Is CBD Oil Legal in Alaska?

CBD Oil in Alaska

Alaska was the third U.S. state to legalize adult-use cannabis in 2014, and four years later the Governor of Alaska, Bill Walker passed Senate Bill 6 to legalize industrial hemp in the state. The Last Frontier is renowned for its cold climate, but summer times are weather-perfect to grow acres of industrial hemp.  

Where to Buy CBD Oil in Alaska

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Although, there are brick-and-mortar CBD businesses in the northwest state, the most convenient way to get it is through an online purchase. Moreover, since most of the digital CBD distributors are wholesalers, you can easily buy high-quality yet inexpensive CBD oil products in a mass volume including brand-name balms, capsules, edibles, wax, tinctures, and concentrates.  

Of course, you know the best part is getting the product shipped right to your front door for a minimal or no additional cost.

How Does CBD Oil work? 

The human body comes inbuilt with an endocannabinoid system (ECS). Its function is to receive and interpret signals from cannabinoids in your body. ECS also regulates functions such as immune-system responses, sleep, and pain.  

Moreover, your body itself produces some cannabinoids known as endocannabinoids. When you consume CBD in any form, it interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS) to function towards a natural cannabinoid release. CBD being psychoactive influences your body to use its respective endocannabinoids more efficiently.  

Therefore, courtesy the additional supply of cannabinoids, your body is better able to cope with inflammation, anxiety, and depressive feelings.  


Popular Ways To Consume CBD 

Hemp Extract-Infused Gummies 

Each gummy in the pack is gluten-free and comprises of melatonin, and 12 mg of hemp oil, which is sufficient to bring out of you that restful bed-ready feeling. 


Capsules Hemp Oil Total 

Endoca is a socially-aware hemp-oil business, which supports parents who are unable to afford CBD oil products for their kids, and also funds medicinal marijuana research. According to the manufacturer, its hemp-derived CBD capsules are some of the most potent available today and offer instant relaxation once consumed.  


Strava Hemp Oil Infused Coffee 

Originating from Denver, Strava makes single-origin coffee beans in small batches that taste fantastic and are brewed to cater to your different moods. The hemp oil powered coffee comes with names such as “restore,” “focus,” and even “escape” (it’s decaf, obviously). 


CBD Oil Laws in Alaska 

On 12th April, 2018, Bill Walker (Governor of Alaska) passed legislation (Senate Bill 6) to legalize industrial hemp in the state of Alaska, and he fittingly did it with a hemp pen. The bill also divorces industrial hemp from what constitutes marijuana by removing it from the state’s checklist of controlled substances. More critically, CBD oil is also exempted from the category of hashish oil and is entirely legal in Alaska as far as it contains less than 3% of THC.  


Moreover, patients registered with Alaska’s medical marijuana project can consume marijuana to fight a series of severe conditions from nausea, chronic pain to cancer, and cachexia (wasting disease), to multiple sclerosis, and HIV/AIDS. The medical marijuana sales in The Last Frontier are expected to reach $11.3 million by 2021, while the projection for the adult use is a whopping $79.3 million.  


Medical Marijuana in Alaska 


Alaska law describes marijuana as stems, leaves, or flowers of the plant; cannabis concentrates like hashes, oils, and waxes; and a broad array of marijuana-infused products, i.e. tinctures, edibles, and topicals. Moreover, Alaskans can possess no more than 1 ounce of marijuana, and cannot grow more than six marijuana plants for non-commercial purposes.  


However, the public consumption of cannabis is a state offense in Alaska and can cost you a fine of $100. As of 2017, there are 1054 medical marijuana cardholders in Alaska. You can also apply for your marijuana registry card here 


Recreational Marijuana in Alaska 


The Marijuana Control Board regulates the trade of recreational marijuana in Alaska. The state’s recreational sale took off in 2016, and as of now there are 54 active dispensaries legally disbursing recreational marijuana, alongside 109 active cultivations 




Alaska is one of the more CBD and marijuana friendly U.S. states with numerous dispensaries and cultivations. The adult use sale is projected to fetch a monumental $79.3 million by the year 2021 after the Governor of Alaska signed the legislation to separate CBD from the definition of marijuana. 


Therefore, Alaskans can confidently purchase legal CBD oil – online or in a brick and mortar shop – as far as it contains less than 3% THC. Of course, for the “high,” there’s recreational marijuana in The Last Frontier state, which, you guess right is also legal.