tongue for faster relief or added to food or drinks for longer lasting relief from arthritis pain.  

Targeted Topical CBD Cream – When you are calculating the cost of this pain relieving topical, be sure to look at the concentrations. A whopping 400mg of CBD makes this one of the more concentrated products on the market. Designed to serve the needs of body builders and MMA athletes, this deep penetrating salve is also a great choice for those looking to target sore joints from arthritis.  



For the best CBD oil for arthritis any of the products featured in this review are a great place to start. Whether you decide to try oils, gummies, capsules or CBD creams, I hope this article has helped you find what you need to start your journey with natural relief from pain and inflammation.  

If you have any questions or want to share your experience using cannabidiol for arthritis, please feel free to share in the comments section below. Other readers may benefit from your experience!